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Islesford Historical Society, Inc.
Little Cranberry Island
Islesford, ME 04646

June, 2011

Dear Members and Friends,

The annual meeting of our society will be held at the Islesford Neighborhood House at 7:30PM on Wednesday, July l3th. I hope to see all of you there!

Following a short business meeting and election of officers, Rebecca Cole-Will and Lynne Dominy, both representing Acadia National Park, will discuss with us plans for an open house at the Islesford Museum and Blue Duck and a project to cut a good number of trees on Baker Island. Hopefully Baker will look a bit more like it did when four families were living there from 1860 to about 1900.

I am enclosing an Islesford History Quiz that you may find interesting. There are answers to all of these questions somewhere or other in our publications. There will be an answer sheet at our meeting.

I am thinking of offering to guide a History Walk across the island Sunday afternoon this summer. We might start in the Town Field and end up at Gilley Beach after passing the Ice Pond, the site of the Islesford Hotel and several other little known places. Let me know if yu would be interested.

Hugh L. Dwelley

Gail Grandgent Vice-President, Nanette Hadlock Secretary, Denise McCormick Treasurer
Joy Sprague, Barbara Fernald, Ralph Stanley, Dale Hadlock, Jane Porter, Brendon Ravenhill

Membership dues are $8 per individual or $10 per family. Please pay your dues at the meeting or send them to Mrs. Denise McCormick, Islesford, ME 94646.

membership application
Islesford Hist. Soc. Publication List and Order Form

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