Carl Nelson's former estate, "Tosh Park"

The house is on the Main Road, just south of the current library, historical museum, and schoolhouse.  The school is beyond the right side of the photo.  The rather large flat rock on Carl's front lawn was a favorite jumping-spot for the little scholars at dismissal time, since it's right on the shortcut path leading from the schoolhouse to the southern end of the island, and is just the right ramp-shape to offer them a good leap as they head south home.

After Carl Nelson's death, Neal Corson, the current owner, refurbished the house and built the barn-shaped addition on the left.

The pasture that Carl describes in his Christmas postcard now hosts two llamas -- and a few sheep to keep them company -- owned by Skeldale Farms' Richard Beal.

2010 Update - The newly instituted street naming and numbering project (needed for 911 emergency calls) has assigned this house the address 269 Cranberry Road.  The house is still in the same place, but in 2008 the historical museum was moved out of the adjacent schoolhouse to its permanent home on the first floor of "Cranberry House".  Unfortunately, the llamas and lambs are gone.

photo courtesy of Bruce Komusin