Cranberry Islands Notes

by Chuck Liebow

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List Of Vessels

From notes made by Chuck Liebow
(Typed & some notes added by Hugh Dwelley Nov. 1994)

Vessels at the Cranberry Islands in 1874 included:

Tons Name             Owner
21   Neptune          John C. Bunker
36   Rocella?         C. B. Stanley
48   Union            Hadlock
31   Starlight        Hadlock
36   Clinton          Hadlock
24   Theory           G. Fernald
82   Mantyman?        Sam Bulger
39   Sea Bird         G. B. Stanley
42   Van              W. Bunker
43   Church           F. Bunker

(Spelling of some names and initials of owners are questionable.)

ALICE B. CROSBY - Schooner                 KGQJ
Master - George Washington Bunker          Crew of 9
Built in 1898 in Bath.                     #106682
1113 Gross Tons                            204/40/18.5
Home port in Portland.  Made it to Portland Harbor in the gale of 1898.

Built in 1889 at Swans Island.             #106646
10 Gross Tons.                             31.1/12.0/60 ???

Wrecked on Mt. Desert in 1902.

Built in 1886 in Maryland.                 #106203
38 Gross Tons.                             61.5/22.5/4.7

Built in 1895 in Baltimore.                #106444
401 Gross Tons.                            146.1/   /10.1

180 Gross Tons.                            Square sterned
Owned by Samuel Hadlock Sr. of Islesford.
Sam's son Elijah died in her of "brain fever" on a voyage to Cuba
in July of 1828.  Mate Josiah Higgins assumed command and sailed
her for a number of years.
Sold to Benjamin Spurling.

Captained part time by S. N. Bulger.

BLOOMER - Schooner
Built as a sloop in 1855 by Eben Pray at Indian Point.   #2179
51 Gross Tons.                                           64.3/21.8/6.2
Worked 50 years carrying stone.  Masts were widely spread apart
to allow for big hatches.

BREEZE - Sloop
Built in 1887 in Gloucester.#3366

"Cutter: A fore-and-aft-rigged vessel with one mast and a jib and
a foresail" per Webster's.
This small vessel belonged to Capt. William Owen who was proprietor
of the British settlement on Campobello Island.  In 1770, Aaron Bunker
was Owen's pilot on a fall voyage from Campobello to Portland to bring
back winter supplies for the colony.  Aaron's parents were living on
Great Duck and brothers and sisters with families were on both Great
and Little Cranberry Islands.  The Campo Bello called at Great
Cranberry both going and coming and great fun was had by all.

The Campo Bello must have been a fast and a tough little vessel.  Two
schooners accompanied on the voyage and they usually left port before
the Campo Bello but arrived at the next stop after her.  Tough because
they ran her aground at two or three times both going and coming.
Also, when there was no proper wind, they "rowed" her in and out of
harbors including the Pool at Great Cranberry.  Probably they put a
rowboat out in front and towed.  In one case thay also "kedged" her up
a stream by carrying an anchor out ahead and then hauling up to it.

(Source: Narrative of American Voyages and Travels of Capt. William
Owen, R. N. 1766-1771; Victor H. Palsits, Editor.  NY Public Library 1942.)

Masters - Samuel Spurling & William Moore
Built in Eden in 1820.
30 Gross Tons.                                       49.8/17.8/5.3
Two masts with a square stern.
Perhaps the vessel from which Sam Spurling gave the Caribbean pirates
a "little bit of Hell, Maine style."

CLEOPATRA - Schooner
Master - Luchens Higgins
Built at Mount Desert in 1811.
Owned on shares by Sam Hadlock Sr., J. Stevens, and T. Westgate.

COMMERCE - Schooner
Built in 1846 in Bradford, Connecticut.              #4628
48 Gross Tons.                                       55/19/6
Owned and sailed in 1859 by Albert Stanley.

Built at Eden in October of 1805.
Included on some lists as a schooner owned by the Hadlocks.

Master - William Bulger                              Crew of 1.
Built in 1899 in Brystol, Maine.                     #1575
6 Gross Tons - 5 Gross Tons                          26' 4"/10'/5'

Built in about 1820.

DOLPHIN - Schooner
6 Gross Tons.                                        37'/11' 6"/7' 2"
Also the name of a Friendship sloop owned by Archie Spurling.

DON PARSONS - Schooner
Wrecked on the south shore at Islesford in _____ with a cargo of coal.

Built in Somesville in about 1874 for Capt. Sam Bulger.
Co-owners included: Joseph Spurling, Enoch Spurling, George Fernald,
and Alfred Gilley.

ELATE - Sloop
Built in 1892 in Vinalhaven.                      #136312
5 Gross Tons.33' 6"/9' 8"/4' 6"

Master - Warren A. "Bert" Spurling.               Crew of 15.
Built in Essex, Mass. in 1904.                    O.N. 200700
70 Gross Tons, 50 Net Tons.                       79.8/21.4/9.2
Probably used by Bert in the mackerel fishery.  On an oral history tape,
Bert says that he gave up fishing when he could no longer obtain a
reliable and sober crew.

Master - MacFarland.
A fishing vessel built at Bristol, Maine in 1866.

EVA N. - Sloop
Master - Elisha Bunker.                           Crew of 3.
Built in 1901 in Friendship, Maine.               #136911
9 Gross Tons, 9 Net Tons.                         31/12/6

Master - J. Gilley
Built at Bangor in 1872.                          Possibly 7376 O.N.
In 1859, sailed by John Stanley and owned by him and others.
Note: the sailing date of 1859 conflicts with the building date of 1872. - Bruce.

Master - Enoch & Benjamin Spurling.
81-foot vessel built at Cranberry Isles in 1832.

Master - Capt. Benjamin Spurling.
Built in 1814 by William Moore and two sons [at Sutton?].

Three master which delivered coal to Islesford in the 1940s and later years.

Built at North Yarmouth in 1815.
Bought by Benjamin and Enoch Spurling in 1819.

Master - George Washington Bunker                  Crew of 10
Built in 1890 in Bath.
1553 Gross, 1388 Net Tons                          212/44/19.6
Home port of Portland.

Built at Brooksville in 1889.                      #86048
6 Gross Tons.                                      32.6/11/4.6

Wrecked on Long Ledge (also called the Thumper or the Nubble) in the Western Way
in 1740.  Survivors went ashore at Ship Harbor where many remained over the
winter and died.

GUESS - Schooner
Built, perhaps, in Rockport, Maine.                10181 O.N.?
15 Gross Tons, 14 Net Tons.                        44/12.8/6
Crew of 1.

Built in Islip, New York in 1879.                  #95577
8 Gross Tons.                                      34/13.8/3.6

Built in 1864 in Guilford.                         #11557
50 Gross Tons.                                     60.2/21.5/5.1

Master - Israel Higgins
Built in 1809 for Sam Hadlock Sr. and paid for with proceeds from his haul
of fish carried from Labrador to Oporto, Portugal, returning with a cargo
of citrus, onions, and salt.

HERO - Schooner
A two-masted schooner built in 1819.
Carried on some lists of the Hadlock fleet.

Built in 1819.
Owned 3/4ths. by Samuel Hadlock and, perhaps, 1/3rd. by Thomas Bunker.
Impossible: 3/4 + 1/3 = 13/12  - Bruce

ISLESFORD - Steamboat
Master - Gilbert T. Hadlock.                       #100555 O.N.
Built at Brewer in 1893 for Gilbert Hadlock who carried passengers and
freight around the Great Harbor of Mount Desert in her until 1907 when
she was sold "to the westard."  Capt. Gilbert received the Congressional
Medal for Bravery for having, with the Islesford, rescued the crew of the
schooner Effie T. Kemp on June 19, 1894.  (Source: Pioneers Settlers of
Islesford - The Hadlocks by Hugh L. Dwelley; Islesford Historical Society,
March 1994; Pg. 38.)

Call letters JWMB.
507 Gross Tons.                                    151/33.5/12.4
Built in 1882 by George Russell in Deering, Maine.  Owned by Thomas G. Krum.
Name changed to Mary Barry.  Foundered on March 17, 1913 with no loss of life.

Owned by Ernest W. Spurling.

Owned by W. E. Bunker.

MARY BARRY - Barkintine
See the vessel Jessie McGreger.

A brig built early in the 1800s.

MINERVA - Schooner
75 Gross Tons.                                     64 feet long with a square stern.
A two-masted schooner built in the Cranberry Island Pool in 1820 for
Sam Hadlock Sr. and many partners.  In March 1829, Sam Hadlock Jr. sailed
the Minerva on a sealing expedition to Greenland with a crew of 19 local
men, including his 14-year-old son.  The vessel never returned and all of
the crew were lost.  (See God's Pocket by Rachel Field, 1934.)

NEW BOXER - Schooner
(Formerly the Boxer.)                              #2264 O.N.
60 Gross Tons, 57 Net Tons.                        69.1/21.2/5.7
Built in 1845 at Wells, Maine.  Crew of 2.  Probably home ported at
Southwest Harbor, Maine.

200 Gross Tons.
Owned by Enoch Spurling.  In 1820, brought Irish immigrants to Philadelphia.
Note: The brig Nestor is included on lists of the Hadlock fleet.  Perhaps
Sam Hadlock owned it with Enoch Spurling, or sold it to him.  Perhaps he
changed the name to Newton?  Sawtelle records that the Nestor was lost in 1828.

131 Gross Tons, 90 Net Tons?
This is the vessel in which Sam Hadlock Sr. sailed in 1807 from Labrador?
Greenland to Oporto, Portugal, and returned with a cargo of citrus, onions,
and salt.  This was the founding of Old Sam's fortune.

OCEANUS - Friendship Sloop
Built in 1907 in Friendship, Maine and owned by Fred Birlem.

OTTER - Schooner
Master - Epps Hadlock.
Built in 1823 for Sam Hadlock Sr. at a cost of $3,396.18 and employed in seining
and whaling.  In 1831, lost in the West Indies with all hands including 26-year
old Capt. Epps Hadlock.

Master - Thurston in 1871.                         #19715 O.N.
43 Gross Tons.
Built in 1829 at Charleston, Mass.  John Gilley was 1/3rd. owner and the vessel
was sold for a 1/2 share in the Express.

RENA A. PERCY - Schooner
Master - Willis G. Bunker.                         Crew of 14.
78 Gross Tons, 46 Gross Tons                       76.5/21.6/9.4
Built in 1904 in East Boothbay and used for dory trawling around Jonesport and elsewhere.

SAM HADLOCK - Brigantine (sometimes schooner rigged.)
Master - Edwin Hadlock and others.
120 Gross Tons.
Largest vessel built in the Mount Desert region and the last built at
Little Cranberry.  Built in 1848 for Edwin Hadlock and rigged as a schooner.  She
was re-rigged as a brig in 1852 and lost in a storm off Hatteras some years later.
(See Pioneers Settlers of Islesford - The Hadlocks by Hugh L. Dwelley; Islesford
Historical Society, March 1994; pp. 15-17 for an account of the harrowing maiden
voyage of the Sam Hadlock from Tampico, Mexico in February 1849.)

SUNSHINE - Friendship sloop
Master - S. N. Bulger.                             #116806 O.N.
7 Gross Tons, 6 Net Tons.                          27/10/5
Built in 1898 in Bristol, Maine.
A boat named Sunshine was also built for Charles Eliot in 1872.

Master - Fred Fernald.
Fred Fernald left Islesford in about 1900 and married Neva Gott.
Themis is mentioned in Merchant Vessels Travel Yacht.

1817  John Manchester.
Note: The Union is listed by Sawtelle and others as among the last remaining
schooners in the Hadlock fleet.  Indeed, she is credited by Sawtelle with having
brought pipe from Mt. Desert Ferry to Seal Harbor to pipe water from Jordan Pond.

Early 1800s.

47.5 ft. built in Boothbay.  Owned in 1885 by Willis Bunker.
Mentioned in the records of a 1938 hurricane.

MASTERS VESSELS Bulger, S. N. ............ BELLE AND MARY SUNSHINE Bulger, Samuel ........... ELLA FRANCES Bulger, William DAUNTLESS Bunker, Elisha ........... EVA Bunker, George Washington ALICE B. CROSBY GEORGE G. WALCOTT Bunker, Willis G. ........ RENA A. PERCY Fernald, Fred THEMIS Gilley, J. ............... EXPRESS Hadlock, Edwin SAM HADLOCK Hadlock, Elijah .......... BEAVER Hadlock, Epps OTTER Hadlock, Gilbert T. ...... ISLESFORD Hadlock, Samuel Jr. MINERVA Hadlock, Samuel Sr. ...... OCEAN Higgins, Israel HAZARD Higgins, Josiah .......... BEAVER Higgins, Luchens CLEOPATRA MacFarland ............... L'ESPERANCE Manchester, John UNION Moore, William ........... CASHIER Owen, William CAMPO BELLO Spurling, Enoch .......... FACTOR Spurling, Benjamin ....... FACTOR FOUR SISTERS Spurling, Samuel ......... CASHIER Spurling, Warren A. "Bert" ELVIE L. SPURLING Stanley, Albert COMMERCE Stanley, John ............ EXPRESS Thurston PREFERENCE

Name of Vessel Tons Master Owner Home Port
boat Ann 11 82/95 Hiram J Ladd Samuel S Bunker & oth Cran I
sch Almond 26 23/95 Gilbert Hadlock W.E. & G. Hadlock Cran I
sch Champion 53 24/95 William Stanley Wm P Preble Cran I
sch Commerce 53 94/95 Albert Stanley Albert Stanley & others Tremont
sch Carressa (built Tinker's Isl., 184?) 66 90/95 Thomas A Kenady Enoch B Stanley & oth Cran I
sch Cashier 37 39/95 John Moore William Moore Cran I
boat Clementine 17 54/95 Twisden Borden William Moore Cran I
sch Baltic 80 22/95 Rufus B Ladd Thomas Bunker Cran I
sch Del Norte 92 6/95 Warren R Bunker Thomas Bunker & oth Cran I
sch Dolphin 59 4/95 George B Hamor Wm P Preble Cran I
sch Express 50 5/95 John Stanley John Stanley & others Cran I
sch Elmaral 42 77/95 Wm P Bunker Thomas Bunker Cran I
sch Essex 37 2/95 Daniel K Stanley Daniel K Stanley & oth Cran I
sch Hussar 53 4/95 John M Pierce Wm M Richardson & oth Cran I
sch Lucy Jane 62 80/95 Benj Spurling Enoch Spurling & oth Tremont
sch Mechanic 48 36/95 Albion Moore Albion Moore & others Cran I
sch Nonpariel 30 43/95 Thomas Bunker Thomas Bunker Cran I
boat Nymph 12 2/95 Alfred H Gilley Joseph Bunker Cran I
sch Quickstep 166 83/95 Meltiah Jordan Richardson Meltiah Jordan Richardson & others Tremont
slp? Resolution 16 49/95 T.J. Bunker Thomas Bunker Cran I
sch Stranger 73 80/95 Andrew J Bunker Thomas Bunker Cran I
sch Sea Flower 72 66/95 Enoch Hodgdon Wm P Preble & oth Cran I
sch Sea Flower 54 80/95 David P Hodgkins Horace Durgain & oth Tremont
sch Troubador 56 Robert Spurling 2nd Robert Spurling 2nd Cran I
sch Lydia 31 31/75 Samuel S Bunker Samuel S Bunker & oth Cran I
??? Willow 77 7/95 William G Bunker Enoch B Stanley & oth Cran I
sch Waterwitch 56 4/95 Enoch B Stanley Enoch B Stanley & oth Cran I

From 1859 Custom Records of Southwest Harbor
by R. Stanley, 1994.

1830 Census

Great Cranberry

Person Age Benjamin Spurling 20-30 William Spurling 30-40 Enoch Spurling 40-50 Samuel Spurling 30-40 Robert Spurling 40-50 Thomas Spurling 40-50 Thomas Manchester 70-80 Thomas Bunker 40-50 Samuel Staples 40-50 Benayer Bunker 40-50 (Benaiah?) Joseph Bunker 40-50 Elisha Young 30-40 Charles Cousins 20-30 David Sweet 40-50 Joseph Manchester 20-30 David Seavey 30-40 John T. G. Crane 60-70 John Pung 40-50 Mark Staples 40-50 Thomas Standley 60-70 ?Married a Manchester Thomas Standley Jr. 40-50 Eben Phippen 20-30 Henry H. Guy? 20-30 (Grey?) Epps Hadlock 20-30

Bakers Island

Person Age William Vittry? 40-50 Joseph Standley 30-40

Little Cranberry

Person Age Samuel Hadlock 50-60 married Sarah Manchester William P. Blunt 50-60 John Standley 60-70 John Standley Jr. 40-50 Jonathan Standley 20-30 Asa Doane ?Stanley 30-40 ?something fishy John Wilson 40-50

Sutton Island

Person Age Joseph Lancaster 40-50 Isaac ?Richardson 30-40 William Moore 20-30 Joseph Moore 20-30

Cranberry Isles 1830 Statistics

Age         20-30 30-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 70-80 80-90
Male 18 27 21 20 22 8 15 3 3 1 1
Female 24 16 19 16 19 13 7 3 1 0 0
Both 42 43 40 36 41 21 22 6 4 1 1


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