The Towns Slides (101-149)

Taken by John Towns
Donated by Dorothy "Dot" Towns


This collection of 149 color slides was taken by John Towns in the 1940s.  Dot Towns donated them to the Great Cranberry Island Library.

When they were shown at the Ladies Aid about twenty years ago, they made a big hit, with lots of remembrances from the audience, but they haven't seen the light of day since then.

Now with the help of a newly-acquired slide scanner, the Great Cranberry Island Historical Society is proud to make these high-quality photos available again.

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Slides 101-149
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John & Dot Towns
photo courtesy of Ada Rice


101. Charles and Ada Rice House

Alice and Edgar White House - now Lucille Sayer

Teel house - now David Bunker

Schriftgeiser houses -now Towns house, red, and Haydock, yellow-green

Haydock house yellow-green before color change

Haydock house after color change

107. Ruth Haydock (Hady) and a huge dahlia

Houses: Towns, Haydock (left) & Winslow Bunker now Sullivan (right)

Keinbush House (now Little)

Polly Storey's, now Veronica, Andy, & Eliz. Storey

Towns (l.) & Haydock (r.) houses from Pool, with boathouse, now gone

Road near Murch's

113. Sherman House, now Ward.  More

Carver House, now Harlan

Mountain ash near Murch's, with Florence Towns (mom of John and wife of Herb Towns)

Closeup of mountain ash

Hamor Tea Room -- now Murch

Hamor dock on The Pool

119. Cranberry Club with Florence (left) and Dot Towns on porch

Unknown person examines remains of a dragger

Lew Stanley's dock, now LaHotan's

Near Lew Stanley's dock

The Church and the parsonage

The old Town Dock

125. Air-Sea rescue boat in Southwest Harbor

Islesford Museum

Islesford Church

Sailboat race

Buoy boat seen from Beal dock, Southwest Harbor

Lower Town Dock & shelter in Southwest Harbor

131. Manset Dock with gulls

Young's Restaurant in Bar Harbor

Mrs. Young (left) and Eliza Stanley

The Cranberry Isles from Mt. Cadillac

Cranberry Dock and harbor
closeup men
closeup vessel

Dr. Cumming's car being barged in

137. Fish Weir off Fish Point, worked by Elwood Spurling, grandfather of Phil and Dean Whitney  pano

Bunker dock on The Pool

"Pink" Stanley and his home -- now Millar

View from Barbara Donald home -- now Donald Trust 1939

Fish Point walk

Dr. Nelson's study, now the Ward property

143. Cranberry Pool boathouses

Ladies Aid building, now the Community Center

Cranberry Club dock near Fish Point; Islesford in background

View of Town Dock from Harris'

View of boathouses from rear of Winslow Bunker's house; now Sullivan's

View of Town Dock

149. View of houses (from left) Bloom, Teel (now David Bunker), Wilfred Bunker (now Strandberg)

Slides 1-50
Slides 51-100
Slides 101-149

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