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Please Note:
Annual Meeting CHANGED to Monday July 8, 2002 at 7:30 PM.  Meeting to feature a presentation by Jeff Dobbs of his new Islesford video: A Sense of Place, A Sense of Time.

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June 2002

Dear Members & Friends:

Have you seen the splendid video about Islesford titled A Sense of Place, A Sense of Time?  Many of you will recall a fella named Jeff Dobbs who was running around the island with a camera and a recorder for the last couple of years.  He even dropped in from a helicopter a couple of times!  The whole project was Phil Bowditch's idea.  It's a great job Phil!

An order form for the video is on this website.  Simply send it to Joy Sprague with your check made out to the Islesford Neighborhood House.  The video is an excellent companion for our book A History of Little Cranberry Island.  If you want both, simply enclose a $20 check made out to the Islesford Historical Society.

ANNUAL MEETING - At the Islesford Neighborhood House at 7:30PM on Monday, July 8th.  Following the meeting there will be a BIG-SCREEN showing of A Sense of Place, A Sense of Time, with introduction by producer Jeff Dobbs and/or Phil Bowditch.  Don't miss it!

The Great Cranberry Island Historical Society will hold its Annual Meeting on August 15th.  Let's go over!  We visited Bear Island in 1999, Sutton in 2000 and some of us went to Bakers Island to dance on the Dance Rocks last year.  Let's go to Big Cranberry -- this year.  We can hike up the road by the old Sam Hadlock house and make a stop at the handsome church.  Then a visit to the Historical Society's excellent exhibit at the old School House before their meeting.  We'll start a sign-up sheet at our meeting on the 8th.  We'll need to make boating arrangements.

Some of you may know that Dale Hadlock and I, with our wives, flew to Labrador last August looking for the origin of the Eskimo couple that accompanied Sam Hadlock Jr. to Europe in 1821.  We located it at Gready Harbor but we didn't quite get there.  I was excited last week to receive notice from the Great Cranberry Historical Society that they have located a portrait of Samuel Hadlock Jr.!  It was painted in Hamburg in 1824 by Krugge.  We look forward to learning more about it.

I look forward to seeing you at the ANNUAL MEETING on July 8th!

Hugh Dwelley, President

Spring 2002 Letter to Members

April 2, 2002

Dear Friends of The Islesford Historical Society,

GREETINGS!  As a society, we are about to embrace another productive year which will fiscally begin for the year 2002 - 2003 on July 1, 2002.  Last year to avoid confusion, you members voted at the July 1, 2001 annual meeting, as is recorded in the minutes, to have our fiscal year and our membership payment of dues coincide instead of having the fiscal year begin in January and the membership yearly fees come due in July.  Consequently, I am now sending the first notice for Islesford Historical Society dues for 2002 - 2003, and I will be sending a second reminder notice to all members in early July which will include the Historical Society's annual Treasurer's report for 2001 - 2002, which will be presented at our annual meeting July 8, 2002.  I am including this Treasurer's report in this second mailing in July just prior to the annual meeting in order to give you members sufficient time to peruse the Society's financial data so that you will be able to more efficiently be informed of the Society's finances.

PLEASE. PLEASE!  If you have already paid your dues, ignore the request for payment.  However in the interest of frugality and efficiency, we are making a concerted effort to combine our mailings to you.  In addition to this fiscal information, you will find enclosed a list of our current available publications.  Hopefully, we will be expanding this list to include an artist's sketchbook in the coming year, and Hugh Dwelly is busy keeping our publications current and interesting.

Not only are publications important, but also our summer historical excursion is an event to which we all look forward.  Several suggestions are being considered such as a visit to Big Cranberry Island, a revisit to Sutton's Island, or an excursion to Greening's Island where Longfellow's daughter, Laughing Allegra of "The Children's Hour" built a house, which now belongs to the noted architect, Peter Forbes.  There are interesting aspects to explore concerning all of these island trips.

The continuing interest and support of you, our Historical Society members, is deeply appreciated and vitally important.  We only exist because of you.  Please send your dues or money for publications to:

The Islesford Historical Society
Ms. Denise McCormick
P.O. Box
Islesford, Maine 04646
Individual   $8
Family   $10

Also, please send separate checks for dues as opposed to publications, and again PLEASE ignore the dues notification if you have already submitted them for 2002 - 2003.

I am looking forward to seeing you this coming summer, and again THANK-YOU for your continuing support and interest.  Best Wishes to all of you.

Katrina Winfield - Howard (Trinx), Secretary
Islesford Historical Society

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