Here's Hugh Dwelley's letter to me, with his list of Little Cranberry Island Veterans:

Little Cranberry Island
Islesford, ME 04646

July 14, 2006

Dear Bruce,
Here is the list of veterans graves that are decorated on Islesford each Memorial Day.  Ben Campbell was my great-grandfather.  At the Battle of Spotsylvania Court House (near where I live now), Ben got a bullet in the heel because he wasn't running fast enough!  When I was a kid, that bullet was under my great-grandmother's clock but we can't find it now.

George Wronkow was a regular guest at our little Woodlawn Hotel from about 1948.  He and wife were French.  I'm surprised to see him on a list of veterans but I'm told that he was in the French underground!  He told Shirley and me what restaurants to go to the first time we visited Paris.

A copy of a photo of George Hadlock and his crew on the HOBO is also enclosed.  Note that two members of his crew were from GCI, the rest from Islesford.

As I told you on the phone, when I was a kid the 1940s & 50s, Uncle George used to show up every Memorial Day with a bunch of flags under his arm to lead the parade to the cemeteries.  We kids had wreaths that we had made in school from cedar brush that we had gathered in the woods.

When we finished with the cemeteries, we marched to the beach and cast a wreath in the water for those lost at sea.  Then Uncle George went to Great Cranberry to put flags on the graves of the members of his crew who were buried there.

Call if there are any questions.  I'll look forward to seeing these on the internet.


LCI Veterans Honored by Town-Placed Flags on Memorial Day
Courtesy of Hugh Dwelley, 18 July 2006

cemetery, or burial place last name first name born died notes
Stanley-Gilley Bryant Alonzo J. 1866 1941 US Coast Guard, WWI
Stanley-Gilley Bunker Alvah W. 1902 1968 WWII
Stanley-Gilley Campbell Benjamin S. 1839 1923 Civil War-wounded (1st Maine Heavy Artillery)
Stanley-Gilley Faulkner William J. 1890 1966 WWI
Stanley-Gilley Fernald Frederick G. 1919 1959 WWII
Stanley-Gilley Fernald George Henry 1847 1932 US Lifesaving Service
Stanley-Gilley Fernald Lewis A. 1915 1988 WWII
Stanley-Gilley Gilley Albert W. 1845 1916 US Life Saving Station
Stanley-Gilley Ham Albert E. 1910 1998 WWII
Stanley-Gilley Ham Arthur E. 1882 1963 US Navy
Stanley-Gilley Jarvis George S. 1837 1913 Civil War
Stanley-Gilley Jarvis Oscar E. 1870 1928 US Life Saving Station & US Coast Guard
Stanley-Gilley Jordan Alden 1854 1938 Lighthouse Service
Stanley-Gilley Manring Jones Clark 1907 1989 WWII
Stanley-Gilley Phippen Fred 1870 1930
Stanley-Gilley Phippen Tom

On HOBO crew; probably buried at Togus
Stanley-Gilley Spurling Earle W. 1901 1979 WWII
Stanley-Gilley Spurling Fred 1868 1958
Stanley-Gilley Stanley Andrew E., Jr. 1915 1981 WWII
Stanley-Gilley Stanley Andrew E., Sr. 1891 1969 WWI
Stanley-Gilley Stanley Benjamin Franklin 1842 1917 US Life Saving Station
Stanley-Gilley Stanley Frank E.

(no stone)
Stanley-Gilley Stanley Freeman E. 1876 1955 US Coast Guard
Stanley-Gilley Young William A. 1860 1946 US Coast Guard
Merrill Merrill John L. 1895 1960 WWI & WWII
Morse Bartlett Frank B. 1904 1968 between WWI & WWII
Morse Locke Reginald H. 1922 1993 WWII
Morse Morse Nathan S. 1912 2001 WWII
Morse Morse Maj. Thomas S. 1912 1984 US Army, WWII POW
Stanley-Hadlock Bryant Ralph A. 1892 1982 WWI
Stanley-Hadlock Hadlock Edwin 1814 1875 Civil War
Stanley-Hadlock Hadlock Elmer C. 1909 1982 WWII
Stanley-Hadlock Hadlock Epps 1806 1831 US Life Saving Station (Lost at Sea)
Stanley-Hadlock Hadlock Lt.JG George R. 1880 1958 US Navy, WWI
Stanley-Hadlock Hadlock Capt. Gilbert T. 1837 1917 US Lifesaving Service (skipper) & US Coast Guard
Stanley-Hadlock Hadlock Col. William E. 1834 1911 Civil War (28th. Maine Volunteer Regiment)
Stanley-Hadlock Spurling Clarence Hadlock 1886 1962 US Lifesaving Station (alternate)
Stanley-Hadlock Spurling Everett Lamont 1858 1930 US Lifesaving Station & US Coast Guard
Stanley-Hadlock Spurling Theodore Lemont, Sr. 1921 2004 WWII
Stanley-Hadlock Stanley Abram R. 1848 1892 US Lifesaving Station & US Coast Guard
Stanley-Hadlock Stanley Francis G. 1840 1864 Civil War (Co. A, 14th. Maine Regiment)
Stanley-Hadlock Stanley Tyler Hadlock 1837 1914 US Lifesaving Station
Sand Beach Biscomb C. John 1910 1972 WWII
Sand Beach Bowman George W. 1915 1994 WWII
Sand Beach Conlon Kevin F. 1962 1983 US Coast Guard
Sand Beach Grandgent Roland 1922 1996 WWII
Sand Beach Phippen Harry V. 1871 1913 (no stone) US Coast Guard
Sand Beach Ramsey Raymond E. 1920 1982 WWII
Sand Beach Renalds Jack 1926 2002 WWII
Sand Beach Spofford Herbert

(no stone) WWI; on HOBO crew
Sand Beach Sprague Roland James 1929 1959 US Marines; Korean War
Sand Beach Whipple Lucius 1843 1920 Civil War
Sand Beach Wronkow George 1905 1989 WWII French Underground
Baldwin property Baldwin Roger 1919 1996 WWII, US Navy
Shirey property garden Shirey George 25 Jan 1926 8 June 1995 (no stone) WWII, US Navy
Islesford Museum (Acadia Nat'l Park property) Sawtelle Eleanor 1913 1956 WWII US Red Cross