Public Hearing:  Proposed Harbor Ordinance
January 30, 2007
Great Cranberry Island Community Center
Call to Order:  1:12 P.M. by Board of Selectmen Chairman Phil Whitney.
Phil Whitney, B.O.S. Chair                                         Jennifer Litteral, Island Institute                     
David Thomas, Harbor Ordinance Committee            Eric Dyer, Island Institute       
Ted Spurling, JR, Harbor Ordinance Committee        Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk
Sally Rowan, Harbor Ordinance Committee               Barbara Meyers & Sophie
Roy Hadlock, Harbor Ordinance Committee              Karin Whitney
Rodney Wimer, Harbor Ordinance Committee           Wesley Bracy. JR
It is the belief of the Harbor Ordinance Committee that the current one page ordinance does not cover all the needed issues dealing with our harbors and docks.
  a)      to do away with the noise article all together
b)      to rewrite the article to not include working boats, as we do have working waterfront harbors a)      add a line for size and/or time limit
b)      to make accommodations for larger outboards to tie up
c)      to make the Cranberry Dock at Manset a separate case to make accommodations for larger boats who commute to the mainland from the islands
2:45 P.M.