MFC Minutes
from public meeting on 4/25/04
at Islesford Library

MFC members present: Bruce Fernald, Eve Harrison, Malcolm Donald, Michael Phillips, Hugh Smallwood (by phone), Frank Reese (by phone), and Lise Pratt (by phone). Ingrid Gaither present to take minutes. Public present: Bruce Komusin, Phil and Karin Whitney, Dan and Cynthia Lief, Courtney Chaplin.

General Discussion
The MFC plans to hold 2 meetings a month. A public meeting will take place one week before the Selectmen's meeting to discuss and agree on items to be presented to the BOS in the monthly MFC report. The second "action" meeting will be the first Sunday after the Selectmen's meeting.

So the purpose of today's meeting is not to necessarily make major decisions, but to review the report and make changes where necessary. Michael explained that today's report (information and attachments packet) would serve as the example for future reports to follow.

Election of Chairman
Michael nominated Hugh Smallwood. It was seconded by Bruce Fernald and members unanimously agreed.


I. Manset Operations
II. Phil Whiney Proposal
III. Real Estate Sales Analysis
IV. Manset Business Plan
V. Comprehensive Plan
VI. Islesford restrooms
VII. Public meetings and access to information

Monthly Report Discussion

I. Manset Operations (attachment G)

Malcolm explained where we are on various Manset projects. Attachment G provides an overview of each project and whether that project has been completed or what needs to happen to get the project completed. Here is a summary:

Capital Improvements
A. Electrical Lighting: currently on hold. The lighting plan may be downsized because of expense and because the original plan called for more lighting than may be necessary. It is also on hold while we wait to see if the project qualifies for federal funding. As a side note, Manset neighbors have expressed concern about over-lighting so low density spot lighting was suggested as a way to downsize.
B. Water service on Manset wharf: on hold until MFC determines demand. Although some members think water at the wharf may be unnecessary, it has been partially installed as it was in the original engineer's design. Cost to continue is estimated at $4,830.
C. Asphalt curbing and parking blocks in parking lot: plan is being modified to decrease curbing and parking blocks which might make snow plowing difficult. Cost is estimated at $5,875.
D. Asphalt removal/Landscaping in front of Real Estate/Insurance building: work has been completed. Cost was $1,700.
E. Real Estate/Insurance parking: work to be completed by June 15, 3 bids obtained to add 6 spaces approved by SW Harbor planning board. Estimated cost is $7,560. (still waiting to hear from other 2 bidders)
F. Shore Road Pull off: under discussion. Eve has spoken to Greg Johnson regarding private vs. commercial permitting. Michael, a lawyer, and Steve Johnson (the code enforcement officer) are also discussing the matter. Estimated cost is $35,536.
G. 16 space parking behind boathouse: for the time being, use reverts to the Jarvis Newman use before there were zoning laws. A letter has been received from Steve Wilson supporting this. Eve says the SW Harbor planning board supports this also.

Insurance Required Improvements
Note: Michael has been in contact with the insurance company and was told that the town is in compliance with all points except the fire escape and the discontinued use of the paint booth. Following is Malcolm's report on insurance compliance (as found on attachment G).

A. Fire extinguishers: completed. All have been replaced or recharged at Manset property. Schools still need to be done.
B. No smoking and fire extinguisher signs: need more signs in both workshops.
C. Inflammable storage: Jarvis Newman inflammables are being removed. Great Harbor Yachts (Hank Hinckley) has acquired a 45-gallon fire rated locker but fiberglass resin still needs to be removed.
D. Fire escape for Real Estate/Insurance building: still under discussion. There will be a summer (not residential) tenant on the third floor, where the fire escape is required. Eve Harrison is taking lead on this project. One option may be to not rent out the third floor. There may also be some leeway since the third floor is no more than 20 feet high. (This info needs to be confirmed with Eve and/or Michael as my notes were not clear.)
E. Furnace enclosure in boathouse: needs to be done. Reed estimated the cost to enclose the furnace in Hank Hinckley's portion of the boathouse.
F. Dust collection system: not done yet. Insurance requires a dust collection system for Great Harbor Yachts (Hank Hinckley) if mechanical sanding is continued. Tennant agreed at one point to do this. Malcolm stressed the need for follow up to make sure it gets done.
G. Paint booth: fan and air compressor needs to be disabled to make sure the booth is not used in this manner. Again, Malcolm stressed the need for follow up to make sure it gets done.

Following is the work that still needs to be done. The caretaker, Edward Hadlock, has agreed to perform some of the tasks and Ric Gaither may be able to do others. It was suggested to not overload the caretaker as he works a full time job elsewhere and also has caretaking duties, which should be his priority.

A. Cover bridges and ramps with roofing paper and attach dividers. Needs to be completed by May 15.
B. Mark tie up limits with stencil and paint on floats. Needs to be completed by May 15.
C. Buy a third cart and mark all carts as property of town. Needs to be completed by May 15.
D. Platform joining wharf and shore lacks side railing. Possible need for more benches. Needs to be completed by May 15. Need contractor?

Brown House Maintenance
Bruce Fernald has already begun overseeing some of the work here. He has talked with Edward Hadlock about doing some of the work and Dick Haimer (sp?) about fixing plaster and cracks. Bruce expects the work to be completed within the next 2 weeks and has agreed to be in charge of this area. Following is a list of work needed as outlined in Malcolm's report:

A. Repair plaster ceiling in living room and leak in roof (if necessary).
B. Stain shingles on side of house (Hadlock)
C. Stain decking (Hadlock)
D. Fence/shrubs to separate driveway from garage. (needs contractor)
E. Shut off central heating by May 1 (or until plaster work is completed).

Jarvis Newman Workshop
Below is work needed to be done as outlined in Malcolm's report:

A. Kitchen pipes: Replace plugs and turn on water (water to be turned on Tuesday)
B. Develop new side entrance to apartment and garage
C. Construct a path from back parking lot to side entrance
D. Fix leak in roof

Parking Lot
Below is work needed to be done as outlined in Malcolm's report:

A. Replace landscaping per SW Harbor conservation committee recommendations. Eve Harrison leading this.
B. Either install irrigation system or buy hoses for watering plants. Group agrees buying hoses is better idea.
C. Devise watering schedule with landscaping expert.
D. Buy street broom to remove sand and gravel from lot. It was suggested to consider hiring a street sweeper instead of paying someone to use a broom or expecting Hadlock to do this.

Real Estate/Insurance Building
Below is work needed to be done as outlined in Malcolm's report:

A. Finish path to Hinckley upper lot. (see Goodwin subcontract to Atlantic)
B. Paint trim and windows (see Atlantic quote)
C. Fix chimney (see Atlantic quote)
D. Finish planting and walkway in front of building
E. Paint space lines in upper lot

Sutton's Island
Below is work needing to be done as outlined in Malcolm's report:

A. Add two additional railings to the town wharf. Eve is supervising this project. Her plan is to do a "maintenance fix" right now and possibly a more intense renovation in the future, maybe requiring an engineer. The work being done now can be expected to hold out for the next year or two. Note that repairs were approved two years ago by BOS but no work has been done until Eve began this project.

Below is work needing to be done as outlined in Malcolm's report:

A. Inventory of all town property and a maintenance plan. The Gaithers have started the inventory. The maintenance plan needs to be developed.
B. Recruit and hire a Facilities Maintenance Supervisor. One problem is that the approved position is $10,000 less than MFC asked for and was voted in at last town meeting. Although there were some good candidates that applied last year, their salary requirement was way above what the town will pay. Plan is to create a new job description and advertise it ASAP. Bruce and Michael will lead this effort.
C. Recruit cleaners for public restrooms on Cranberry (Malcolm) and Islesford (Hugh).
D. GCI toilet. Selectmen are currently making studies and developing information. MFC will watch unless BOS ask for help.
E. Road maintenance. Survey to be made in June. Michael will organize. Concern brought up about whether or not this item is in the MFC charter and if so, should it be taken out.

II. Phil Whitney Proposal
Last month, Phil Whitney proposed to establish a seasonal combined customer service representative and receptionist at the Manset Facility (see attachment C for a copy of his proposal). On behalf of the MFC, Hugh Smallwood responded to the proposal with a letter declining the suggestion. Some member opinions that were stated at today's meeting were 1) Beal and Bunker hire their own help and so should Cranberry Cove (Steve Pagels) 2) ferry service should be kept separate from town operations 3) the duties outlined in the proposal crossover into duties expected of the Manset caretaker and other MFC responsibilities 4) ferry service (and a ferry operator's success or failure at customer service) should be left to natural competition without town interference. Phil countered with 1) stressing the need for a better working relationship between Pagels and the town 2) the possible threat of one day not having a ferry service to Manset 3) the need for a good working relationship with the harbormaster.

Some MFC members suggested posting rules, information, and phone numbers in the waiting room along with a telephone as opposed to hiring someone. It was also thought that summer parking and ferry service would be easier this year since last year was the first year.

Michael asked if Phil would like to participate in implementing the other suggestions (telephone and info list). Phil declined as he submitted his proposal "as is." Michael said the MFC should consider some of the suggestions Phil had made and work on creating a better relationship with Pagels. Michael volunteers to lead this communication effort.

III. Real Estate Sales Analysis
At the request of the BOS, the MFC prepared a sales analysis of the brown house and the real estate building (see attachment A and B). Michael goes over the analysis and much discussion follows.

The MFC recommendation is to sell the brown house. Karin Whitney asks what is the long-term danger of selling the house. Will the town regret this in 20 years and not be able to get the house back? Michael answers that the town can likely get the house back in the future if it wants to (right to first refusal and undesirable location being next to our parking facility). Phil Whitney warns about building and expanding on all sides of the brown house once the house has a new owner and that the town can expect this owner to not be supportive. Michael answers that the expense of maintaining the house cannot be justified when the town may never make enough profit by renting it.

The MFC recommendation is to keep the RE/Insurance building until the current leases expire (at which point the value of the building will go up). Since there is no money loss by renting the building, it does not hurt to keep it for now. Dan Lief suggests the MFC consider one day hiring a property manager, someone other than the Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, to manage all these aspects of real estate. Michael answers that first the MFC needs to get this area in a position to where it can be handed off. Another benefit would be knowing our own properties before allowing someone else to manage them.

IV. Manset Business Plan
Frank Reese is working with Jim Connors (Senior Planner in the Coastal Program) and Mike Bush (Eastern Maine Development Corporation) to create a business plan.

DOT fund: NEH parking lot may be one way to spend some DOT funds. Also suggested was a bus shed in Manset as a good neighbor effort.

When the dirt area between the Manset town dock and the Cranberry Isles dock is brought up, it was suggested that Eve contact the individual who owns this area. It is believed the owner leases this area.

V. Comprehensive Plan
Hugh commends Lise for all the work she has put into this project. We are currently in the first step in the application process where we are applying for grant money from the state to do a CP. Now it is in the BOS's lap requiring signature. Since the BOS prefer to sign documents during a public BOS meeting, it is suggested that this item be put on their agenda. Hugh and Lise agree to contact Richard Beal about getting this item (BOS signatures needed on application) on the agenda for the May meeting.

VI. Islesford restrooms
Job description for this position is attachment L. Although the group believes posting it before hiring is not necessary, it will be posted anyway, on both islands.

VII. Public meetings and access to information
The BOS raised the issue during the April BOS meeting and later the Bangor Daily News published an article about the MFC requirement to hold public meetings.

In response to these events, the MFC has created a website as a tool for sharing info with the public. Although the website is a communication tool for MFC members, it is also available to the public. The MFC will also begin to publish reports on the and the websites.

Members discuss whether a response to the news article is necessary. It is agreed to not respond to the article but to respond to the BOS at their next meeting what the new process is for sharing information: two public meetings held monthly, filing reports with the town clerk, and use of websites.

Unanimous vote to accept the report as presented along with revisions that were suggested. Hugh has agreed to make necessary revisions and resend the report.

Reminder to resubmit at next BOS meeting, the caretaker lease amendment and the Knowles listing agreement.

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