Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
5 October 2005

In Attendance:
Phil Whitney, BOS Chair Malcolm Donald, MFC
Orville E. Blank, BOS Diane Waters, School Principal
Dan Lief, BOS Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Hal Newell
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Town Clerk Emily Roberts
William McGuinness, MFC Supervisor Owen Roberts
Hugh Smallwood, MFC Chair Karin Whitney
Chris White, MFC

I. Call To Order: 8:55 AM
Phil Whitney, Chairman, Board of Selectmen

II. Review/Approval of 09/06/05 Minutes
Section V, B: Edgar Blank seconds the motion, and a unanimous vote by (change to) Dan Lief.
The Special Town Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 18, 2005, at Great Cranberry Island, will begin at 9:00 AM.
Edgar Blank wishes to express his thanks to Phil Whitney for the time and effort he put into the Boat Registration issue with Mount Desert. The Town of Mount Desert has decided to keep processing Cranberry Island Boat Registrations for the next year.
Phil Whitney moves to accept minutes, with changes listed above, for 09/06/05. Edgar Blank seconds the motion, Motion passes.

III. Review/Signing of Financial Warrants
- Warrant 59: $ 850.00
- Warrant 60: $ 3,712.00
- Warrant 61: $ 26,583.01
- Warrant 62: $ 45,246.51
- Warrant 63: $ 28,731.95
- Warrant 64: $ 14,703.46
- Warrant 65: $ 140,409.33
Total: $ 260,236.26

Warrant 62: A $65.00 charge to Beal and Bunker will be paid by Fire Department, Zone 1, from their own funds. A $1,754.00 charge to Whitney Electric was not paid at this meeting. The charge is for work at Great Cranberry Island Dock, and Selectmen wish to discuss this bill with Reggie Sanborn, before payment. Denise McCormick will write a note to Kimberly Keene, Code Enforcement Officer, to indicate that should her employment cease with The Town of Cranberry Isles, the recently purchased fax/copier/ printer will be returned to the Town.

IV. Communications
A. Letter-RJD Appraisal
Tax Assessor, Roger Peppard is getting done for RJD Appraisal. Mr. Peppard has expressed his interest in working for our Town as assessor on his own. The Town of Cranberry Isles has a contract with RJD Appraisal until February 2006. RJD Appraisal has provided us with a new assessor from their company, Matt Caldwell. He has visited our office last month with Roger Peppard, in order to become familiar with our Town. Matt will be at the Town Office again this month, on Tuesday, October 11. Some concerns were voiced from the audience regarding the failure of Mr. Peppard to return phone calls from taxpayers, or not following up on letters. Nan Hadlock has been asked by the Selectmen to draft a letter, to be approved by the Selectmen, voicing our concerns to RJD Appraisal. At this time, we are still planning to work with RJD Appraisal.

B. Letter-Islesford Historical Society
A letter has been received by the Selectmen from Hugh Dwelley, President of the Islesford Historical Society. Stephanie Alley has an anchor she salvaged, and wishes to donate it to the Historical Society. The Historical Society wishes to place the anchor at Hadlock Park on Sandbeach Road, and has asked the Town for Permission to do so. Dan Lief moves to accept the letter, and approve the request by sending a letter of approval to Mr. Dwelley. Edgar Blank seconds the motion, and a unanimous decision by Phil Whitney. Motion passes. Hugh Smallwood suggests that the anchor be mounted in concrete to discourage vandalism, and that the suggestion be included in the letter of approval.

C. Report-Maine Department of Audit
Town Treasurer, Denise McCormick reports that the audit has been completed. One excise tax form was missing at the time of the audit, which has been found since then. Department of Audit requires that some kind of internal audit should take place. This means that someone else in Town Government should be examining cash receipts on a regular basis. One suggestion is for the Selectmen to review cash receipts monthly. Dan Lief will review the audit more carefully, and this will be taken up at the November Board of Selectmen's Meeting.

D. Letter-Andrews Campbell, Esq.
A letter from Andrews Campbell, Esq. stating that a claim is being made to our Town insurance company, in regards to injuries following a fall on our Manset Dock. According to the letter, damages could exceed $5000.00. Hal Newell asks the Selectmen if a letter had been sent to the Noethers. At this time a letter has not been sent, and we are currently working with our insurance company, One Beacon, and providing information that has been requested by them. Town Attorney Anthony Guinta requests that the Board of Selectmen provide no further comment on this issue. At this time we are not involved in a lawsuit with this matter.

E. Letter-Katrina Relief Fund
Selectmen received a letter from the Town of Buxton, Maine, asking if we would be interested in joining them in contributing to the Katrina Relief Fund. All Maine Towns have received the same letter. Edgar Blank moves that we send $100.00 from our Town Human Services Fund. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.

F. Email-School Principal-New School Septic System
Islesford School Principal, Diane Waters, has recently emailed the Selectmen to inform them that the Islesford School is in need of a new septic system. Phil Whitney introduces Ms. Waters who explains that the current school septic system is deteriorating and inadequate. This problem has existed since last winter and before. The tank has been pumped by Haslam Septic, who also did an inspection for the whole system. Two perforated pipes were discovered and the existing leach field found to be inadequate. Bill Labelle has drawn up a plan for the new system, and the school board would like to replace the system this fall. The tank would stay behind the school; however the leach field would be relocated to an area near the playground. At this time, requests for proposals from contractors have been posted on Islesford and Great Cranberry, as well as in the Ellsworth and Bar Harbor papers. Dan Lief has requested that the disruption be monitored for safety and a time frame for the project is set. Bill McGuinness has been asked to work with the school as a resource and to stay familiar with the project. Diane Waters will forward to Mr. McGuinness a list of project specifications. A School Board meeting is scheduled for October 25 at Islesford, where proposals will be reviewed. There will be a warrant article included for the Special Town Meeting on October 18, asking the voters to appropriate from undesignated fund balance, up to $35,000.00.

V. Appointments/Resignations
A. Nominations-Planning Board Vacancy
There is one vacancy on the Town Planning Board. Phil Whitney nominates Bruce Komusin of Great Cranberry. Nan Hadlock nominates Susan Krasnow. Edgar Blank moves to appoint Bruce Komusin to the Planning Board. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.

B. Nominations-GCI Harbor Master Vacancy
We still do not have a harbormaster for Great Cranberry Island. Richard Beal has expressed interest in the position. Dan Lief moves to appoint Richard Beal for GCI Harbormaster. Edgar Blank seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes. There are still no nominees for GCI Shellfish Warden.

VI. Old Business
A. Report: Town Credit Card/Debit Card Purchase
Town Clerk/Treasurer submits to the Selectmen an application for credit card with Bar Harbor Bank. One Selectmen needs to fill the application out, and sign it. Phil Whitney volunteers to complete the application. Denise and Bill are asked by the Selectmen to draft a policy for credit card use for presentation at the next meeting.

B. Status: Town Truck Removal/Maintenance Off Island
The Islesford Town Truck is at Colwell Diesel. Mr. Colwell has been asked to give his opinion on if it is worth bringing the truck up to inspection level, and if we should paint the truck. Mr. Colwell advises that it might prove quite costly to bring the truck to inspection level; however the truck will be maintained at a level of use for this winter on the Island. Painting was also considered by Mr. Colwell as unnecessary at this time. Mr. Colwell suggests we hang onto the current truck, with an estimated four to ten years expected lifetime. Selectman Lief requests that the MFC research the feasibility of buying a new truck, and submit their recommendation by the January 2005 Selectmen's Meeting. There is a deadline of January 15, 2005 for consideration of warrant items for the annual Town Meeting this spring. The January Selectmen's Meeting will take place before this deadline. Edgar Blank requests an appraisal of our current truck be done to help with the decision.

C. Status: Harding Point Town Property Deed
There are two properties on Harding Point that no one knows who owns them. The Town Attorney has informed us that there needs to be a notice put in the local papers. If no one comes forward to claim the properties, the Town may take them over. In this case, no deed would be given to the Town until they should be ready to sell the properties. Phil Whitney will check with Richard Beal to see if any advertising had been previously done for this matter. If no advertising has taken place, then Mr. Whitney feels a decision needs to made at the next BOS meeting.

D. Discussion: Code Enforcement Officer Visits/Enforcement Issues
Denise McCormick reports that Code Enforcement Officer, Kim Keene has no real contract for services with our town. She is appointed by the Selectmen. Her salary is $600.00 per month, and she gets a percentage of each plumbing inspection. She agrees to work evenings and weekends for our Town. Phil Whitney will sit down with Kim Keene and discuss her job and whether she may be willing to work with a contract.

A citizen's petition was presented to the Selectmen at the September Selectmen's meeting, asking them to consider revoking the Vehicle Importation Ordinance. The petition has been reviewed by the Town Clerk and has been determined that the petition is not valid. Code Enforcement Officer has visited both Islesford and Great Cranberry to do a vehicle inventory database. This will give us some idea of how many cars are currently on the two Islands. Cranberry Island Inventory is not completed at this time. Ms. Keene will do another visit to complete the inventory for that Island. Dan Lief suggests that lack of registration and insurance may be the most important concern at this time. Island vehicles must legally be registered and insured in order to operate on our Town Roads. Golf carts are included in this law, and must be registered and insured as well. He is not personally in favor of levying fines on importation offenders at this time. He asks that Malcolm Donald do research to define the vehicle problems we have overall. Phil Whitney suggests that the ordinance has been passed by the voters, and enforcement should take place to keep it fair across the board.

E. Discussion: Cranberry Isles Boat/Vehicle Registrations
Denise McCormick and Nan Hadlock are working on finding out about becoming boat registration agents through the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Information has been requested from DIFW. Denise does not feel that it would be financially advantageous to try and become a vehicle agent, as there are many costs associated with the process. It was the general consensus of the meeting that we should pursue the boat registration agent process, as we are unsure at this time whether Mount Desert will continue to process our boat registrations after next year.

F. Review/Approval: Special Town Meeting Warrants
Selectmen sign and approve the warrant for the Special Town Meeting scheduled for October 18, at The Fire House on Great Cranberry at 9:00 AM. There are ten warrant articles included. A certified copy is on file at the Town Office.

VII. New Business
A. Report: Verizon High Speed Internet Service
Verizon and the University of Maine have informed us that the High Speed Internet Access being installed at the Islesford and Great Cranberry Libraries, and previously installed at Islesford School, is specifically intended for the School and Library use only. It would cost upwards of $1500.00 per month to get high speed internet service for our Town Office. Instead, a third line for dial up service will be installed at the Town Office, enabling office staff to network, and to free up a line for the fax. High Speed Service at Islesford may possibly be available by the end of the month. Service to Great Cranberry Island may be available by the end of the year.

B. Signatures: General Assistance Ordinance
Selectmen sign the annual General Assistance Ordinance for October 01, 2005 to October 01, 2006

C. Discussion: Island Institute Fellow Financial Support
Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute Fellow, has been teaching Music with Shira Singer at the Islesford School. His main project for our Island is to work on the comprehensive plan. The Island Institute has recently asked for the Town of Cranberry Isles to contribute $2000.00 to $5000.00 to the Institute Fellow's Support this spring. Dan Lief moves to write warrant for Annual Town Meeting for up to $5000.00 for support of the Island Institute Fellow, with the actual amount being decided by January 2006. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, and a unanimous vote by Edgar Blank. Motion passes.

D. Signatures: GCI Restroom/Dock Cleaning Contract
Phil Whitney abstains from signing this contract as the contract is between the Town and his wife, Karin Whitney. Edgar Blank and Dan Lief sign the contract for September 15 through the end of the year.

VIII. MFC Report
A. Town Offices
Selectmen sign a letter drafted by the MFC, requesting an extension of the lease with the Valdinas for one year on the Town House. Hugh Smallwood reports that the Valdinas are not interested in selling the Town House at this time. Bill McGuinness reports that the Town House furnace needs to be repaired. It is suggested that we need to come up with a list of things that need to be done to the facility by owners, before any long-term leases could be negotiated.

Two new enclosed bulletin boards have been installed at Islesford by Bill McGuinness. One is stationed at the Town Office, and the second one is at the Islesford Town Dock. Town announcement bulletins will be displayed using the new boards.

Town Clerk, Denise McCormick has requested that a microwave be purchased for the Town Office. Selectmen agree to the purchase.

B. Roads Maintenance
Lane Construction will provide two loads of cold patch next week for minor road repair on Islesford and GCI. The patching jobs were posted on both Islands, and there were two responses: Blair Colby on GCI, and Courtney Chaplin on Islesford. We have a road maintenance inventory for our Town completed at this time. An actual legal inventory is not complete. Most of the Islesford stop signs have been placed, and Great Cranberry should have their signs by the end of October. Bangor Hydro has inspected Islesford for tree cutting needs, and plans to inspect Sutton Island for the same soon. Bill McGuinness will contact Bangor Hydro in regards to a tree at Bill Dowling's house at GCI.

Hugh Smallwood reports that the five-year long term plan for roads maintenance should be ready by the next MFC Meeting on October 15, 2005 at GCI. It is now time to order our sand and salt for this winter. Blair Colby has reported a leak in the roof of the building that stores sand and salt at GCI.

C. Manset Maintenance
The water line will be tied into our plumbing at Manset by Island Plumbing. It is required by the Town of Southwest Harbor that we install a remote read meter. Atom Electric has repaired the lights in the unused paint storage room. Bill McGuinness will meet with a potential contractor in reference to the Manset Warehouse Roof Project. Benches have been finished at the head of the Manset Dock. We are hoping to install a waiting bench on the float for next year. A suggestion was made to ask Bob Phillips if he is interested in selling his mooring at Manset. Plans are in the works to have a locksmith change the locks at our Manset Facility. This has never been done before, and changing some of the locks may be adequate. Chris Butler has done a great job with landscaping again this year.

D. Manset Business Development
Plans for additional parking at the Manset Parking Lot and rough plans for dock enhancement are being discussed. There is some storage space that could be rented for storage, and the question came up of whether to advertise it for rental or not. There is no heat in the warehouse space.

E. Parking Administration
Phil Whitney mentions the pileup of gear on the Islesford Town Dock. Edgar Blank assures that the gear is switching in and out of the water now, and it is a busy time for the fishermen. He expects the gear to clean up soon.

Ramp fees have been paid by Beal and Bunker, following a request letter from Town Treasurer.

F. Town Property Inventory/Use Guidelines
Cyrus Moulton is working on a road inventory for GCI. He will share this information with Lise Pratt who is working on the inventory project. Denise and Bill are still continuing to work on the inventory spreadsheet.

L.S. Robinson will send a representative to the next MFC Meeting to go over liability insurance policies.

G. GCI Store/Public Restrooms
A cleaning contract for services after December will be discussed at the November Selectmen’s Meeting.

H. Trash Disposal
The recent Hazardous Waste Pickup was a success. Thanks to everyone who helped, especially to David Thomas for the use of his truck.

Dan Lief reports that we are in the last twenty days of waiting on our Transfer Station Permit Application for GCI. As for the Islesford Transfer Station Permit, no long term plan is in place at this time. Property abutters permission is needed to use the present site of the Recycling Station before a permit application would even be considered by D.E.P.

Warrant #62, signed today by the Selectmen, include$12,000.00 paid to Gray Enterprises for interest on the truck purchase.

I. Wharves/Floats/Harbors
A contract for Manset Float Maintenance was signed by Selectmen for services provided by Chalmers Enterprises.

A Submerged Land Lease for the work at Sutton Island was signed by Selectmen.

Sutton Island Dock Repair Work that was posted on both Islesford and Great Cranberry yielded one response from Courtney Chaplin. Mr. Chaplin's quote has been accepted, and work is to be completed by October 31, 2005.

Railings have been installed at the head of Islesford Dock, and the GCI life ring is now in place.

Discussion took place about Town Guest Moorings, and how they are used. Creation of a Harbor Ordinance Committee was suggested, and possibly to write a policy on guest moorings.

Secondary and skiff floats will be hauled out this week at Islesford and GCI. Residents are asked to remove their skiffs and gear from the floats. Main floats come out sometime before November 15.

J. DOT Grant
No recent development reported.

K. Leases & Tenants
The Great Cranberry Island Futures Group Gas Pump Lease is on file at the Town Office. On October 15, 2005, the Islesford Public Restrooms will close for the season. Thank you to Betty Sprague, and also to Karin Whitney for keeping our restrooms in order for this year.

L. Budgets & Warrants
No information to report at this time.

IX. Town Officer Reports
Shellfish Warden, Robert Phillips reports to Selectmen Blank that local flats are at this time open for harvest. (Note: At the time of minute's publication, our local flats are now closed again, as of 10/08/05). Written reports were submitted by Constable Richard Beal, Animal Control Officer Debbie Wedge, and Health Officer Ruth Westphal. All written reports were taken by the Selectmen for review.

Thank you to all Town Officers who submitted their October quarterly reports.

X. Other Business
Selectmen have received a letter from the Emmaus Center in Ellsworth, requesting a donation from the Town for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Phil Whitney moves that a $100.00 donation be sent from our Human Services Fund. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Phil Whitney attended a Transportation Conference recently. As a result of his networking, Representative Ted Koffman will be visiting our Town sometime in the future to discuss Island Transportation Issues.

XI. Audience Communications
No communications to report at this time.

XXI. Adjournment
Phil Whitney moves to adjourn. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Meeting Adjourns-12:40 PM

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