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June 2003

Dear Members & Friends:

I trust that many of you are looking forward to a good summer at Islesford as I am.  Our Annual Meeting will be at the Islesford Neighborhood House at 7:30 PM on Wednesday, July 9th.  Following a short business meeting, we will have some light refreshments followed by a screening of a video titled Carrie Richardson of Big Cranberry.  Carrie Richardson (1848-1920), while raising a family, sailed as navigator on her husband's vessels.  Her husband, Meltiah, grew up on Sutton Island and was a successful sea captain.  Never-the-less, he ended his life by jumping off a dock over in the Pool with a rope of lead weights wrapped around his neck!

The video is courtesy of the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society.  They presented it as a play at their annual meeting last summer.  This is a very interesting piece of local history.  Be sure to see it!

This has been a good year for PUBLICATIONS.

As a product of over five years of research, we have a 98-page book titled Beyond God's Pocket.  This book is a collection of facts, photos and sketches by and about the Eskimos who accompanied Capt. Samuel Hadlock, Jr. on his early 19th century show tour of Europe and about the show itself.  All of this information, much of it from sources in Europe, was NOT in Rachel Field's 1934 book titled God's Pocket.

We are pleased to offer another new publication titled Ballads of the Cranberry Islands featuring ballads and sea shanties recited and sung in our islands a hundred or so years ago.  A handsome photo of Islesford ballad singer Archie Spurling graces the cover with another of his fiddle-playing brother Fred Spurling inside.

Finally, Trinx Howard has finished work on a collection of beautiful sketches by island artists titled Island Sketchbook-Timeless Reflections.  A handsome book for any island lover's coffee table.

If you haven't paid your 2003 dues yet, please do.  I look forward to seeing you at the Islesford Neighborhood House on July 9th!

Hugh L. Dwelley, President

The Islesford Historical Society
Ms. Denise McCormick
P.O. Box
Islesford, Maine 04646
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Family   $10

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