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June, 2004

Dear Members & Friends,

IT'S DUES TIME!  And they are the same low $8 for an individual and $10 for a family as they have been since we began in 1990!

IT'S MEETIN' TIME!  Join us at the Islesford Neighborhood House at 7:30 PM on Friday, July 9th for an interesting meeting.  Joy Sprague's sister and husband have offered to present the story of the Mount Desert Granite industry to us.

IT'S TIME FOR VISITIN'!  In past years, we have paid visits to Sutton, to Bear and to Baker Islands.  This year we are arranging with the Great Cranberry Historical Society for a visit there.  We'll see the museum that they have at the old school house and we'll visit the fine house that Sam Hadlock built in 1826 for The Prussian Lady.  We'll also have a look at Sammy Sanford's little house on the shore.  We'll set a date for this at our July meeting.

ISLESFORD MUSEUM.  In mid-March, Acadia National Park announced that the Islesford Historical Museum would not open this year due to shortage of funds.  We wrote the park offering to provide volunteers and we contacted Friends of Acadia re funds if needed.  I am pleased to report that the museum will be open.  I don't yet know if they want volunteers, but please stand by.

DID YOU KNOW THAT A FIREBUG WAS LOOSE ON ISLESFORD IN 1915 & 1916?  Now you can read all about it, including details from undercover detective's reports, in our latest publication.  Order it and other publications along with your dues payment.

I look forward to seeing you at the Annual Meeting on July 9th.

Hugh L. Dwelley, President

The Islesford Historical Society
Ms. Denise McCormick
P.O. Box
Islesford, Maine 04646
Individual   $8
Family   $10

November 2004

Dear Members & Friends,

Happy Holidays!

The year to date has been a busy one for your Historical Society.  Last spring, we published a new expanded edition of Beyond God's Pocket while also bringing out a new booklet telling the story of the Islesford Firebug who was loose on the island in 1915.  Both are contributions to our goal of researching, preserving and making known the history of our island.

To those same ends, we received papers, photos and artifacts from the late Marion Spurling's collection, from Phyllis Colson and from the late Ted Spurling's collection.  It took a great deal of time to sort, record and file these items in our collection and archives.

We were contacted by someone doing research on the life of artist Harold Warren.  Warren was one of the Three Islesford Painters (TIPs) and it is interesting to note that he sold the most paintings, three, during their first exhibition at the Blue Duck in 1917.  It was also for Warren that Ray Dwelley built the "Studio" cottage on Bunker's Cove.

We were also able to help someone in California who is researching Maine Islands in general.  In addition to supplying some of our publications, we were able to refer them to the Island Institute.

Your treasurer, Denise McCormick, and I have reviewed our list of members for those who have and have not paid current dues.  We want very much to maintain an interested and supportive membership that is as large as possible.  If a small envelope is enclosed with this letter, it means that our records show that you have not yet paid dues to the Islesford Historical Society for 2004/05.  We hope that you will return the envelope with your dues ($8 individual - $10 family).  Former members who are not current with dues, will be placed on an inactive list.

As always, our publications make fine gifts for your friends or family members who are interested in the island.  In addition to our Publications Order Form, I am enclosing an order form for a HITTY doll and DVD which are being offered by the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society.  This doll is an ideal gift for children between six and ten years of age.  It is based on the book that Rachel Field wrote in 1929 titled Hitty, Her First Hundred Years.  See HittyPreble.com for further information.

Again, Happy Holidays wherever you may spend them.

Hugh L. Dwelley, President

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