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The ISLESFORD HISTORICAL SOCIETY was organized and incorporated in 1991.  Its purpose is "the collection, presentation, preservation and study of the history of the village of Islesford on Little Cranberry Island, Maine, and of the other Cranberry Isles and the surrounding area.  The Society will promote this purpose through provision of facilities, collection and care of materials, support for studies and publications and other appropriate activities."

Since it was organized, members of the Society have written, edited and published a score of booklets presenting aspects of the history of Islesford and neighboring islands.  All of these booklets are for sale by the society -- please see the list and order form.  The Society published a comprehensive history of Little Cranberry Island in the year 2000.

The Society has also collected nearly 200 books, pictures and other records and artifacts which are archived in a History Room at the Islesford Public Library.  The collection is open to the public whenever the library is open.  Researchers may visit the collection by appointment by calling the Library at 207-244-9565.

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