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June 2007

Dear Members and Friends,

It is time again for our Annual Meeting, which will be held at the Islesford Neighborhood House at 8pm on Wednesday, July 25th.  Please mark your calendar.

Following the business meeting, Ralph Stanley will report on some of the genealogical work that he has been doing on the early settler families of our islands.  Among the earliest of those settlers was Marguerite LaCroix Standley who is thought to have been from among the French Acadians driven out of Nova Scotia by the English at about the time our islands were being settled.  Following Ralph's report, we'll view a DVD titled The Story of the Acadians which we have obtained from The Maine Historical Society.

The past year has been a good one.  Denise has received dues from a number of new members and I have continued to sell copies of one or another of our publications to interest people around the United States.  One of those interested parties has been the libeary at the University of Maine which has purchased copies of nearly all of our publications, as has the Maine State Library.  I am always pleased to know that the results of our work are available to researchers at these institutions.

The project that we tried to launch last summer to tape large numbers of oral histories with both year-round and summer residents hasn't gone very far.  However, we can and will continue with it.  Anyone who wishes to do some taping or to have their stories of life on Islesford taped, can contact me and I will arrange for it to be done by me or by another volunteer.  We do have a collection of nearly fifty oral history tapes already - some of them made many years agp.

Late last summer Stephenie and Ricky Alley took the old ship's anchor that Stephanie found on the bottom of the Islesford harbor down to the little park on the Sandbeach.  We plan to mark it with a plaque before this summer is over.

I hope to see you at the meeting on July 25th if not before.  Please tell me of any topics that you would like to have dealt with at the meeting of our Society.

Hugh L. Dwelley

membership application
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