Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
2 August 2005

In Attendance:
Phil Whitney, BOS Chair Emily Axelrod
Orville E. Blank, BOS Sam Reece
Dan Lief, BOS Susie McNamee
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Frank Newlin
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Town Clerk Hal Newell
Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute Roy Hadlock
William McGuinness, MFC Supervisor Starr Bright
Hugh Smallwood, MFC Chair Karin Whitney
Chris White, MFC Tom Watson
Malcolm Donald, MFC Geoff Wadsworth
Michael Phillips, MFC
Eve Harrison, MFC
Frank Reece, MFC
Richard Beal, Constable, GCI

I. Call to Order 8:39 AM
Phil Whitney, Chairman, Board of Selectmen

II. Review/ Approval of Minutes 07/05/05
-Section III., Financial Warrant #42, and Add: This research was mandated by the voters at Town Meeting. CPI is the abbreviation for Consumer Price Index, which is determined annually. Bill McGuinness will notify Mr. Colby that he must obtain approval from him prior to beginning any town work. Consistent with new policies, all town work should be mandated by the town.

-SectionVI., B., Emergency Law Enforcement. The Critical Incidents Resource Guide was developed by all law enforcement entities in the MDI Region. Phil Whitney attended this meeting as a Cranberry Isles Representative.

-SectionVI., C., Special Town Meeting, The recall ordinance must be included on the warrant for the next regularly scheduled Town Meeting. If a special town meeting should be called before then, then this issue must be included on that warrant.

-Section VI., D., Establish MFC Sand & Salt Shed Project. One sand & salt shed must be established for Islesford, and one for GCI.

-Section VI., L., Marsh USA Questionnaire. The questionnaire has been completed and sent in.

-Section VII., A., Old Business. Selectmen suggest that for Municipal Projects, that we use a multiple quote system.

-Section VII., B., Town Officials Contact Numbers. Change Phillip K. Whitney to the correct spelling of Phil A. Whitney. Chairman B.O.S. The same correction for Constable, GCI.

-Section VII., B., Town Officials Contact Numbers. Change telephone number: Ruth Westphal, Health Officer: 244-5924

-Section VIII., B., Roads Maintenance. Town Inventory Project, (GASB-34). Town officials are working on this project, which has been mandated high priority.

-Section VIII., D., Manset Business Development. Malcolm Donald and the CEO from Southwest Harbor also attended the meeting held with Kleinschmidt Associates to discuss enhancement of our Manset Facility.

-Section VIII., E., DOT Grant. Other proposals for the use of the D.O.T. Grant are also Manset Dock and Parking Research. The figures are in for the GCI and Islesford Ramps, as well as for Cranberry Island Dock at Manset.

III. Review/ Signing of Financial Warrants

- Warrant 44: $ 350.00
- Warrant 45: $ 9,412.54
- Warrant 46: $ 10,542.24
- Warrant 47: $ 22,009.05
- Warrant 48: $ 110,039.87
- Warrant 49: $ 854.00
- Warrant 50: $ 16,315.59
- Warrant 51: $ 3,148.38
Total: $ 172,671.67

A. Signatures: Approve Town Policy on Disbursement Warrants for Employees
In light of our recent audit, it has come to our attention that a copy of this policy must be on file at the Town Office. The Selectmen signed the policy.

B. Signatures: Approve Town Policy on Disbursement Warrants for Municipal Education
Selectmen signed the policy to be kept on file at the Town Office.

Phil Whitney reminds the audience that all warrants are public knowledge and are available at the convenience of the Town Clerk.

IV. Communications
A. Helen Dudman Request
A letter has been received from Mrs. Dudman, asking that the town consider putting boulders at the edge of the Sand Beach Road Property on the Town Field. She is concerned with the fact that vehicles continue to drive across the field. She would like to see the Town Field stay as it is deeded to be, as a recreation area only. Last year Mrs. Dudman had boulders put along her property at the Sand Beach Road, and wants the Town to continue with these boulders on our Town Field Property. Selectman Lief assures Mrs. Dudman that it is the Town's interest to protect the field for recreational purposes. Town property uses are on the agenda for the next MFC workshop, and that her suggestion is well taken. He also states that volunteer work is always accepted on any projects, and if anyone is interested to help Lise Pratt and Cyrus Moulton on this particular project, please respond. Each MFC project has an appointed project sponsor, and we will be happy to connect you to the sponsor for the project you might be interested in helping with. Selectman Blank raises concern of emergency vehicles needing access to cross the field at some future needed time. Richard Beal also mentions a piece of land that is available to the town, which consists of one acre of land on Harding Point Road. This was a project that was being worked on at the end of his tenure as Selectman. According to Mr. Beal the only thing needed is a new deed from our attorney.

B. Steve Bowditch Request
A letter has been received by the Selectmen from Steve Bowditch, requesting permission to dig a trench under the North Shore Road. This in order to lay a conduit pipe for his telephone line to the Bowditch House. Bill McGuinness informs us that any time a dig is performed, Bangor Hydro's Dig Safe Program must be called prior to the digging. Selectmen approve the request and Mr. McGuinness will write up the permit and no charge will be required for the Town Permit. Susie McNamee suggests that we may want to consider collecting revenue by charging for permit fees from the town, as other municipalities do.

C. Joy Sprague Request
Joy Sprague has requested to do informal poetry reciting at Hadlock Park on Tuesday evenings. All three selectmen agree to the request.

D. Urban/ Rural Initiative Program Certification Form
This is available money from the State to be used only for our roads. The deadline for this was August 1, 2005. Selectmen approved the check before the meeting, in light of this deadline. $9196.00, to be paid in four installments between now and July 2006.

E. Maine Labor Workplace Safety Requirements
Someone from the state will inspect safety requirements for Town Buildings and Work sites.

V. Appointments / Resignations
A. Resignations; MFC Members-Eve Harrison & Michael Phillips
Hugh Smallwood thought Eve and Michael were ready to resign due to workload. In reality, Eve Harrison and Michael Phillips are not ready to resign and will continue their work for the MFC.

A. Interim Appointments: MFC Members
This item does not apply, as no MFC Members are resigning.

VI. Old Business
A. Report: Town Credit Card Purchase
Denise McCormick has contacted Bar Harbor Bank, our primary banking institution, in reference to obtaining a credit card account for the town. No information has been received from the bank at the time of this meeting. Michael Phillips suggested that we get information on whether a credit card or a debit card would be the best for our purposes. Dan Lief requests that town clerk pursue this, and to confer with Michael in the process.

B. Status: Town Truck Maintenance / Removal Off Island
The Town Truck has had the body cleaned out, and has been barged Off Island as of last Friday, 07/30/05. The truck is at this time parked at our Manset Facility, waiting for an appointment for maintenance. The truck will be stored in the last bay of one of our buildings at Manset for the time being. Some discussion took place as to whether we might want to look into a different plow truck for the Island, as the one we have now seems a little large for our roads. Corey Alley likes the truck we have now. Dan Lief mentions that lawns are being torn up with the existing plow truck. This is still being looked into by the town.

C. Report: Speed Bump Hearing 07/12/05
Seven people turned out for the Speed Bump Hearing on GCI. The hearing was a result of a letter from Clay Taylor requesting the town to install speed bumps on a certain stretch of Cranberry Road, where speeding seems to be a common occurrence. The general consensus of the hearing was against the speed bumps. Selectman Whitney suggests that due to lack of turnout for the hearing, and the majority of attendees against the measure, that we table this matter. Selectman Blank and Selectman Lief agree.

D. Report: GCI E- 911 Ordinance Hearing 07/19/05
A better turnout for this hearing was experienced; fifteen members of the community met at the Ladies Aid Building to listen to a presentation by Carl Brooks. The only controversy that arose was the naming of Dog Point Road. Road. Residents were encouraged to come to an agreement on the name, and to present this to Mr. Brooks as a consensus. This ordinance will be on the agenda for the next Town Meeting.

E. Signatures: Approval- GASB #34 Asset Capitalization Policy
GASB stands for Government Accounting Standard Bureau. This policy requires the accounting and reporting of Town Fixed Assets. This was supposed to be done and in compliance in 2004. We are being allowed some flexibility with this deadline. At this time high priority work is being done on this project, as some branches, such as the State Department of Education, can hold back funds if we are not in compliance. An inventory of Town Assets is at this time being compiled. Town Roads have been inventoried and their worth calculated according to a formula given to us by the State Road Ranger Program.

Selectmen thank Hugh Smallwood for all the help he has given to upgrade our software, hiring an accountant to work with the Town Treasurer, and also acquired training for the Trio System. 2004 and 2005 records have been entered on the Trio System.

F. Signatures: FY 2005 FTA Certifications & Assurances Forms
These are documents required by D.O.T. in order for us to receive grant monies. Projects being pursued with grant:

1.) Replace boat ramp on Islesford
2.) Install new ramp on GCI
3.) Low density lighting at Cranberry Dock in Manset
4.) Enlist Kleinschmidt to plan future of Manset Property.
Michael Phillips asks if this also includes a ramp at Manset as well, and is answered that it would be part of the future study of the Manset Property. The $300,000.00 grant expires within a finite amount of time after projects are started. Phil Whitney signs the forms, as only one Selectman's Signature is required, and also that of our Attorney.

G. Signatures: Department of Conservation Lease- Suttons Island Harbor Project
The Town has found out that anything below low tide mark belongs to the State. In order for this project to be completed, a lease must be entered into with State, at a cost of $100.00 for two years. Payment for this lease was approved by the Selectman and is included on Warrant # 47. The removal of underwater boulders has been completed at Suttons Island. Eve Harrison was able to provide us with a contract with another company to do the job, for much less than the quote we received from Prock Marine. Work on the Suttons Island shed and dock have been postponed at this time, as MFC has determined that it is not immediately needed.

VII. New Business
A. Discussion: Swan's Island Humanitarian Assistance
Selectmen were wondering if the Town might want to make a monetary donation to the Food Pantry on Swan's Island in light of the recent fire there that leveled the only store on the Island. A Gift of $1000.00 has been sent to Swans Island from The GCI Futures Group. An overwhelmingly positive response came from the audience and town officials. One suggestion was to make a donation to The Bread of Life Food Pantry. Dan Lief moves that the $ 650.00 available funds from our Humanitarian Assistance Account go to Swans Island to help with their current loss. Edgar Blank suggests we do not send the whole available amount, in case there may be another humanitarian need arise that we also might feel the need to help. His suggestion was $200.00. After further discussion, a couple of volunteers were assigned to look into what the greatest need might be at Swans Island, and then to determine where to send a donation. Edgar Blank seconds the motion, pending that committee members Nan Hadlock and Hal Newell look into possibilities for donations and make a recommendation to the Selectmen.

VIII. MFC Report
A. Town Offices
Some research has been done on the Gravel Pit site. After test excavations, Eve Harrison doesn't feel there is enough depth there for a foundation. The MFC is still looking into the possibility of building and also the possibility of buying a building for the Town Office. All options are being explored.

B. Roads Maintenance
Last week Bill McGuinness spent two days with State D.O.T. Road Ranger Pete Coughlin. Valuable information came from this meeting, as well as Town Roads Inventory was completed. This inventory is a major step forward with the required GASB fixed assets report. Using a formula provided by D.O.T., after road measurements were taken, worth of said roads were calculated. Including both Islesford and G.C.I., we have roughly 5.5 miles of paved road, worth approximately $2,188000.00. We have roughly one mile of gravel roads, worth approximately $214,000.00. The road lengths were determined by measuring the roads currently maintained by the Town. The value of our paved roads was calculated using a replacement cost of $400,000.00 per mile. We also learned that the S.W. Cole report was generated using software from the State D.O.T. We now own our own version of the software, and training for Mr. McGuinness from Mr. Coughlin. Using this new software, we will have the capability to put together our own bid specs. On 08/03/05, Mr. McGuinness will attend a Gravel Roads Workshop from the Maine Local Roads Center.

In reference to the Sand and Salt Sheds required to be built for both Islesford and G.C.I. by 07/08/05, Bill McGuinness recommends that an article be included on the next Town Meeting Warrant, authorizing the Selectmen to use the funds in reserve for this purpose; DOT money is available to the Town for construction of Sand/Salt sheds. Emily Axelrod asks that when we build these sheds, that we consider a palatable appearance please. Mrs. Axelrod was assured by our Selectmen that appearance is very important in the plans.

C. Manset Maintenance
Bill McGuinness recently installed a railing at our Manset Cranberry Dock. The estimated cost for the job was originally $3,500.00 which included benches. The rail, without benches, including materials and hourly rate, was completed for less than $800.00. Selectman Blank suggests that the chains at the end of the Islesford Dock be replaced with railings for safety purposes.

We now have available two moorings off our Manset Dock. The moorings are marked with yellow mooring balls and marked Cranberry. One more mooring will soon be available. Roy Hadlock asked what happened to all the moorings we bought with the purchase of the Manset Property? MFC Member Michael Phillips reports that originally we understood that seven moorings came with the property. No such moorings have been recorded with the Town of Southwest Harbor. After negotiations with the Harbormaster, we have permission to set three moorings for the Town. Two other moorings in place already were used to anchor the furthest float. Licensing costs to the Town for the year are $150.00. At this time there is no policy in place on mooring use. A rather larger question might be how to enforce a policy. Dan Lief moves that Town Moorings may be used as available, but mooring use should be no longer than three days in row. Edgar Blank seconds the motion, and a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Richard Beal asks if this policy will also cover the Guest Moorings at Isleford and G.C.I.? Dan Lief moves that the same policy be set for other guest moorings on Islesford and G.C.I. Edgar Blank seconds the motion and a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney.

Paperwork was signed by the Selectmen to authorize the beginning of the water line project for our Manset Property.

Phil Whitney reports that there is a weak plank at the Manset Dock. Bill McGuinness will follow up on this. Also reported was a light out at the entrance to the Visitor's Office at Manset.

D. Manset Business Development
We are in the process of negotiating a lease for wherehouse space at the Manset Property with Ed Gray. Also in the works are proposed additional parking spaces for the Manset Lot. Both parking lots, Northeast Harbor and Manset were sold out for the 2005 season, and the Town Office is still getting requests for parking spaces.

E. Parking Administration
A black Volkswagen, abandoned at the Joy Parking Lot in Northeast Harbor, has been towed from the lot. No license plates were attached. We are currently working on parking and docking enforcement issues. Revenues from guest parking at the Manset Parking Lot have averaged around $100.00 / week. Spaces #114-126 are designated overnight guest parking. You must have a visible Parking permit issued by the Town Office at a rate of $10.00 per night. By calling the Town Office ahead of time of arrival, the parking passes can be mailed to you. Guest Parking at the Northeast Harbor Lot is still handled by the Mount Desert Police.

Members of the Little Cranberry Yacht Club raised concern over larger boats tying up at the dinghy floats at Islesford. Dan Lief moves that we encourage everyone to keep 16 feet or larger boats off the finger floats. Seconded by Edgar Blank, and a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. MFC Member, Chris White advises that "Making rules does not solve the problems." Enforcement of these rules is the responsibility of the Harbormaster. However, enforcement of these issues is difficult. Upon a suggestion by Richard Beal, Dan Lief moves that by March Town Meeting, MFC and Harbormaster come up with a Harbor Ordinance to present to the voters. Seconded by Phil Whitney, and a unanimous vote by Edgar Blank.

K. Leases and Tenants (Taken out of Turn at the request of Michael Phillips).
Mr. Phillips reports that agreement has been made on the Business terms for the Marsh USA Lease, and legal terms are being negotiated at this time.

F. Town Property Inventory / Use
Islesford School Teacher, Lindsey Eyesnogle has a group of Island Children who are interested in doing some volunteer work in our town. One of the projects they are considering is a community garden.

G. Recently there has been a pipe sweating at the Islesford Public restroom, and leaving water on the floor. Bill McGuinness will install some pipe insulation to control the hazardous situation

H. Trash Disposal
Summer household waste/recycling hours have been increased to include Mondays from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM. Eve Harrison raises the question of whether businesses are supposed to be using the Town Dumpster for their waste. Reportedly, there is a difference between restaurant/store waste and construction waste. Construction waste is not to be included in our waste stream. Eve Harrison asks that we look into this further, to make sure that business waste of any kind is allowed into the Town Waste Stream. Dan Lief agrees to check into this.

A white goods drop-off is scheduled for Islesford for Friday, August 5,2005.

Hugh Smallwood and Dan Lief have requested different counsel, other than our Town Attorney, to help resolve the Gray Contract. They are hoping to obtain the services of a specialist in contract law. Selectman Lief moves that we choose another lawyer to advise us on the Gray contract issue. We will still be retaining Anthony Guinta as Town Attorney. Seconded by Phil Whitney, and a unanimous vote by Edgar Blank.

I. Wharves, Floats and Harbors
Announcement for the Float Bids: Bid Notice will go out with the bids to be opened at the September B.O.S. Meeting. Some discussion took place of how long the contract should be offered for. One suggestion was for five years. Selectmen recommend a three year contract. Other discussion was concerning OSHA standards and safety regulations regarding our public docks. More research is needed to find out what they actually are. Possibly our insurance carrier could do a safety inspection and make recommendations.

Bill McGuinness, under request of the Selectmen, has sent questionnaires to contractors to find out what they offer for services, what equipment they have, etc. At the time of this meeting, only one contractor has sent the questionnaire back to the Town. Deadline for this questionnaire was requested for 08/01/05.

Phil Whitney reports that a life ring is missing and Needed for the G.C.I. Dock. Reportedly, the last one there was destroyed. Also reported, are two lights out at G.C.I. Dock.

Selectmen thank Eve Harrison for saving the Town money on the rock removal at Sutton Island.

J. D.O.T. Grant
No further communications at this time.

K. Financial Reporting and Budget
The town has increased revenue by renegotiating the Marsh USA Lease.

IX. Town Officer Reports
No further communications at this time.

X. Other Business
No further communications at this time.

XI. Audience Communications
Susie McNamee would like to see a Town Newsletter, highlighting the main topics of Selectmen's Meetings. Any volunteers for this would be appreciated, however the meeting minutes are posted monthly on the and websites.

Richard Beal raises the question of enforcement of the vehicle importation fee ordinance. Code Enforcement Officer Kimberly Keene is the enforcement officer for our town on this ordinance. Selectmen intend to ask for set hours from Ms. Keene for the enforcement of the ordinance. Any vehicles brought onto the Islands are required to pay a $250.00 fee at the town office and acquire an importation sticker for the vehicle. This fee is completely refundable upon removal of the same car from the Island. Many vehicles have been seen barged to the Islands, but very few fees have been paid. A copy of this ordinance is available upon request, and at the convenience of the town clerk. Cyrus Moulton, Bill McGuinness, and Dan Lief will draft a letter to send to residents, reminding them of the ordinance. The letter will be reviewed by Hugh Smallwood and the Selectmen before being sent. Selectmen also agree that barge operators need to be approached about this as well.

Another issue raised was the ramp fee ordinance. Each vehicle barged to the Islands is charged a $2.50 ramp fee, to be paid to the Town of Cranberry Isles by the barging companies. Reportedly, the fee is being charged by Beal and Bunker, but no payment has been made to the Town.

Also reported was an electrical outlet dangling on the bottom of the ramp at G.C.I. Bill McGuinness will follow up on this issue.

Nan Hadlock introduces the 9-1-1 Emergency Reporting Information Sheet for Islesford, drafted by herself and Zone 2 Fire Chief Courtney Chaplin. Until our roads are named and numbered, it is very important to tell the dispatcher right away which Island you are dialing 9-1-1 from. The dispatcher can see that you are from the Town of Cranberry Isles, but not which Island at this time. It is very important for them to know which Island, so that the proper emergency personnel can be paged immediately. Nan Hadlock will call Hancock County Dispatch and ask if they prefer Little Cranberry Island, or Islesford to be used. Susie McNamee asks that the information sheet be sent to all Islesford Residents. She also volunteers to do the copying and mailing for the Town. Thanks Susie!

Frank Reese raises the issue of the Marsh/ Mini pond area of Sandbeach Road. Some residents reportedly feel the water level is lower than normal this year, and wonder if it is draining properly. A suggestion was made that we might contact the College of the Atlantic to see if they are interested in doing a study on the area.

XII. Adjournment- 12:25 PM-Phil Whitney

Next Regularly Scheduled Board of Selectmen's Meeting: Tuesday, September 06, 2005 at Islesford.

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