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President's Address to the
Cranberry Isles Benevolent Sewing Circle

April 8, 1863

Abigail C. Preble, President & Treasurer

        Fellow Members of the Cranberry
Isles Benevolent Sewing Circle It becomes my
duty as President of your Society, under the Existing
circumstances although Painful it is to me to call
your attention to the troubles & perplexities now[?]
agitated by some of the former members You are
aware that at your Annual meeting in the
choice of officers for the ensuing year some of
the old members were much displeased at the
Result of your doings and since that time
I am informed have made preparations among
themselves to Establish & organize a new Society
Seceeding from your Society and planning to
overthrow the same. for myself I cannot
conceive that any possible good can result
from such proceedings and fear in the
end that it will be the means to overthrow
our Society and entirely frustrate our object
in view tis said they intend to appropriate
their funds for the same purpose_._._._._._
Let me caution you as members of this social
Body to beware of such traitors their intention
to Plot your And under the Existing State
of affairs your candid consideration and
best Judgment is required to conduct your
Society safely and Judiciously through this stru
ggle I would respectfully say that the seceders
Expect to divide your friends and in regard
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to that point would say that I know not how
it can be done my opinion is that there is no
way for that to be done but by a vote of the acti-
ng members of the Society or this any person having
been a member at any former period and having
left the Society at the time so doing abandons
their right & interest in the same and have
no right or authority to meddle with the business
of the Society your constitution Provides that
any person may become an acting member by Subscr
ibing to the Constitution & paying 10 cts from that you
will see that the subscribing does not make the
person a member until the 10ct??? is paid then and
not till then can any person have a voice in
transacting the business of said Society.
                    You are aware
that it lays with the legal members of the Society
to decide the best meaures to be adopted for the
success either by a majority vote of the members present
or by a two thirds vote of the members if matter of so grave
importance arises as the present where a part of the
old members become disafected and secede turn
Traitors and plot your ruin then it is of the utmost
importance to be candid & decided and permit
me to suggest the propriety of your making arang
ements to meet the difficulties now Existing All of which
is respectfully submitted
                    Cranberry Isles April 8th 1863
                    A C Preble           President
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