Rachel Field Letter 2

courtesy of Victoria Applegate

Sutton Island, Maine
Sept. 14, 1935

Dear Lizzie,

I've just packed up
the two pieces of the de-
lightful cranberry &
lustre tea-set & I hope
nothing will happen to
them on the trip back.
The more I look at them
the more I feel it is
one of those miracles-

side note: Swish left the 8th - to move,
poor dear, but she seemed rested when
she went off.

and that only you could
have found it. Indeed
I'm convinced you sum-
moned it out of the air
in some way. I can
hardly wait to see the
rest and I wrote Mrs.
Bruce the pieces came
safely & gave her the
Tenth Street address &
approximate date of
our return. But con-
sider well, while there's
yet time to countermand

such a magnificent & rash

P.C.C. wrote of seeing Lucy &
that she had gone to you.  I'm
so glad she wasn't any further
delayed & that she could have
some of the summer at Taconic.
Arthur & I are eager to see her &
we hope to on our way back. I've
just written her to West Hartford
saying that if she is there on Fri-
Sept. 20th we'll spend that night
in Farmington on purpose to see her
instead of just pressing on. We
leave here Tues. noon, spending
that night with friends of A's in
Augusta & the next in Narragansett
with Clare. September has been simp-
ly unbelievably blue & beautiful so
far - with the biggest Harvest moon
over our patch of sea. A & I have
the island practically to ourselves ex-
cept for the Bunker's & we're enjoying
it, as you can guess. Maybe you're in
Cambridge, but I send this to Conn. in
any case! much affection, Rachel

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