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June 2006

Dear Members & Friends,

IT'S MEETIN' TIME!  I hope to see you at the Neighborhood House at 8pm on Thursday, July 13th.  We'll need to elect a secretary and there is room for two or three new trustees on the board.  Please put on your thinking cap!

Jo Bartlett wants to talk about better marking and recording the graves of military veterans in our Islesford cemeteries.  As you may know, the children from the Islesford School decorate the veteran's graves every Memorial Day.  But Jo isn't sure that we know quite where some of them are.  This certainly seems like a subject in which our Historical Society would be interested.

PROGRAM: We talked a bit last year about taking on a project to record oral histories with a large number of older people -- both summer and year round residents.  We have invited Pamela Dean, from the Maine Folklife Center, to attend our meeting and talk with us about making oral histories.  Last fall Ms. Dean conducted a workshop on the subject for the MDI Historical Society.

Last but certainly not least, our own RALPH STANLEY will give us a talk.  As you may know, Ralph is a trustee of nearly every historical society on and around Mount Desert.  Ralph has a regular page in the Tremont Historical Society's NewsLetter where he often discusses the findings of his research into the files of the newspaper that proceeded the Bar Harbor Times.  Ralph gives a special attention to the comings and goings (wrecks and sinkings) of the fleets of the Cranberry Islands.

PUBLICATIONS: Our publications continue to be the lifeblood of our society.  The booklet titled Houses of Islesford by Marion Spurling has been out of print for several years during which time large numbers of Islesford houses have changed hands.  With help form Barb Fernald, Joe and Audrey Delafield, and Steve Brooks we now have a fresh edition.  It will be on sale at our meeting or can be ordered below with your dues payment.  Some new text and lots of old photos!

Hugh L. Dwelley, President

membership application
Islesford Hist. Soc. Publication List and Order Form

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