The Houses of Islesford
Little Cranberry Island, Maine
by Marion Spurling

Islesford Historical Society
Occasional Paper No. 4
1st. Printing March 1993
2nd. Printing June 2006

The Islesford Historical Society is pleased to publish an updated edition of Marion Spurling's story of the Houses of Islesford.

Marion was born in the island village of Islesford on March 27, 1902 the daughter of Fred and Nellie (Fernald) Spurling.  With her brothers, Rudolph and Irving and lots of cousins and neighbors, she began school in the old one room school house - moving to the new two room Islesford School when it was opened in 1914.

Marion graduated from Bangor High School in 1922 and went on to Castine Normal School to become a teacher.  She taught the lower grades of the Islesford School from 1926 to 1929 and then went on to teach in schools at Northeast Harbor, Camden and finally Bangor.  Marion continued her education taking summer sessions at Columbia University and at the Universities of Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Maine.  In 1952 she received the degree of Bachelor Of Sciences in Education from the University of Maine at Farmington.

Marion retired in 1967 after a rich career of forty-two years teaching small children - mostly at the kindergarten level.

In 1987 Marion returned to live in her beautifully cared for family home on Islesford.  She became an active member of the community and a generous supporter of the Islesford Congregational Chuch and of the new library at the Neighborhood House.  Her keen interest in the island's history and the encouragement of Milton Lord, Ted Spurling and other friends led to the writing of this most informative and readable history of the island's houses with, here and there, bits about their occupants and about such master builders as Arthur Spurling, A.J. Bryant and George Henry Fernald.

Marion passed away in 2001.  This 2006 edition has been updated by Hugh Dwelley and Barbara Fernald with help from Joe and Audrey Delafield and Steve Brooks.

Hugh L. Dwelley
Historical Society

Copyright 1993 & 2006
All rights reserved by
The Islesford Historical Society, Inc.

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