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President's Address to the
Cranberry Isles Benevolent Sewing Circle

March 19, 1864

Abigail C. Preble, President & Treasurer

Note: This year the president refers to the organization as the
"Cranberry Isle Benevolent Society", rather than the "Cranberry
Isle Benevolent Sewing Circle."

To the Respective Members of the Cranberry Isle
Benevolent Society. As another year has
passed away and must be considered among
the things of life that come to pass and
are gone never more to return. And as the
time has passed away and we are once
more on the verge of our Annual Meeting
for the selection of Officers to conduct
the affairs of the our Circle for another year
permit me to suggest that you use prudence
and care in selecting your Officers,
that you may study for the best interest
and welfare of your purpose and sustain
and build up your Society by your united
efforts and be enabled to guard against
the enemy of disaffection that crept into
your our ranks but one year ago, Attempted
to overthrow the our Society and blast our
hopes of success in completing our desired
      I can but congratulate you on the
success of last year, notwithstanding
the trials and troubles we had to contend
with at the commencement of the year. we
have prospered almost beyond our most sanguin expectations
and since the weeds of disaffection were
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plucked out of our Society peace
and Social gatherings have prevailed
and we have enjoyed ourselves
in our Social visits and been blest
in our Success and prosperity. hoping
that all of the members will continue
to use their united efforts and build
up and sustain the Circle and that
ere long we shall obtain the object
of our desires and that we shall
be blest in our undertaking
In regard to your money, I would respectfully
represent that at the time of fixing the account
after our Fair on the 25 Dec 1863 you have
the sum of ---------------------------   $330.20
and since that time I have recd.         12.11
                Mar 19 1864
making the total sum to date of         $342.31
on hand at this time and I would once more
suggest the propriety of your letting the paper
money to some safe person or persons who
would hire it and pay interest for the same
all of which is respectfully submitted for
your consideration
                  Cranberry Isles Mar 19th 1864
                  A C Preble President
                  & Treasurer
                  of your Benevolent Society
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