Maine State Legislators' Tour
of the Cranberry Connector

On 18 September 2003, Maine State Senator Dennis Damon, and Maine State Representatives Hannah Pingree and Ted Koffman visited the Cranberry Connector, and attended community discussion groups on Great and Little Cranberry Islands, to inform themselves of the progress and problems of the project.
Hannah Pingree currently represents the Cranberry Isles, but due to recent redistricting, she will pass that honor to Ted Koffman in the next legislature.  Senator Dennis Damon's District 5 (Hancock Country) includes, and will continue to include, Cranberry Isles in the next legistature.

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Representative Ted Koffman (left) and Senator Dennis Damon look over the Cranberry Connector buildings.
Senator Dennis Damon makes a point while Representative Ted Koffman and Cranberry Isles Selectman David Stainton look on.
Fund Raiser Barbara Meyers (center) explains the project to Representaives Ted Koffman (left) and Hannah Pingree.
Rep. Hannah Pingree (left) and Barbara Meyers, inside the Waiting Room.
Sen. Dennis Damon and Rep. Hannah Pingree pass from the large front boathouse to the smaller bays behind it.
The Cranberry Connector property contains, among other things, two double-bay areas, one of which is currently rented.

Rep. Pingree and Sen. Damon learn firsthand the interesting possibilities offered by the property.
Phil Whitney (right), former Land Managment Committee Chairman, guides Sen. Damon through the large front boathouse.  Other members of the group precede them.
After the tour, the whole group takes the Cranberry Cove ferry and disembarks at Great Cranberry Island.

still on the ferry (left to right):
Malcolm Donald, Barbara Meyers, Senator Dennis Damon, and Representative Ted Koffman

on the dock (left to right):
Representative Hannah Pingree, Phil Whitney
Senator Damon (right) leads Representative Koffman down the Great Cranberry dock to the Cranberry General Store.
Phil Whitney (left) and Senator Damon go over a few points at the community discussion in the Cranberry General store.  Store owner Barbara Stainton is in the background.

For those who missed it, a video of the tour can be viewed at the Historical Society Museum.  The above stills are taken from this video.

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