Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes

May 3, 2005
Islesford Neighborhood House

Notes taken by: Cyrus Moulton

Head Selectman: Phil Whitney
Selectmen: Edgar Blank, Dan Lief
Town Clerk: Denise McCormick
Municipal Facilities Supervisor: Bill McGuinness
Members of the public present: Malcolm Donald, Karin Whitney, Bruce Komusin, Cyrus Moulton, Eve Harrison, Nan Folsom, Roy Hadlock, Margaret Blank.

I. Call to Order: Meeting was called to order at 8:32 am.
Thanks to Edgar for providing doughnuts.

II. April Minutes:

Dan Lief motioned to accept minutes
Edgar Blank seconded. All in favor.

III. Signing of Financial Warrants:

Selectman Lief suggested that every warrant listed should have a name attached that shows the person responsible for that project so that we can be sure that somebody will know who to call in the future. Selectman Blank agreed and mentioned that he appreciated getting the warrants ahead of time.

Cranberry Isles Futures Group Invoice:

Fencing Invoice:

Adams Electric Invoice:

Warrant 24: Chaplin Bill:

The following warrants are signed:

Warrant 19: $8892.83
Warrant 20: $350.00
Warrant 21: $6520.91
Warrant 22: $30011.14
Warrant 23: $12893.14
Warrant 24: $7396.88
Warrant 25: $4451.39
Warrant 26: $3986.98

IV. Communications

A. Receipt: Maine Municipal Association Executive Committee:

Looking for representatives from the Cranberry Isles: Selectman Lief mentioned that we have a lot on our plate, and unless we have discussed this appointment with anybody then we should not address it at this time. E. Harrison recommended that we keep this and similar positions posted where people in town congregate.

B. Receipt: Maine Municipal Association Elected Officers Conference: Workshop on May 24th in Orland. Selectman Whitney indicated that he would like to attend, noting the fee is $20 for newly elected officials, $40 for non newly elected officials.

Selectman Lief motioned that the town should cover expenses for any of the selectmen to go and encourage them to attend. Selectman Blank mentioned he would like to attend as well and seconded the motion. All in favor.

V. Appointments and Resignations:

A. The following appointments were made and accepted by the Selectmen:
Michael MacFarlan- term on Board of Assessment Review
Malcolm Donald- term on Board of Assessment Review replacing Bruce Fernald
Kate Chaplin- term on Board of Appeals
Evelyn Boxley- term on Board of Appeals
Steve Philbrook- term on Planning Board
Erin Fernald Gray- term on Planning Board, replacing Phil Whitney.

Debbie Wedge- Animal Control Officer (Great Cranberry)
Susie Krasnow- Animal Control Officer (Islesford)

Roger Peppard- Tax Assessor
Denise McCormick- Hunting and Fishing Licensing Agent

B. The following appointments were made but need to be signed:
Beverly Sanborn and Ruth Westphal- Health Officers
Richard Beal- Constable

Edgar Blank- Selectman representative to Parking Assignments Appeal Committee:
Chris White, Malcolm Donald- MFC representatives to Parking Assignments Appeal Committee

Selectman Blank motioned to accept this group and sign the necessary documents at the next meeting. Selectman Whitney seconded. All in favor.

C. Appointment of Deputy Town Clerk/ Administrative Assistant to the Town Clerk and Selectmen:

D. Appointments to Acadia National Park Advisory Commission:

E. Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Warden

VI: Old Business

A. Hancock County Law Enforcement Meeting: Selectman Whitney related his attendance at the Hancock County Law Enforcement Meeting and said that he felt that it was a good opportunity to get the Cranberry Isles represented in law enforcement discussions in the county and about getting increased county law enforcement on the islands. Town can appoint Constables, but they have no arrest powers. However, if the constable attends a two-week course at a police academy then they can have arrest powers. The course is 100 hours and he recommends that he discuss with the Hancock County Sheriff the possibilities for Cranberry Isles law enforcement and that he was personally interested in law enforcement issues on Great Cranberry and possibly becoming a Deputy Sheriff.

B. Status Report on 911 Street Naming Ordinance:

Carl Brooks has been working on the ordinance and is looking at road naming, determining what is public vs. private roads, and other issues. Selectmen have received a report and had all looked it over. Selectman Lief recommended that Carl Brooks coordinate with Hancock County and the local fire departments because some subsidiary issues are hanging up the process. There has been some misinformation and that the requirements for the islands are very different than the mainland.

C. Status Report of Maine Dept. of Economic Development Annual Report of Income for Fiscal Year 2004

Denise McCormick reported that she had contacted the person and sent her the necessary paperwork that was not completed in 1999.

D. Selectmen's Signatures of Payment Policy of Bi-Monthly Paychecks

D. McCormick reported that she and Wadman are working on the wording of said policy, and noted it is "semi-monthly," payment… not "bi-monthly" which means every other month.

E. Selectmen's Signatures of Citizen's Petition for Recall Ordinance

Once signed, the selectmen must hold a Special Town Meeting within 90 days. Wording can be changed in public hearings, not at Town Meeting, but once signed the Selectmen must act. Selectman Lief suggested that Hugh Smallwood, who is working on the project, be informed that this petition was accepted and that he work on preparing for the public hearings and amending the ordinance if necessary. Selectman Whitney read MMA requirements about the procedure for accepting petitions. Selectmen agreed with Lief's suggestion and signed petition to acknowledge that they received it, and they will work with Hugh Smallwood to schedule public hearings and other appropriate action in preparation for a Special Town Meeting in the summer.

F. Rob Liebow to sign checks for school

D. McCormick explained nothing needed to be signed by the Selectmen, the town just needed to record in the minutes that the Selectmen had approved this measure.

VII. New Business

A. Selectmen's Signatures for Highway Reserve Fund

D. McCormick explained that the Selectmen need to sign a document that certifies that the money from the state will go to a Highway Reserve Fund. All signed.

B. Selectmen's Signatures for the 2005 Tax Commitment Letter

D. McCormick said that they have not finalized the letter, and thus they cannot sign it at this point. Budget committee is working on the letter and will finish it by next month.

C. Fire Warden Guidelines

Selectman Whitney moved to appoint Blank to represent the Selectmen and to meet with the Islesford and Great Cranberry Fire Departments as well as the Northeast and Southwest Harbor Fire Departments to coordinate methods for help on the islands and to write up educational materials about fire permits and the responsibilities of fires on the islands. Selectman Lief seconded motion. All in favor.

D. Town Trucks

Selectman Lief recommended that the town work out a maintenance schedule for the town truck and then store it in Manset. In addition, there is an offer on the small truck and we should appoint somebody to oversee the sale on this vehicle.

Selectman Lief motioned that Selectman Blank assess the condition of the town truck, determine the necessary maintenance, and store it in Manset for the summer.

Selectman Whitney seconded. All in favor.

E. CIRT request to cut trees on Town Property

Blair Colby would like to remove evergreen and birch trees on town property. Selectman Whitney was present at the last CIRT meeting where this was presented and looked at the proposed area as a Selectman and as an abutter, and he did not have a problem with the proposal.

Selectman Lief motioned that we allow Blair to cut the trees with the understanding that he would work with the Town on regulations for storing trucks in the gravel pit. Selectman Whitney seconded and said he will contact Blair about that issue. All in favor.

F. Regulations for Town Business:

G. Manset Fund

H. Great Cranberry Island Store

VIII. MFC Officer's Report

A. Temp. Town Office

B. Roads Maintenance

C. Manset Maintenance

D. Wharves, Floats and Harbors

E. Parking Administration

F. Cranberry Isles Restroom Projects

Selectman Whitney began addressing remaining MFC Report topics not covered by B. McGuinness' report.

G. Personnel and Staffing Policies

H. Manset Business Development

I. Financial Reporting and Budget

J. Municipal Solid Waste:

Selectman Lief explained that the town entered into a 9 year contract with Ed Gray that has never been implemented because permits for a transfer station were never given. In that contract, equipment was supposed to be purchased by Ed Gray with money from the town that he would pay back. The only thing that Ed bought was a truck that he has not been using and is now paying interest on. Last July, the town bought that truck and so now the town owns everything. Now we need to rework the contract and make it feasible for this summer.

K. Sutton's Island Harbor

E. Blank reported that he is going to drop two buoys in the Sutton Harbor channel and will see if they are helping or hindering accessibility according to those who use the harbor.

D. Lief moves that E. Harrison and E. Blank are authorized to proceed with the Sutton's Island project, preferably to just do the channel, but to do both dredging and the dock if there is a significant difference in price (greater than $5,000) that would be incurred should Prock Marine need to make separate trips.

P. Whitney specified that E. Blank was the supervisor in charge of the project and seconded. All in favor.

IX. Other Business:

A. Letter from Clay Taylor regarding speeding on Great Cranberry Island and Requesting Speed Bumps between the gravel pit and the Oppenheimer house:

D. Lief moves that we have a public hearing about speeding on Cranberry Island and we will write a letter to Clay Taylor explaining this. Selectman Whitney seconds and will write the letter. All approved.

B. Letter from Robin Richman, President of CI Future's Group, Concerning Grading the turnaround at the Cranberry Isles gas pump:

The selectmen will call Robin and suggest that she come to the next meeting with a quote for the project.

C. Selectmen's signatures:

P. Whitney suggests we adjourn at 4:37 p.m. E. Blank seconds. All in favor.

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