Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
7 June 2005

In Attendance:
Phil WhitneyKarin WhitneyChris White
Dan LiefCynthia LiefRobin Richmond
Edgar BlankMalcolm DonaldEve Harrison
Denise McCormick Richard BealCarl Brooks
Bill McGuinnessElizabeth Storey SelimNanette Hadlock
Hugh SmallwoodJeff Strang- C.E.SCyrus Moulton

I. Call to Order 8:47 A.M.
Phil Whitney - Chairman, Board of Selectman

II. Review of Minutes, 5/3/05
-Section V,B. Appointments and Resignations:
Omit Beverly Sanborn as a nominee for Health Officer

-Section VI,B. Old Business:
Status Report on 911 Street Naming Ordinance
Add: "On Great Cranberry Island only"

-Section VII.,7. New Business: Town Officials Travel Policy
"The following people will be authorized to submit tickets to the town for reimbursement"
Add: Members of the Planning Board, Members of the Board of Appeals, Employees of the Town.
Add: Operational Guidelines, Selectmen, MFC, and Town Employees to the minutes.

Edgar Blank moves to accept the minutes, reflecting corrections.
Dan Lief seconds. Motion passes.

At this time, Selectman Lief introduces Jeff Strang from Civil Engineering Services, who will speak with us later in the meeting about the permit process for the GCI Transfer Station.

III. Review/Signing of Financial Warrants
Edgar Blank requests that we check the name on the Ellsworth Builders Supply account to make sure the authorized purchasers list is up to date. Bill McGuinness has already taken care of this matter.

Phil Whitney is curious why we plow the Manset Parking Lot when there is no activity there in the winter. It was the general meeting consensus that we should continue to plow the lot for reasons of fire and general safety. We are also not sure whether we will be using the lot this winter or not, as was the case last year.

Edgar Blank questioned if the final painting bill came in for the painting of Mansell Lane Building. Denise McCormick answered yes, and the bill is included on warrant #35, to be paid in full.

Selectman Blank also wanted to make sure thermostats are turned down in vacant town buildings during the winter months. Due to the price of fuel, and reflecting on past heating bills, he suggests someone be chosen to do a final sweep in the fall of our buildings.

A 2003 bill from Goodwin's, which has not been paid, was brought up. It has been determined that Scott McIntyre was working for the town at the time the dumpster was ordered. The Selectmen approve paying of the bill.

The following warrants were signed:
Warrant 28- $ 7866.63
Warrant 29- $10438.76
Warrant 30- $ 4058.71
Warrant 31- $ 5520.88
Warrant 32- $23144.44
Warrant 33- $10953.06
Warrant 34- $ 110.60
Warrant 35- $25991.57

One item from Warrant 33 was not signed by the selectmen at this meeting: Bill from Great Cranberry Futures Group for gas for the GCI Fire Dept. in the amount of $164.85.

IV. Communications
No communications were presented at this time.

V. Appointments/Resignations
A.) Nominations: Annual List of Town Employees
Constables, G.C.I.: Richard Beal (accepted)
Phil Whitney (accepted)
Constables, Islesford: Edgar Blank (accepted)
Dan Lief (accepted)

At this point much discussion was generated in reference to law enforcement on our Islands. It was decided to take up, out of turn, the presentation by Phil Whitney about his recent attendance at the Hancock County Law Enforcement Meeting. Selectman Whitney met with several local law enforcement officials. He has learned what hours of the day different law branches could be available for help, what phone numbers there are to contact them. He is also working with Hancock County Sheriff in respect to possible part-time coverage for the Islands.

Many in attendance voiced various law enforcement concerns. On Great Cranberry Island there seems to be a speeding problem, and also concern about the firing of guns. Dan Lief made a motion "to ban target practice on any town property". This was seconded by Edgar Blank, and received a unanimous vote from Phil Whitney. Motion passes.

On Islesford, there is concern of minors riding motorcycles on public streets. Citizens were encouraged to voice their concerns directly to the parents as a first measure. Concerns may also be voiced to our town constables.

Two other pieces of law enforcement information were shared.
1. Carl Brooks informed the meeting that a town cannot file ordinances to set speed limits on the Islands. The state must do this.

2. Malcolm Donald told us it is "frequently suggested at Island Coalition meetings to not hire a law enforcement official from within the community"

Health Officer: Ruth Westphal
Board of Assessment and Review: Beverly Sanborn
Harbormaster: Edgar Blank
Edgar Blank has volunteered to cover both harbormaster positions, Islesford and Great Cranberry, until someone can be appointed from Great Cranberry. This position still needs to be filled.

Some discussion on the development of a Town Harbor Ordinance took place. Phil Whitney makes a motion to assign the project to M.F.C., working with the selectmen and harbormaster to improve the initial draft and to also address law enforcement issues for the ordinance. The motion was seconded by Dan Lief, and become unanimous by vote of Edgar Blank.

Shellfish Warden:
We are currently still looking for shellfish wardens for both Great Cranberry and Islesford.

Emergency Planning Liaison:
Phil Whitney volunteers for the position, and the paperwork will be signed at July selectmen’s meeting.

Custodian for Great Cranberry Restrooms: Karin Whitney
This position was posted by Chris White at Great Cranberry. There was one applicant, Karin Whitney, and there was agreement to hire her for the job.

B.) Acadia National Park Advisory Commission:
Nominees: Margaret Blank-Islesford
Bob Pyle- Northeast Harbor and Islesford
Hugh Dwelley- Islesford
Malcolm Donald recommends that we ask for feedback from those who represent us by attending various committee meetings.

C.) Establish Deputy Town Clerk Pay Rate:
Phil Whitney moves that the rate of pay be set at fifteen dollars per hour. Motion is seconded by Dan Lief. Motion passes.

Denise McCormick voiced that we also need to set the rate of pay for the garbage attendant.

Edgar Blank wants to know if the town carries proper insurance to cover our town employees? Denise McCormick affirms that the town does.

Dan Lief moves that the garbage attendant, Lance Voisine, be paid fourteen dollars per hour. Motion was seconded by Phil Whitney, and a unanimous vote by Edgar Blank. Motion passes.

1. At this time, the meeting moves to Section #VIII, H. Solid Waste Disposal, 1) Selectmen signatures: D.E.P. Application.
Jeff Strang, from C.E.S., is reintroduced by Dan Lief. Mr. Strang briefs the attendees on the permit process for G.C.I. Transfer Station. It appears that all requirements for the application are in order at this time, pending the moving of the building near the Haydock property line. All abutting land owner letters of consent have been received by the town. There is a fifteen day review period for the application. It may take up to one hundred twenty days to get the actual license. There will be a yearly mandated training for the transfer station attendant. This is offered free of charge by D.E.P. When the transfer station is licensed, there will be yearly compliance inspections from a D.E.P. representative. There is an $883.00 application fee, which is included in today's warrant #35. Phil Whitney abstains from signing the application, as he is one of the abutting landowners of the transfer station property. Edgar Blank and Dan Lief sign the application. Jeff Strang will hand deliver the application on behalf of the town.

Islesford Solid Waste: There have been two successful Friday drop-offs of household trash and recyclables. On July 01, 2005, it is planned to have two drop-off days per week. These will be Fridays and Mondays 9:00 AM TO 1:00 PM. for the summer months. There is also a tentative plan for removal of "big stuff" on June 24, 2005.

VI. Old Business:
D.) Grading gas pump driveway entrance on G.C.I.
Bill McGuinness will get an estimate from John Goodwin when he comes to inspect town roads on G.C.I. for projected repair work.

E.) Maine Municipal Association selectmen's workshop
Phil Whitney reports that his attendance at the recent workshop was helpful and informative. It was a great chance to meet and network with other town officials.

F.) M.M.A. New Town Clerk Workshop
Denise McCormick attended this workshop and reports that it taught her a lot about town clerk duties. Each new town clerk is assigned a veteran mentor clerk to confer with. Denise's mentor is the Kennebunkport Town Clerk.

G.) Animal Control Workshop
The workshop was attended by Soos and Jessica Krasnow, and Debbie and Heath Wedge. Soos and Debbie have the actual enforcement authority. Jessica and Heath have roles as witness and back-up only. Denise McCormick and Nan Hadlock will research what the town is required to do for support of animal control officers.

H.) Law enforcement
Previously discussed.

I.) Status: Citizens' Petition for Recall Ordinance
A public hearing must be scheduled before a special town meeting. A special town meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 26, 2005. Discussion was tabled until the July Selectmen’s meeting. Phil Whitney will check on compliance for ninety-day notice of hearing.

Phil Whitney moves that we break for one half hour lunch, seconded by Dan Lief. Adjournment for lunch.
Meeting reconvenes at 12:50 PM. Meeting is called to order by Phil Whitney.

Old Business continued:
J.) Status: 2005 Tax Commitment Letter
The projected 27% tax increase has been decreased to a 4% increase, reflecting rollovers, revenues, etc. Denise McCormick, and Tom McCormack, C.P.A., have researched back to 1999, and all appropriated funds are accounted for.

K.) Report: Emergency Support and Fire Prevention & Enforcement Guidelines
This report is still in process. Edgar Blank and Bill McGuinness plan to meet with off-Island fire departments.

L.) Opening Bids: Town Snow Plow Truck with sander
Three bids were received:
1) M.D.I. Towing and Recovery-$5305.00
2) Roy Hadlock- $5100.00
3) Bob Lawford, M.D.I. Towing- $5000.00
Dan Lief moves to accept the highest bid from M.D.I. Towing for $5305.00. Motion seconded by Edgar Blank. Motion passes. Bill McGuinness will check the mileage for transfer of title.

M.) Report-Selectman Blank- Disposition of Old Fire Truck
It has been determined that the town does not own the fire truck. The Islesford Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for the truck. It has reportedly already been sold.

N.) Recommended Maintenance & Storage of Current Town Truck
It is recommended by selectmen Blank that the truck be moved off-Island for repairs, maintenance, and storage inside the Manset Facility. There is some transmission work to be done. Phil Whitney makes a motion to have Edgar Blank get the truck off-Island and to arrange for maintenance, after conferring with Cory Alley about who is to do the work, hopefully within the next thirty days. Edgar Blank seconds the motion. Motion passes.

O.) Town Officers Travel Policy
Town officials and employees must buy their own boat tickets to travel to town functions. There is no authorization for charging to the town on either boat company. Denise McCormick has sent letters stating this to both Beal and Bunker and Cranberry Cove Boating. Please write on the ticket "For Town Business" and submit to Town Treasurer for reimbursement.

P.) Town Purchasing Policies
Legally, we are not required to put anything with a value less than $225,000.00 out to bid. The previous selectmen's policy was any purchase over $5000.00 needed approval of selectman. Dan Lief moves that anything above $5000.00, not being competitively bidded, needs approval of the selectmen. The motion was seconded by Phil Whitney, and given a unanimous vote by Selectmen Blank. Motion passes.

Q.) G.C.I. Speed Bumps/Ramps
A letter was received by the selectmen requesting speed bumps for G.C.I. Ramps, as opposed to bumps, have been recommended by D.O.T. Phil Whitney will email information received from Pete Coughlin,(Maine State D.O.T.) to Bill McGuinness. Bill will confer with Mr. Coughlin. A public hearing has been scheduled on G.C.I. for July 12, 2005, at 4:00 PM.

O.) G.C.I. E-911 Ordinance
Carl Brooks reports progress on naming of town roads on G.C.I. We learned that G.C.I. roads have never been officially named before. An informational public hearing has been scheduled for July 19, 2005, at 4:00 PM on Great Cranberry. Mr. Brooks continues to work on this project.

VII. New Business
R.) Report: Island Coalition-Circuit Breaker Program
Malcolm Donald, our town representative for the Island Coalition, reports that there is a tax rebate program, the Circuit Breaker Program, which is now in the process of trying to expand income guidelines for qualification. This might be beneficial to many Island Residents. This tax rebate program is already in place with lower income guidelines than anticipated in the future. Local post offices have the forms for this program. Mr. Donald continues to monitor progress on the program and will keep us informed.

B.) Establish: M.F.C., Great Cranberry Island Restroom Project/Store Project
Chris White is the project sponsor. Phil Whitney moves to combine both projects into one. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

C.) Discussion-Hiring Locksmith:
It has been determined that there is only one "locked" cabinet with town documents in it at Great Cranberry Island. Dan Lief moves to let Bill McGuinness decide what to do with the cabinet. Phil Whitney seconds. Bill will take care of the situation. There are also other documents stored at G.C.I. Selectmen chose to have any and all town documents collected and moved to the Town Office at Islesford as soon as possible.

D.) Running Charge Accounts
Running Charge Accounts for the town are identified as follows:
1 Ellsworth Builder Supplies
2 Down East Office Products
3 Pioneer Print, Ink.
4 Islesford Market
5 Cranberry General
6 Quill (office supplies)
It has been suggested that our town might get a credit card to use, as opposed to running charge accounts. Town Clerk will research the legality and process of this suggestion within the next thirty days.

VII.) M.F.C. Report
S.) Town Offices
After-hour office guidelines are as follows:
1. Town officials may have after-hour access to the town office when accompanied by the town clerk or M.F.C. supervisor.

2. Town office operating hours will remain 9:00 AM-3:00 PM, Monday-Friday. Office personnel understand that some flexibility may be required as work load demands. Confidential records will be secured after hours. Please note that on the first Tuesday of the month, office personnel will be out of the office in order to attend the selectmen's meetings.

3. We are in the process of getting a sign for the town office. Nan Hadlock will call M.D.I. High School to see if one of the Industrial Arts Students would be interested in this project. Selectmen agree to pay for the materials.

4. Denise McCormick will look into ordering an outside bulletin board for the town office. Selectmen agree. Town communications will be posted on the board.

T.) Roads Maintenance
2005 Road Maintenance Budget: $45,800.00
2005 Expenditures thus far: $7293.15

There is work to be done on both Islesford and Great Cranberry.
Islesford Priority: Merrill Road has been a source of many recent complaints. Considerable ditching for drainage may need to be done, as well as an urgent need for grading.

G.C.I. Priorities: Helliker Road
Jimmy's Point Road
Driveway entranceway to gas pump
Dan Lief moves we do the grading work on G.C.I., after Mr. McGuinness and selectmen meet with John Goodwin, and a reasonable estimate is determined. Seconded by Phil Whitney. Motion passes. Mr. McGuinness will also have John Goodwin look at Merrill Road on Islesford.

U.) Manset Maintenance
A great painting job has been completed on the Marsh USA Building at our Manset Facility. Andy's Painting was contractor for the job.

Chris Butler is doing a great job also, mowing at our Manset Facility for the second season in a row.

Manset Facility water supply runs through the Brown House which has been sold. A verbal agreement has been made to pay the Brown House water bill until a separate water line can be run to our facility. All officials agree that we get this project done as soon as possible. To date, no water bills have been submitted to the town by the Brown House owner.

Manset Private Donation Funds have been released to the town. The principle and interest may be used to lower the debt. Hugh Smallwood suggests the previously allocated town funds for debt be used to fix the waterline.

Selectman Blank makes a suggestion that we evaluate all town insurance policies at this time.

Phil Whitney suggests we call Gott Disposal to empty our Manset dumpster which is overflowing. Bill McGuinness will take care of this.

V.) Manset Business Development
There is a $300,000.00 grant available. Phil Whitney proposes to use some of this money to study two possible projects:
1.) Vehicle accessible dock
2.) Development of parking area behind Manset Facility

W.) D.O.T. Grant
Three projects are in the works at this time:
1.) Replacement/Improvement G.C.I. Ramp
2.) Replacement/Improvement Islesford Ramp
3.) Lighting at Manset Dock
Hugh Smallwood will forward information to Tracey Perez, D.O.T. representative.

X.) Leases and Tenants
Marsh/McLennan Property:
A questionnaire has been sent by the proposed tenants for our selectmen to complete before the signing of the lease. Hopefully, the lease will be signed at the July Selectmen’s meeting.

Y.) Budget
Hugh Smallwood is working on developing a five year budget plan for the Town to present a report to the selectmen for expected spending.

Z.) Solid Waste Disposal
Discussed earlier in the meeting. (Refer to directly following Section V.)

I.) Wharves, Floats, & Harbors
It has been decided that Terry Johnson will be doing the rock removing in front of Sutton Island. Work on this project may start around July 01/2005.

AA.) Parking Administration
We still have insurance company people parking in our ten guest spots. Michael Phillips will respond to this issue.

To date, one hundred sixty-five Joy Lot stickers have been issued. Fifty-one actual parking spaces exist there.

BB.) Town Property Use Guidelines
Great Cranberry Island Store Project:
The town property lease has been reviewed by the attorney for extension. In short, the terms of the lease are for one year, ending on May, 01, 2006, at a rate of $12.00 a year. Pumping of the restroom will be shared alternately between Clay Taylor, (store owner), and the Town of Cranberry Isles. No commitment to the future is promised by this lease.

Lance Voisine will be asked to mow Hadlock Park for the summer.

IX.) Town Officer Reports
No added communications at this time, in light of previous reports during this meeting.

X.) Other Business
We have five properties in tax arrears with the town. One of these has not been paid since 1998. Tax Collector has received a letter from the lawyer of one of the owners, requesting information on how much, plus interest, is owed. Considerable discussion took place about action to be taken on this matter. The majority agreed that a taxpaying policy needs to be in place, including what steps should be taken to insure payment.

A question arose as to who is responsible for enforcing the vehicle importation sticker policy. It is reported that the code enforcement officer, Kimberly Keene, is responsible.

Malcolm Donald and Phil Whitney will attend a Telemedicine Conference at the Samoset Resort. This conference is sponsored by, and all expenses paid by, The Maine Sea Coast Mission. Topics covered will include Telemedicine, Island Alcoholism, and Health Insurance Costs.

4:35 PM- At this point in the meeting, selectmen agree to go into executive session. All meeting attendees left the meeting briefly, except our Board of Selectmen, Mr. Edgar Blank, Mr. Phil Whitney, and Mr. Dan Lief. In accordance with 1MRSA 405(6)(E), selectmen went into executive session for consultation with legal counsel.

4:43 PM- Meeting attendees were invited to return, and Phil Whitney called the meeting back to order. Mr. Whitney announces that during executive session, selectmen were briefed on correspondence received from an attorney on a matter of potential legal action.

XI.) Audience Communications:
No further audience communications at this time.

XII.) 5:00 PM
Phil Whitney calls a motion to adjourn. Dan Lief seconds the motion.
Meeting adjourns.

Respectfully submitted,
Nanette D. Hadlock
Deputy Town Clerk

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