The Towns Slides (51-100)

Taken by John Towns
Donated by Dorothy "Dot" Towns


This collection of 149 color slides was taken by John Towns in the 1940s.  Dot Towns donated them to the Great Cranberry Island Library.

When they were shown at the Ladies Aid about twenty years ago, they made a big hit, with lots of remembrances from the audience, but they haven't seen the light of day since then.

Now with the help of a newly-acquired slide scanner, the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society is proud to make these high-quality photos available again.

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Slides 51-100
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John & Dot Towns
photo courtesy of Ada Rice


51. Clarence & Barbara Beal house, now Jan Moss

Sam Chapman house, then Edith Drury, then Eliza Eager, now Barbara Meyers & Bill Dowling

School with bell tower

Teel house, now David Bunker, with closeup of perhaps Wyman Sawtelle Teel

Morrison house, then James Storey, now Oppenheimer

Hamor Tea House, now Murch

57. Murray house, formerly Jimmy Stanley

(l. to r.) Jean Stanley, Eliza Stanley (in black hat), Stuart?, Alma Stanley

Milo Williams boat at Bar Harbor

Flags in Church

Sanborn Bakery with Dot Sanborn

Burden's Boat - they owned boathouse that is now Newman & Gray's

63. Burden Boat which "Pink" Stanley sailed

Paul Burden, who died in 1974 (age 40) when his car was hit by plane on airstrip

Rev. Melvin Hutchins & wife

Eversman-Hartley boat
closeup (looks like "Pink" Stanley)

Eversman-Hartley boat

Eversman-Hartley house (front)

69. Eversman-Hartley house (coveside)

Eversman-Hartley house (coveside)

Eversman-Hartley dock

Harry Alley's boat, Robert & Johnny

Tuna fish caught by Robert & Johnny

Buster Rice and Irwin Spurling

75. The Tuna

Burt Spurling

"Pink" Stanley, lived in Millar house, 1963

Eber Spurling, and load of herring for lobster boat

Buster Rice (Annie Alley's father) and Irwin Spurling - lived in Vance house

Ian Stanley

81. Sam Chapman - lived in Drury house

Boat which Richie Stanley sailed - he and Alice lived in Westphal house

Wilfred Bunker's Bob-cat and barge

"Pink" Stanley in cut away and cut down derby

Tuna caught by Robert and Johnny Alley

Ethel and Oscar Wedge house -now Keven and Stacy Wedge -Ethel was postmistress and had P.O. there

87. Preble house before Macfarlan purchase

Preble house after Macfarlans began renovations

Jean & Charles Wadsworth building their home

Jean Wadsworth builds her home (Wadsworths say these photos taken 1949.)

The Wadsworth house ground floor

Wadsworth ground floor

93. Wadsworth ground floor

Top floor starts to take shape

Wadsworth house

Wadsworth house

Foster (Murray) home

"Pink" Stanley house, now Millar

99. Old Post Office-Andrew Alley family lived in back

Town Hall and School

Slides 1-50
Slides 51-100
Slides 101-149

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