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Novemeber, 2005

Dear Members and Friends,

I hope that many of you spent as pleasant a summer on Islesford as we did.  The weather was great and there were fewer mosquitos than usual.

We had a good Annual Meeting on July 15th followed by a film presentation of their Hitty Doll project by Bruce Komusin from the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society.  Treasurer Denise McCormick reported us to be in good shape financially with over $15,000 in the treasury.  Concern was expressed, however, that dues-paying membership has fallen a bit since we haven't offered new publications for the last year or two.  Our existing publications continue to sell well.  Christina Tiele's term as a trustee expired.  Nan Hadlock was nominated and elected to the Board of Trustees.

Regretfully, Trinx Howard resigned as Secretary and from the board.  We appreciate Trinx's good work as Secretary and her leadership in collecting, publishing and marketing our Island Sketchbook.  Sales of the Sketchbook have more than recovered costs and the remaining stock is now with our other publications.  Gerry Thormann has also resigned as a trustee.  Gerry has been with us from the beginning and we especially appreciate his assistance with translating German language documents received from our contact in Berlin.  Incidentally, a recent mail brought us a handsome portrait of the Eskimo George Niagungitok from a new contact in Cologne.

Among several who made inquiries or visited our History Room this summer, were Mr. Kenn Harper from Nunuvat in the Canadian Arctic and Mr. Jonathan King from the British Museum in London.  They were pursuing the GOD'S POCKET story of Captain Samuel Hadlock Jr. who toured Europe from 1820 to 1826 with a show featuring an Eskimo couple and an exhibition of artifacts from the Arctic.

The purpose of our Society is to collect, preserve, study and present the history of Islesford, of the Cranberry Islands and the surrounding area.  In our A HISTORY OF LITTLE CRANBERRY ISLAND, we wrote that Anna, one of the eleven children of our first permanent settlers, John and Marguerite Standley, might have died at an early age.  Happily not so.  This summer we received a genealogy of the Moon family showing that Joseph Moon married Anna Standley from the Cranberry Isles.  They lived and brought up a family in and around Sullivan, Maine.

A year or two ago, while lobstering between Islesford and Great Cranberry, Stephanie Alley discovered a large old anchor largely buried in silt on the bottom.  Stephanie arranged to recover the anchor and brought it down to her house.  Late this summer she offered the anchor to us as a relic from the fleet of large fishing and trading schooners that used to homeport in Cranberry Harbor.  We have permission from the Board of Selectmen to put the anchor on display in the little park on the Sandbeach that Dale Hadlock recently gave to the town.  If we decide to proceed, our next task will be to get the anchor moved to the park and placed on a suitable foundation.  We will also want an appropriate plaque.  Any suggestions or help will be appreciated.

There was some discussion at our Annual Meeting of oral history tapes.  We already have a collection of more than thirty ranging from Coast Guardsman Calvin Alley to more recent tapes with Warren Fernald, Lee Ham and Herb Stroup.  A few years ago we received a grant to have our tapes copied and transcribed and we have done so.  I'm going to suggest that we undertake a sizable project to record tapes with just about everyone on Islesford over fifty or so years of age.  It will probably be a two or three-year project and assistance will be needed from all who are interested.

If an envelope with a return address is enclosed, our records don't show that you have paid 2005 dues of $8 per individual or $10 per family and we hope that you will do so.  If you have paid and we have failed to record it, please tell us and we will correct our records.

An order form for our publications that are currently available is on the back of this letter.  Several of them -- especially our ISLAND SKETCHBOOK and our A HISTORY OF LITTLE CRANBERRY ISLAND -- would make very good Christmas gifts for friends or family members who are interested in the island.  If ordered promptly, we should be able to get them to you before Christmas.  Note that shipping costs are included in all prices.

I appreciate your continued interest and support.  Please write or Email me if you come across information or artifacts that should be of interest to the Society.  Suggestions of projects appropriate for the Society to undertake would be most welcome.

Have a good winter!

Hugh L. Dwelley

June, 2005

Dear Members & Friends,

IT'S DUES TIME!  Our membership year runs June to June and dues are $8 for an individual and $10 for a family.  Same since 1990!

IT'S MEETIN' TIME and we have arranged for an especially interesting program to follow our short business meeting at 7:30pm at the Neighborhood House on Thursday, July 14th.

PROGRAM.  As you know, we have focused a great deal of research and publishing on the story of Capt. Samuel Hadlock, Jr. and his 1821/26 show-tour of Europe.  Rachel Field wrote about it in her book God's Pocket published in 1934.

Rachel Field wrote another book titled Hitty, Her First Hundred Years.  Hitty was a doll and the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society has concluded that her story took place in the Preble family on that island.  Accordingly, they have developed a Hitty Doll project to raise funds for their new Cranberry House community center.  They have Hitty Dolls for sale along with a DVD video about Hitty and her Cranberry Island home.  Thy have agreed to make a presentation for us following our annual meeting.

Returning to God's Pocket, those of you who have read it will recall that the young bride who Sam Hadlock brought home from Europe became known as Hannah Caroline or The Prussian Lady.  Audrey Noether has written and recorded a song titled Hanah Caroline's Lament which she and her friends from GCI will perform for us following the Hitty Doll presentation.

TRUST ME - it will all be most entertaining!  Your officers and trustees look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting and at the entertainment that will follow on Thursday evening, July 14th at 7:30.

Hugh L. Dwelley, President

Katrina Howard, Secretary

membership application
Hitty Doll and Hitty DVD info
Islesford Hist. Soc. Publication List and Order Form

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