Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
Taken by Bill McGuinness
5 April 2005

In Attendance: Richard Beal, Edgar Blank, Evelyn Boxley, Malcolm Donald, Barb Fernald, Nan Folsom, Ed Gray, Eve Harrison, Bruce Komusin, Cynthia Lief, Dan Lief, Denise McCormick, Bill McGuinness, Cyrus Moulton, Hal Newell, Michael Phillips, Robin Richman, David Stainton, Karen Whitney, Phil Whitney

I Call to Order 9:00AM

As no Chairman has been elected, Denise McCormick, Town Clerk, opens the meeting.

Edgar Blank nominates Phil Whitney for Chairman. Dan Lief seconds. Phil Whitney is elected Chairman of the Board of Selectmen.

II Review of Minutes 2/1/05

Dan Lief moves to accept the minutes. Edgar Blank seconds. Motion passes.

III Review / Signing of Financial Warrants

Edgar Blank suggests that in general the Board needs more time to examine Warrants. Denise McCormick says that from this point forward copies of the Warrants will be made available at the Town Office before the Board of Selectmen meeting. (Michael Phillips suggests a seven day cut-off for billing.) It is established that the Town should receive bills no later the Friday before the Board of Selectmen meeting. Municipal Facilities Commission (MFC) bills will need to signed off on before they are submitted.

There is discussion regarding Beal and Bunker Ferry Service charges. Phil Whitney suggests we need to establish a policy regarding use of town funds to pay for travel expenses. (Michael Phillips suggests using the 4/16 workshop to settle the issue.) The issue will be taken up at the next Board of Selectmen meeting.

 Dan Lief asks about Island Plumbing & Heating bill - It is determined that the bill is for three months and that the charges are reasonable.

The following Warrants are signed:

Warrant 11 3588.43
Warrant 12 5950.81
Warrant 13 3689.67
Warrant 14 2184.91
Warrant 15 3708.44
Warrant 16 11173.60
Warrant 17 61616.21
Warrant 18 13661.91

Two bills presented for review:

* Bill from John Goodwin (2003) - It is established that Bill McGuinness will contact John Goodwin to verify the details of the bill and the Board agrees to pay the bill at the next meeting.

* Bill from Ed Gray - Dan Lief offers to take the lead on dealing with Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), including handling the bill, and further, that MSW should be a top priority for the Board of Selectmen. Phil Whitney and Edgar Blank agree.

**Dan Lief takes a moment to acknowledge the contribution of former Selectmen Richard Beal and David Stainton. His sentiments are echoed by Edgar Blank and Phil Whitney.**

IV Communications

A. Receipt: Updated State of Maine "Handbook of Essential Habitat Review for Endangered and Threatened Species" - (Robin Richman suggests that this document be made public.) Dan Lief suggests that the Town will establish a policy at the 4/16 workshop for the dissemination of information.

B. Receipt: Informational letter from the State of Maine Department of Environmental Protection regarding Brownfields Funding Program for Municipal Property Site Assessment and Remedial Site Cleanup Funding Assistance - Phil Whitney explains that this is a program we might take advantage of in cleaning up our gravel pits and other town owned land.

C. Receipt: Letter and Informational Packet from Richard Beal concerning the MFC and the Maine Right to Know Law Provisions - The issue: proper notification of public meetings. What is the law? Phil Whitney says Municipal Officer's Manual has the answer. It is established that all Municipal Officers will familiarize themselves with the manual.

D. Invitation: Attend the Hancock County Commissioners Annual Law Enforcement Meeting 4/12/05 in Ellsworth at 8:45AM - Phil Whitney says that he will attend the meeting.

E. Receipt: Letter from Richard Beal, Shellfish Commission Member, regarding possible Shellfish Ordinance violations - Phil Whitney says that he contacted the individual in question and that the matter has been resolved.

Discussion - Great Cranberry needs a Shellfish Warden and Islesford may also need one. Who can / will do this job? (Robin Richman suggests that enforcement is the issue.) Dan Lief says that enforcement of ordinances is, after handling of Municipal Solid Waste, the top priority for the Board of Selectmen. How do we enforce laws? Phil Whitney says when we spend money to educate people and then they quit, the Town suffers.

V Appointments / Resignations

A. Annual List of Town Office Employees The following Appointments are made and accepted:

* Kimberly Keane as Code Enforcement Officer (accepted in absentia)

* Kimberly Keane as Plumbing Inspector (accepted in absentia)

Discussion - Do we need an electrical inspector? Richard Beal says towns with populations under 2000 are not required by the State of Maine to have an electrical inspector.

* Denise McCormick as General Assistance Administrator

* Denise McCormick as Registrar of Voters

* Bill McGuinness as Road Commissioner

Discussion - Dan Lief suggests that just filling holes will not do the job. We must have a program. (Michael Phillips suggests that the summer is the time to do the work. David Stainton suggests the continued involvement of professionals.)

* Deborah Wedge as Animal Control Officer (pending acceptance)

Discussion - Deborah Wedge needs to bring her son with her to the required animal control training because she does not drive. Phil Whitney asks if the Town should pay for her son. The matter is discussed and it is decided that the Town will cover the expenses for Deborah Wedge's son.

Will Deborah Wedge be the Animal Control Officer for both islands? She says she is ready to be. Phil Whitney suggests that there needs to be a separate Officer for Islesford.

What should the Animal Control Officer be paid? (Robin Richman suggests that too low a rate of pay will discourage interested parties.) Phil Whitney suggests that the Town should start low and then make raises if the job is done well. It is determined that in the past jobs were paid in a lump sum at the end of the year. It is established that Edgar Blank will talk with Deborah Wedge and work out the details of her employment.

It is determined that Edgar Blank will work on filling other appointments: Harbor Master, Constable, Health Officer, Planning Board and Board of Appeals.

VI Old Business

A. Discussion: Receipt of Informal Working Committee Proposal for short-term Islesford Trash Disposal

B. Discussion: General Solid Waste Management Issues

Phil Whitney suggests that the Town very quickly resolve the Municipal Solid Waste situation. How do we use the town gravel pits, etc.? Phil Whitney suggests appointing Dan Lief as point man on Municipal Solid Waste and that the MFC be given official responsibility for the Town gravel pits and, if necessary, that the MFC appoint a member to interface with Dan Lief concerning MSW. Dan Lief is affirmative. (Ed Gray says his priority is to get something up and running for the summer. He suggests that the Town will need to contact Phil Whitney and Richard Haydock regarding the Maine Department of Environmental Protection license for Great Cranberry Transfer Station.)

C. Discussion: Receipt of legal opinion concerning the creation of a Municipal Services District to own and manage Town of Cranberry Isles mainland parking facilities.

Phil Whitney explains that the opinion is mostly negative and suggests that the issue be tabled. The Board agrees.

D. Discuss Kleinschmidt Engineering Report concerning Sutton Island Harbor Depth Improvement Project

E. Discuss Kleinschmidt Engineering Report concerning Sutton Island Wharf Repairs Project

(The suggestion is made by that Sutton Islanders be given NEH parking and that maybe the Town let the rocks wait. Michael Phillips says further that we should let the dock repairs wait.) Phil Whitney says we need to move forward with the rock removal. (Will moving the rocks make the dock accessible at all tides or will it merely widen the channel?) It is established that the Town should move forward with the rock removal and will work with the MFC on getting this done.

F. Review Job Description for Deputy Town Clerk / Assistant Treasurer

Phil Whitney suggests that a two week advertising period be set and that 4-27-05 be set as the deadline for receiving applications. Dan Lief moves that the job description be accepted and that Denise McCormick move forward with advertising the position. Edgar Blank seconds and it is approved. Dan Lief suggests a subcommittee to review applications consisting of Phil Whitney, Denise McCormick and Bill McGuinness. It is agreed.

VII New Business

A. Request for Nominees: Acadia National Park Advisory Committee

The Town has received a letter from the United States Department of the Interior requesting nominees to sit on the Acadia National Park Advisory Committee. Edgar Blank will work on getting nominees.

B. Proposed Contract Renewal: RJD Appraisal - Tax Assessing Services

(Richard Beal suggests that they do a good, honest, transparent job.) This company is maintaining our tax information. They went back to 1982 and straightened out our tax records and are in the process of computerizing the information. Dan Lief moves acceptance and renewal for another year. Phil Whitney seconds. Contract Renewal is approved and signed. (Richard Beal says that Roger Peppard must be separately assigned as Town Assessor.) It is established that Denise McCormick will get an appointment letter for the position.

C. Selectmen Signatures: Management Representation Letter - James Wardman

The letter acknowledges receipt of the report prepared by James Wardman, Town Auditor. Edgar Blank signs. There is discussion as to the future of our relationship with James Wardman. What is the role of the independent auditor and what should be expected of him?

D. Receipt: Maine Department of Education letter regarding school funding concerns in the aftermath of the Independent Auditors Report concerning Town of Cranberry Isles non-compliance with GASB #34 Financial Reporting Standards - Action taken: Letter of response sent 3/25/05

The Town was not in compliance as of 12/31/04. The Maine Department of Education sent a letter in March saying that failure to be in compliance could result in a loss of educational funds. Phil Whitney says the he has spoken with Susan Griffin and that she is sympathetic to our situation and has agreed to give us more time to be in compliance. He explains that Town Assets need to be identified and evaluated. Dan Lief requests that the MFC provide a layman's translation of what it means not to be in compliance and how we get into compliance. Phil Whitney says that Jim Wardman has offered his assistance.

E. Request: Maine Department of Economic and Community Development Annual Report of Income for Fiscal Year 2004

The Town needs to submit a report regarding program income. The income in question appears to have been received by the Town, but not spent. (Karen Whitney suggests that the funds were for sand and salt sheds.) Denise McCormick will investigate this issue.

F. Proposal: Extension of Float Maintenance Contract with Roy Hadlock

Extension of the Hadlock Contract is approved and signed. There is discussion of Danny Chalmers service at Manset. It is determined that the Town will hire Chalmers to launch the floats and ramps for the Manset dock under the same arrangements he has previously worked. Bill McGuinness will draft and send a letter to Chalmers requesting that the work be done.

G. Review / Approval: Annual Parking Application Letter to Residents and Taxpayers

It is determined that the parking assignment procedure will be amended to include a provision that will benefit the Town's senior citizens. It is further determined that a Parking Committee, consisting of one Selectman and two members of the MFC, will be formed to resolve any parking related issues or complaints. Edgar Blank agrees to be on the committee. Phil Whitney moves to approve parking letter. Edgar Blank seconds. Two votes are in favor of approval. Dan Lief votes against approval because, he says, the current parking policy does not sufficiently meet the needs of the Town.

H. Selectmen Signatures: Zone 2 - Islesford Address Ordinance.

Dan Lief moves that it be signed. Edgar Blank seconds. Board of Selectmen signs ordinance.

I. Proposal: Recall Ordinance of Elected Officials. Request for Special Town Meeting

Ordinance introduced by petition presented by Richard Beal. It is determined that Bill McGuinness should contact Hugh Smallwood and ask him to get in touch with Richard Beal so that they can organize their efforts to draft an ordinance.

J. Selectmen Signatures: Maine CDBG Urgent Need Grant Contract - Islesford Fire Department.

Board of Selectmen signs contract.


A. Town Office - Lease with Valdina family (for the rental of the "Town House" to be used as the temporary Town Office) is presented. Board of Selectmen approves lease. Lease will be sent back to Eric Valdina for his signature. Board of Selectmen unanimously agrees to send a payment to the Valdina family.

B. Roads Maintenance - Some preliminary work has been done toward preparing an inventory and maintenance plan.

C. Administrative Assistant - Position is to be filled by the beginning of May.

D. Budget - Tom McCormack has balanced the general fund and cash accounts. The undesignated fund balance is $197,698.33; the Town roads fund balance is a credit of $56,307.72 which could be applied to the 2005 budget.

E. Parking - Letter and Application to be mailed by 4/7/05.

F. Solid Waste - DEP permit still needed for Great Cranberry.

G. Mansel Road Building Rental (Manset) - Waiting to hear back from Marsh on proposed lease. They will take the whole building for 30K/Yr.; 5 year lease with 4% annual increase. They will give back 10 parking spaces; pay property taxes, maintenance and insurance.

H. Apartment / Warehouse Rental - Michael Phillips presents a lease agreement between the Town and Steve Pagels and asks that the BOS sign off on the lease. Dan Lief signs the lease.

I. Department of Transportation Grant - Approval for ramp project has been granted. DOT may reconsider a pull-off project if we can get rezoning.

IX Town Officer Reports

Denise McCormick suggests operating hours for the Town Office be Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:00AM to 3:00PM. It is established that the Board of Selectmen and Denise McCormick will consider a one-day-a-week visit to Great Cranberry.

X Audience Communications

Clay Taylor has approached the Town concerning a possible purchase of the Great Cranberry store from Barbara Stainton. The MFC needs to determine how to get in place a lease agreement with Clay Taylor for the Great Cranberry store by Summer 2005 if the sale goes through. Bill McGuinness will contact Hugh Smallwood and Michael Phillips. Dan Lief suggests a public hearing.

Leslie Horvath, TCI School Board, has written a letter asking the Board of Selectmen to approve Rob Liebow to sign payroll checks for school district employees. Dan Lief moves that Rob Liebow be given authority to sign payroll checks. Edgar Blank seconds. The Board of Selectmen approves.

Karen Whitney says that there needs to be a phone for the Great Cranberry Island Fire Department. It is established that the Fire Chief should order a phone line.

Robin Richman asks if the Town needs permission from the school board to do improvements to the Great Cranberry Island school building? The answer is:Yes.

XI Adjournment 2:35PM

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