Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
5 July 2005

In Attendance:
Phil Whitney Karin Whitney
Dan Lief Cyrus Moulton
Edgar Blank Kate Fernald
Denise McCormick Elizabeth Pratt
Bill McGuinness Elizabeth Storey Selim
Nanette Hadlock

I. Call to Order 8:43 AM
Phil Whitney, Chairman, Board of Selectmen

II. Review of Minutes, 06/07/05
-Section V., A., Shellfish Warden
Robert Phillips is still the shellfish warden on Islesford.
We are still currently looking for a shellfish warden for G.C.I.

-Section V., A., Custodian for G.C.I. Restrooms
Phil Whitney recused himself from the vote on nomination, as the nominee is his wife.

-Section V., B., Acadia National Park Advisory Commission
Margaret Blank is interested in the Acadia National Park Advisory Commission Representative Position. Denise McCormick will contact Mr. Bobinchok for a copy of the form for our nominee. All original forms are to be kept in the minutes.

-Section VII. E., Manset Business Development
We have received a $300,000.00 D.O.T. grant.

-Section VII. I., Wharves, Floats, and Harbors
Permit applications have been filed with D.E.P. for the Sutton Island rock Removal. We are awaiting approval from D.E.P. in order to begin work.

Edgar Blank moves to approve the corrected minutes.
Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

* 9:00 AM- At this time, Selectman Lief joins the Board Meeting.

III. Review/Signing Financial Warrants

- Warrant 36: $ 7,752.47
- Warrant 38: $ 4,917.82
- Warrant 39: $ 7,398.93
- Warrant 40: $ 350.00
- Warrant 41; $ 15,434.64
- Warrant 42: $ 55,490.32
- Warrant 43: $ 5,968.54

Warrant 37 was signed by selectmen earlier in the month, as the bill from Eddie Gray, for the amount of $10,817.50 has been outstanding since May, 2005.

Warrant 41 was questioned as to who is in charge of overseeing the landscaping work at the Manset Property, done by Chris Butler. The landscaping bill amount is $1,759.00. Eve Harrison and Bill McGuinness, M.F.C. members, are in charge of overseeing the landscaping.

Warrant 41 was also questioned as to what the conference call bill is for. The Conference Call. Com bill was for the amount of $52.29. It was explained that each monthly M.F.C. meeting, it has been necessary to have a conference call during the meeting to insure participation of M.F.C. Members who are not year-round residents, and cannot be here for the meeting. This has become normal routine. Some discussion from the audience as to whether this is fair for members to not have to attend these meetings on a regular basis, and are there also similar accommodations available for other elected/appointed officials?

Warrant 41 was questioned pertaining to the Beal and Bunker bill in the amount of $130.00. A 10 ticket charge made to the Town in May, does not have any signatures identifying who charged. Denise called Beal and Bunker, and they also have no record of who exactly charged the ticket.

Warrant 41, Coston and McIsaac in the amount of 1,192.50 is a regular charge for budget work.

Warrant 42 was questioned as to what the charge was for.

Drummond Woodsum &Macmahon: $3,916.65

This charge was incurred to find out advice about forming a corporation for the Manset Property. It is not recommended to form a corporation.

Warrant 42, Town of Mount Desert, parking lease. An increase in the parking lease from $30,000.00 to $31,608.00 is the result of a CPI increase.

Warrant 42 was addressed in reference to the cleaning off of the G.C.I. ramp four times. Selectmen had no problem signing the warrant item; however, selectmen suggested that Mr. Colby should check with M.F.C. supervisor before any maintenance projects are started.

One item, not signed from last month’s warrant 33, bill from Great Cranberry Futures Group for the G.C.I. Fire Dept. in the amount of $164.85 was signed.

All warrants were signed.

IV. Communications
No communications at this time.

V. Appointments/Resignations

-Harbormaster Islesford: Edgar Blank
We are still currently looking for a nominee for the G.C.I. Harbormaster.

-Emergency Preparedness Agent: Phil Whitney
According the Municipal Officer’s Manual, each town is required to appoint someone to fill this position. This is basically a Homeland Security Position, with Ralph Pinkham from the Ellsworth area in charge as a central location contact. Phil Whitney has volunteered for this position and the other two selectmen agreed.

-Shellfish Warden: Robert Phillips-Islesford
Vacant- G.C.I.

VI. Old Business
A. Status: Coordination w/Town Fire Departments
Who could be a secondary backup for our fire departments?

Edgar Blank is responsible for this task. His plan is to talk with local fire department chiefs. He has requested that Bill McGuinness work with him. No progress on this issue at this time.

B. Emergency Law Enforcement Support
Options and ideas for law enforcement have been recently discussed with local law enforcement officials. More discussion may follow at the next regularly scheduled Selectmen's meeting in August. There is an emergency plan in effect for critical incidents, not intended for routine law enforcement issues. See attached Resource Guide for Cranberry Isles Critical Incidents, or a copy may be obtained from the Town Office. The residents of Cranberry Isles are instructed to dial 9-1-1 when an emergency exists and not encouraged to call any particular agency directly. Most important at this time if calling 9-1-1, is to let the dispatcher know what Island you are on, until address numbering can be completed for our Islands.

C. Special Town Meeting
It has been determined by advice from the Maine Municipal Association, that a special town meeting need not be called in reference to the Recall Petition. This issue can be addressed at a regularly scheduled town meeting. Phil Whitney moves not to hold special town meeting, tentatively scheduled for July 26. Edgar Blank seconds the motion, unanimous vote by Dan Lief. A decision is expected to made on when a town meeting can be scheduled at the August Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.

D. Establish MFC Sand & Salt Shed Project
A letter has been received by our selectmen from the Department of Transportation that we must establish a sand &salt shed by July 08, 2008.

Phil Whitney moves that we establish a sand & salt shed project as mandated by D.E.P., and assign the Municipal Facilities Commission to begin work, understanding that work must be completed by 07/08/2008.

The motion is seconded by Edgar Blank, and a unanimous vote by Selectman Lief.

E. Report: Telemedicine Conference Attendance
Phil Whitney and Malcolm Donald attended a Telemedicine Conference in Rockport on June 20 and 21, sponsored by the Maine Sea Coast Mission. Topics discussed were Telemedicine, alcoholism, depression, and low cost insurance for Islanders. The Sunbeam Telemedicine Program services four Islands at this time: Frenchboro, Isle Au Haut, Mantinicus, and Swans Island. There is a room on the Sunbeam equipped to provide basic medical services to the Islanders, one to two times a month. The executive director of the Sea Coast Mission, Gary Delong has been invited to come and speak with our Selectmen to address these issues, and the possibility of including our Islands in the program. Mr. Delong may visit in September

F. Report: Animal Control Officer-Town Support Issues
Phil Whitney has sent letters to both animal control officers, in reference to these two, Soos Krasnow and Debbie Wedge, being the individuals with the actual enforcement authority. Also, in reference to a request for a holding kennel behind the Islesford Store, it has been determined that the town is not required to provide this, only to list with the state who our intended kennel will be to transport animals to if needed. Our municipality utilizes Downeast Boarding Kennel in Ellsworth for this purpose.

G. Report: Town Credit Card Purchase Vs. Running Charge Accounts
Denise McCormick contacted the legal department at M.M.A. and determined that it would be legal for the town to have a credit card for purchases, however, there are some ethical issues to consider. It is important to decide who and what is allowed to be charged. Selectmen agreed that a policy would need to be in place with rules on how the charge account would be used. Dan Lief moves that we go forward with this, and have Denise and Bill research available options for charge accounts, and develop a use policy for review of the selectmen. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

H. Report: Delinquent Taxes Policy
The tax collector has sent friendly reminder letters to individuals who owe property taxes to our town. At the eight month overdue mark, a 30-day notice, mandated by the state, may be sent and after the thirty day period, a lien may be placed on the property. Since the friendly letters were sent, six or seven individuals have paid their back taxes. One property, with long overdue taxes, is scheduled for a probate hearing today, 07/05/2005, and the tax collector has sent a tax bill to the court. This bill may be cleared up within the next couple of months.

I. Status: Town Truck Maintenance/Removal Off Island
Edgar Blank reports that we need seven to ten days to be ready for the town truck to taken off Island. A barge was ready seven days ago, but the truck was experiencing some battery trouble and there is sand in the body which needs to be removed. The plow will also be removed before the truck leaves Islesford. Edgar Blank asks that Bill McGuinness do research to compare expenses for the old town truck, to expenses for the truck we now own. This truck seems to be quite large for our Island Roads. Phil Whitney moves we ask the M.F.C. to research the feasibility of a different town truck. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

J. Status: Posting Town Office Sign
Nick Hadlock has made a sign for our town office, however he still has the sign. Nan Hadlock will try to get him going on finishing up the project.

K. Status: Posting Town Office Bulletin Board
It has been decided that we will get a bulletin board for the outside of the Town Office. Bill McGuinness offers to build us one, time permitting, but we are still looking into buying one. Town notices will be posted on the new bulletin board.

L. Status: Marsh USA Lease Questionnaire & Guest Spot Parking
There are two parking spaces reserved for the Marsh USA Lease parking.

VII. New Business
A. Bids/Solicitation Policy Proposal
Selectmen suggest that for Municipal Projects, that we use a multiple bid system. For larger projects, a formal bid process will be used. A policy is needed for little or immediate-need projects.

B. Proposal: Post Town Officials Contact Numbers
Town Officials contact numbers will be posted on all Islands in the near future. This list will include the following:

Phillip K. Whitney, chairman B.O.S: 244-5933

Orville E. Blank, B.O.S.: 244-9363/ 266-4353

Daniel S. Lief, B.O.S.: 244-9455/266-2014

Roger D. Peppard, Assessor: 487-5005

Kimberly Keene, Code Enforcement/ Plumbing Inspector: 288-4024

Leslie Horvath, School Committee: 244-0240/ 244-9610

Katherine Chaplin, School Committee: 244-5013

Theodore Spurling, JR, School Committee: 244-7408

Orville E. Blank, Constable, Islesford: 244-9363/ 266-4353

Phillip K. Whitney, Constable, G.C.I.: 244-5933

Richard Beal, Constable, G.C.I.: 244-7235

Susan Krasnow, Animal Control Officer, Islesford: 244-7920

Deborah Wedge, Animal Control Officer, G.C.I.: 244-0767

Orville E. Blank, Harbormaster: 244-9363/ 266-4353

Ruth Westphal, Health Officer: 244-9363

Orville E. Blank, State Fire Warden, Islesford: 244-9363/ 266-4353

Wesley Bracy, JR, State Fire Warden, G.C.I.: 244-5804

Robert Phillips, Shellfish Warden, Islesford: 244-0371

Hugh Smallwood, Chairman M.F.C.: 244-5123

William McGuinness, M.F.C. Supervisor: 244-4475

Denise McCormick: 244-4475
Town Clerk/Treasurer/Tax Collector/Gen. Assistance Administrator

Nanette Daley Hadlock: 244-4475
Deputy Town Clerk/Treasurer/ Administrative Assistant

Cranberry Isles Town Office
PO Box 56
Islesford, ME 04646

244-3714 (fax)

VIII. Municipal Facilities Report
Edgar Blank wishes to go on the record as follows:

“M.F.C. Meetings are to give information to the selectmen, and he will expect the information from their meetings to be passed on to him, whether he attends the meetings or not.”

A. Town Offices:
People seem to be happy with our new town office. Many summer residents have stopped in to check out our facility. Excise taxes may be paid through the mail from G.C.I. Simply call the town office for your excise tax amount, mail a check made out to Town of Cranberry Isles for the correct amount, and mail to the town office. Denise or Nan will then mail back your registration to you; (or you may wish to visit our Town Office at Islesford!) Registration fees may be paid at the Northeast Harbor or Southwest Harbor Town Offices, or at the Department of Motor Vehicle Branch Office in Ellsworth. You also have the option of mailing your registration fee directly to the state.

B. Roads Maintenance:
Gravel Road Grading projects have completed for this year.

The road naming ordinance is still a work in progress on both Islesford and G.C.I. Carl Brooks' work on G.C.I. road naming is almost complete. There is a public hearing scheduled for G.C.I. on road naming for July 19, 2005, at 4:00 PM, at the Ladies Aid Society. Cyrus Moulton's work will continue under the guidance of the M.F.C. and the Selectmen.

On Islesford, letters will be going out next week for landowners on private roads, giving the option for input on naming their road. A suggestion was made for the road naming work on Islesford to be taken care of by the appointed committee, as planned. Carl Brooks is to be thanked for his effort on G.C.I., however Phil Whitney will speak with Mr. Brooks and ask him not to make any more calls in regards to Islesford E-9-1-1.

Phil Whitney states that the Town Inventory Project may need more attention at this time than road naming. GASB-34 states that all municipalities must submit a fixed asset report to the state by December 31, 2004, or stand to lose state funding, with the first target being education. At this time our town is not compliant with this law.

C. Manset Maintenance:
1.) The Marsh USA building painting project is complete.

2.) We are currently in the process of getting a new water line for our Manset Facility. The current water line is shared with the new owners of the Brown House. Bill McGuinness spoke with a representative from Goodwin's, who laid the original line. The town must fill out paperwork with the Town of Southwest Harbor, applying for a new line. Fees and costs will be discussed at the August Board of Selectmen’s Meeting.

3.) Manset Facility cart ramps have been installed.

4.) Our Manset Facility dumpster has been moved to a more appropriate location. The former location was interfering with one of our parking spaces. Thank you to Bill McGuinness who cleaned up the trash near the old dumpster.

D. Manset Business Development
A meeting was held with Kleinschmidt Associates, Edgar Blank, Phil Whitney, and the Southwest Harbor Harbormaster to discuss enhancement of our Manset Facility.

1.) Dock enhancement issues discussed were vehicle accessibility and weather considerations. Edgar Blank has taken some longitude and latitude coordinates at the Manset Dock, and intends to send them to Kleinschmidt.

2.) Parking issues concerned the possible expansion of parking on the West side of the parking lot.

Edgar Blank wants to stress that our facility is open to the public, but "To keep in mind that a "working waterfront" is very important."

E. DOT Grant
Proposals for the use of the D.O.T. Grant are replacement/improvement of both G.C.I. and Islesford ramps, as well as lighting at the Cranberry Island Dock in Manset. Figures for these projects should be ready by the end of the summer.

F. Leases and Tenants
The Marsh USA building lease is still under negotiation, with Michael Phillips responsible.
There is no signed lease for Steve Pagels on file at our Town Office.
Bill McGuinness will investigate.

G. Financial Reporting & Budget
There will be a Budgets and Warrants Meeting of the M.F.C. on Islesford at the Neighborhood House on July 16, 2005.

H. Solid Waste Disposal
1.) We are still awaiting the license process for a transfer station on G.C.I. A letter from Karen Knutti tells us that the application has been received by D.E.P.

2.) On Islesford, our current and temporary system seems to be working at this time. Selectman Lief states that "some of the good stuff from the contract has been extracted and is being used."

I. Wharves, Floats & Harbors
1.) We are waiting for permits from D.E.P., in order to begin work on the Sutton Island Project.

J. Parking Administration
There seems to be an abandoned car parked in our Joy Lot that has been there since the beginning of the season. If anyone has parking complaints, call Bill McGuinness directly at the Town Office. There is a sign posted at the Manset Parking Lot about towing. Bill will look into getting a sign to identify our Cranberry Island Lot at Manset. Over-Night guest Parking is available in slots #114 to #126, however you must obtain a guest parking pass at the Cranberry Isles Town Office. Guest Parking is $10.00 per night. By calling ahead, you can have the pass mailed to you.

*10:58 AM- At this time Selectman Blank leaves the Board Meeting.

K. Town Property Use Guidelines
No communications at this time.

L. Public Restrooms
1.) G.C.I. Store Lease
A proposed lease was sent to our town attorney, he sent a lease back, which was not satisfactory and refused to be signed by Clay Taylor. Chris White and Clay Taylor came up with a new lease which was given to Hugh Smallwood. Mr. Smallwood met with the town attorney, who questioned two paragraphs of the lease. Dan Lief offers, and makes a motion that he try to work out the two issues with Clay Taylor. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

IX. Town Officer Reports
On June 20,2005, Gene Kelso, a safety consultant from MEMIC, (Maine Employers Mutual Insurance Company), visited our office to do a safety check audit. On June 24, 2005, the Town received an Action & Service Plan, suggestions on what can be done to enhance the safety culture of our town, and to insure continued worker's comp. coverage for our town employees. Three recommendations were made:

1.) Select a Preferred Medical Provider (by 08/20/05)
2.) Develop Written Job Descriptions and Transitional Work Program. (by 08/20/05)
3.) Obtain Certificates of Worker’s Comp Insurance. (by 07/20/05)

Nan and Denise will work on gathering this information recommended by MEMIC.

Town Treasurer, Denise McCormick, reports that on Tuesday, July 12, 2005, a Maine state audit will be conducted at the Town Office.

Deputy Town Clerk, Nanette Hadlock, reports that the Town is required to keep Board of Appeals Meeting Minutes on file. Nan will call B.O.A. Members to find out who holds the chairman position at this time, and to request copies of the minutes for the Town Office.

X. Other Business
Recently a letter was received by the Town concerning Group Sand and Salt Purchases by municipalities. M.F.C. Supervisor, Bill McGuinness will look into this possibility.

A letter has been received from the Public Health Officer, Ruth Westphal, concerning bait-filled trays that have been left for a period of time at a Mosswood Road Property. The owner of the property received the same letter, and reportedly will remove the bait trays within seven days.

Haslam Septic Service has sent a contract for the disposal of septic sludge. The contract of approval was signed by Selectmen Whitney and Selectman Lief.

There is a request for the leasing of four bays at our Manset Facility. This will be taken up at the next regularly scheduled M.F.C. Meeting.

Dan Lief moves that we do not allow ringing cell phones at future selectmen’s meetings. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Selectman Whitney brings up the issue of some rectangular granite blocks that have been left near the restrooms at G.C.I. Reportedly the blocks belong to Chris Nash. Mr. Nash's caretaker agreed to move the blocks within two weeks.

Law Enforcement issues surfaced again at this meeting. Dan Lief does not feel comfortable in his position as Islesford Constable, and is considering resignation.

A public hearing concerning speed bumps/ramps for G.C.I. will be held at the Ladies Aid Society on July 12, 2005, at 4:00 PM. Much concern has been raised about speeding on G.C.I. All interested parties are invited to participate.

XI. Audience Communications
Karin Whitney raised the question of who pays her for cleaning the public Restrooms. Denise McCormick reports that Karin should submit her hours to The Town Office.

A reminder that any bills submitted to the Town for reimbursement or payroll, should be submitted on Friday, before the Selectmen’s Meeting on Tuesday of the following week. This is to insure that the item gets included On the Treasurer’s Warrant, to be signed at the meeting. Our Board of Selectmen meet on the first Tuesday of the month, alternating locations between Islesford and G.C.I. The next scheduled meeting is Tuesday, August 02, 2005, and will be held at Great Cranberry Island.

XII. Adjournment
11:55 AM- Phil Whitney moves to adjourn the meeting.
Dan Lief seconds the motion.
Meeting adjourns. HHH

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