Cranberry Isles Mutual Improvement and Benevolent Society

also known as the

Cranberry Isles Benevolent Sewing Circle

1861 - 1899


Art 1st.   This society shall be called the mutual improvement and benevolent society.

Art 2nd.   The officers of this society shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, a committee of three, and six solicitors.

Art 3rd.   The duty of the President shall be to preside at all meetings of the soc' that of the Vice Pres' to preside in the absence of the President.  The duty of Sec' & Trea' shall devolve on one person who shall take charge of the funds belonging to the soc' and to keep its records.  That of the committee to obtain and take charge of the work and see that it is done in a proper manner and the solicitors are to obtain names to the constitution and to raise funds to forward the object of the society.

Art 4th.   No work shall go out of the soc' without having passed through the hands of the committee and their approbation obtained.

Art 5th.   The time allotted for the meetings of the soc' shall be devoted to work and useful reading the avails of which to be appropriated for the support of benevolent purposes.

Art 6th.   One hour each P.M. shall be devoted to reading the reading to be under the direction of the Pres' and the reader to be chosen at each meeting to read at a subsequent meeting who shall feel herself bound to be present and if circumstances render it impracticable to read she shall obtain one to fill her place.

Art 7th.   This soc' shall meet every alternate Tuesday.  Each meeting to be opened at 2 o'clock by reading the scriptures and be closed by the same.  If the Pres' be absent the Officer next in order shall preside.

Art 8th.   The first hour of the P.M. shall be spent in arranging and allotting work and then shall follow reading.

Art 9th.   Any Lady may become a member of the soc' by subscribing to the constitution & paying in to the Trea' 25 cts.

Art 10th.   Any Gentleman or Lady may become an honorary member by paying fifty cents annually.

Art 11th.   Nine members present at any legal meeting shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Art 12th.   The supper shall consist of bread and butter plain cake and sauce or cheese and tea.

["Sauce" is fruit purée, like applesauce. -- BK]

Active Members
Willimenia G. Preble 25 cts
Mrs. Roxana Young    25 cts
Eunice Preble        25
Asenith Spurling     25
Elorinia S. "        25
Margarite Stanley    25
Lucy A. Spurling     25
Huldah Bunker        25
Sarah A. Bunker      25
Lucretia Young       25
Fannie Spurling      25
Margaret Doliver     25
Mrs. Rice            25
Sarah J. Spurling    25
Zulina Spurling      25
Mrs. Maria Spurling  25
Mrs. Wm. Preble      25

Honorary Members
Active Members
Sarah H. Richardson

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