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Price, each Q'ty Sub Total
Marguerite La Croix - John Standley, by Ralph Stanley $4    
An Islesford Jabberwocky & Other Stories of the Cranberry Isles, 56 pgs $10

Houses of Islesford, by Marion Spurling, 53 pgs $15

The Town of Cranberry Isles - A Thumbnail Sketch of Five Maine Islands, by Capt. Ted Spurling $3

Islesford in a Firebug's Clutches - 1915, by Hugh L. Dwelley $8

Beyond God's Pocket, A Collection of Materials About the Travels of Captain Samuel Hadlock, Jr., Cranberry Isles Skipper and Pioneer Yankee Showman in Europe, and the Eskimos who Accompanied him, 1820 - 1826, by Hugh L. Dwelley, 98 pgs $15

Ballads of the Cranberry Islands, edited by Hugh L. Dwelley, 32 pgs $10

Island Sketchbook - Timeless Reflections, edited by Trinx Howard $40

Views From The Sandbeach, edited by Hugh L. Dwelley, 48 pgs $10

History of Little Cranberry Island Maine, by Hugh L. Dwelley, hardback 200 pgs $20

God's Pocket The Story of Captain Samuel Hadlock, Junior of Cranberry Isles, Maine, by Rachel Field, hardcover 165 pgs $26

Memories of a Maine Island: Turn-of-the-Century Tales & Photographs, by Marie Locke & Nancy Montgomery, 102 pgs $19

Rusticators At Large - The Islesford Summer Colony, by John R. Brooks, 46 pgs $6

Cranberry Isles Sketches, by Louis G. Barrett, and An Oral History with Tud & Polly Bunker, 79 pgs $10

Reflections of a Winter's Night - Growing Up on Islesford in the 1940s & 1950s, by Hugh L. Dwelley, 68 pgs $10

Pioneer Settlers of Islesford - The Hadlocks, by Hugh L. Dwelly, 77 pgs review $10

Pioneer Settlers of the Cranberry Islands-The Bunkers by Hugh L. Dwelley & Ted Spurling Sr, 36 pgs review $6

Pioneer Settlers-Gilleys of Baker Island & Islesford by Hugh L. Dwelley 26pgs $6

Ray Dwelley of Islesford - A Biography, by Hugh L. Dwelley, 21 pgs review $6

George Gilley & The Medicine Chest, by James Cox, 12 pgs $4

Ensign Ben Bunker-Mount Desert & Cranberry Isles, by Ted Spurling Sr, 14 pgs $4

Salvage of the USN Dirigible K-14, by Hugh L. Dwelley, 19 pgs $4

The Islesford Journals of Dr. Vincent Y. Bowditch - Vol. I: 1894-1905, 47 pgs $6

The Islesford Journals of Dr. Vincent Y. Bowditch - Vol. II: 1906-1917, 70 pgs $6

The Islesford Journals of Dr. Vincent Y. Bowditch - Vol. III: 1917-1922, 86 pgs $6

The Islesford Journals of Dr. Vincent Y. Bowditch - Vol. IV: 1923-1928, 97 pgs $6

GRAND TOTAL   (add $3 for postage) 
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