Beyond God's Pocket

A Collection of Materials
About the Travels of
Captain Samuel Hadlock Jr., Cranberry Isles Skipper
And Pioneer Yankee Showman in Europe
And the Eskimos who Accompanied Him
1820 - 1826



Introduction including clippings from the New York Commercial Advertiser of 1821

Recent Studies

Part A
1987: The Traveling Exhibition of Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr.:
Eskimos in Europe 1823-1826, by Robin Wright

Part B
1997: The "Eskimo-Indians" in Berlin, 1824-1825, Drawings and Prints, by Ulf Bankmann
2002: Postscript I: The Prussian Lady, by Ulf Bankmann
2002: Postscript II: The Marriage Certificate, translated and annotated by Dorothea Bankmann
2002: Postscript III: Captain Hadlock's "Museum," by Ulf Bankmann
2002: List of Artifacts in the Ethnological Museum, Berlin, Courtesy of Ulf Bankmann,
Translated by Gerry Thormann

Historical Documents

Part C
1825: The Eskimo-Indians and the Museum of Captain Hadlock in Vienna,
by Leopold Joseph Fitzinger
1823/24: The Sheffield Catalog and Vocabulary of Eskimo Words

Part D
Timeline of Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr.'s Travels
Some Conclusions
Ballad: The Loss of the Schooner Minerva

Also includes 19 various illustrations.

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