Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
1 November 2005

In Attendance:
Phil Whitney, BOS Chair Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute
Daniel Lief, BOS Karin Whitney
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Cynthia Lief
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Town Clerk Hal Newell
William McGuinness, FM Supervisor Richard Beal
Malcolm Donald, MFC Rev. Gary Delong, Sea Coast Mission
Eve Harrison, MFC

I. Call To Order: 8:32 AM
Phil Whitney, Chairman, Board of Selectmen

II. Review/Approval of 10/05/05 Minutes
Section VIII. B., Phil Whitney asks for a clarification between a roads maintenance inventory and a legal roads inventory. Municipal Facilities Supervisor, Bill McGuinness explains that in reference to actual road measurements, a legal roads inventory is still in the works. We do have a maintenance inventory that gives us a good understanding of what we as a Town maintain.

Section VIII. D., In reference to heating in the Manset Ware House Space, it was incorrectly stated that there is no heat in the ware house.
There is actually heat in one of the warehouse spaces.

Phil Whitney moves to accept the minutes, with the above clarifications, for 10/05/05. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

III. Review/Signing of Financial Warrants
Some questions arose from the audience about the warrant reviewing process. Warrants are prepared by Town Treasurer and presented to the Selectmen on Friday before the regularly scheduled BOS Meeting. This gives the Board some time to go over the warrants to be signed at the meeting, as well as time for inquiries if there are any. Warrants may be viewed at the Town Office during regular business hours, and at the convenience of the Town Treasurer.

- Warrant 67: $ 710.00
- Warrant 68: $ 3738.32
- Warrant 69: $ 33897.37
- Warrant 70: $ 35258.86
- Warrant 71: $ 11840.88
- Warrant 72: $ 5655.43
Total: $ 91100.86

All Warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

IV. Communications
A. Letter-Hancock County Homecare
A Thank you letter was received by the Town from Hancock County Homecare for last year's donation. Hancock County Homecare is also requesting a $ 162.00 donation. Dan Lief moves to put the request on the warrant for next Town Meeting. Phil Whitney seconds. Motion passes.

B. Letter-New England Fish Management Council Proposal
N.E.F.M.C. is asking for official support for a proposal for restrictions on the Herring Fishery. Selectmen are being asked to sign an official letter of support for the proposal. Both Selectmen present felt that they need more information on the proposal, before they feel comfortable supporting the measure. This item was tabled until the next regularly scheduled BOS Meeting, giving Dan Lief a chance to converse with Islesford fisherman, and Phil Whitney will discuss the issue with GCI Fisherman.

B. Letter-Richard Beal Appointment
The Town has received a letter informing us of the recent appointment of Richard Beal of Great Cranberry Island to Dedimus Justice. The BOS accepted an official copy of the appointment from Mr. Beal for the Town Records. Congratulations Mr. Beal.

C. Letter-State Flood Plain Management Update
BOS has received a letter informing the Town that our Flood Plain Ordinance needs to be updated. The Warrant Subcommittee will work on this for the next Town Meeting.

D. Letters-Thank You Re: Swans Island Donation
Two Thank You Letters were received by the Town in reference to the recent donation to The Bread of Life Food Pantry at Swans Island. Letters were from Rev. Gary Delong from the Maine Sea Coast Mission, and from Rev. Ken Dutille from the Bread of Life Food Pantry.

V. Appointments/Resignations
No new appointments or resignations for this meeting.

VI. Old Business
A. Report: Town Credit Card Usage Guidelines
Bill McGuinness and Denise McCormick recommend that Phil Whitney sit down with them to discuss the policy, as they both feel it would be a conflict of interest for them to write a policy for the usage of the credit card. Denise McCormick, Town Treasurer, informs the meeting that she personally does not want to be authorized to use the credit card. There was a suggestion from the audience that Denise and Bill come up with a list of things the card is to be used for, and that would be a reasonable start on the process. The application for the Town Credit Card has been sent to Bar Harbor Bank, and we are awaiting a response. Discussion on this matter was tabled until the next regularly scheduled BOS Meeting.

B. Report: Town Truck Maintenance Off Island
The Town Plow Truck for Islesford is back on the Island from scheduled maintenance at Colwell Diesel in Ellsworth. Dan Lief asks if the plan is to take the truck off Island again next spring for routine maintenance as well. Bill McGuinness says yes, that is the plan. Mr. McGuinness also added that the Town owns a pressure washer now that was used for cleaning out the dump body of the Truck.

C. Report: Harding Point Town Property
Selectmen Whitney asks Former Selectman Richard Beal to give a brief history of this matter. Mr. Beal reports that approximately three years ago, the Town discovered that there were two parcels of land on GCI, that no one seemed to know who the owners were, and that taxes had not been collected on the property for over one hundred years. Town Attorney Anthony Guinta did some research, and the last surviving relative of the property owners died sometime before WWII. The property is located at the Helliker/Harding Point Road Intersection on Great Cranberry Island, and is a little over an acre in size. If the Town would like to take possession of the property, the notice will need to be posted in local newspapers for three weeks in a row. If no responses come back, then the Town may gain possession of the property. No deed will be presented unless the Town was to consider selling the parcel. Mr. Beal reports that at a previous Town Meeting, it was voted not to sell the land if acquired. Phil Whitney will follow up with Attorney Guinta.

D. Report: Code Enforcement Officer-Contract Discussions
Selectmen are currently working on a contract for the Code Enforcement Officer. Phil Whitney will give a report on this at the next BOS Meeting.

E. Report: Code Enforcement Officer Visits/Enforcement Issues
On November 12, 2005, Code Enforcement Officer Kimberly Keene will again visit both Islands to finish up the Island Car Data Base.

F. Report: Cranberry Isles Boat Registrations Implementation
A nomination form has been received from the Dept. of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife for Boat Registration Agent. Denise McCormick and Phil Whitney both signed the nomination form, and it has been returned to IF&W. At the time of this meeting, no response has been received. One of the clerks will be required to go to Augusta for training, if the nomination is approved. Cranberry Isles would be able to process boat registrations only.

G. Signatures: Memo of Understanding-Gray Enterprises & Town
Selectman Whitney and Selectman Lief did not sign this document, pending further discussion on the matter with the Town Attorney.

VII. New Business
A. Briefing: Telemedicine Program: Rev. Gary Delong-Maine Seacoast Mission
Phil Whitney introduces Rev. Gary Delong from the Sea Coast Mission. Rev. Delong explains to the Selectmen and the audience the Telemedicine Program offered by the Maine Sea Coast Mission. Phil Whitney suggests that Bill McGuinness and Rev. Delong determine what a rough cost to implement the Program would be for the Town, and maybe to schedule a public hearing to see if there is interest with our residents.

B. Discussion: Press/Public Statement Policy
Phil Whitney suggests that something in writing be developed to state who is authorized to talk with the press on behalf of the Town.

Town Clerk Denise McCormick brings up the Right To Know Law, and that it is our duty to answer questions from the public, other than those topics kept confidential by Statute. Discussion on this topic was tabled for this meeting.

C. Discussion: Bangor Hydro Scheduled Power Outage Notification
Phil Whitney has called Bangor Hydro to voice concern about the lack of notification received about a scheduled power outage that occurred on Cranberry Isles last month. Apparently the outage was scheduled by Bangor Hydro, but notification to the local newspapers, town officers, and incapacitated individuals did not happen. Bangor Hydro is supposed to notify in this manner from forty-eight to seventy-two hours in advance of any scheduled power outage. Bangor Hydro admits it was a mistake by one of their employees, and apologizes for any inconvenience caused.

D. Status: Islesford 911 Addressing Committee
Nanette Hadlock will contact an Islesford 911 Addressing Committee Member to ask where they are at with this project. We hope to have a report on this at the next BOS Meeting.

E. Discussion: Great Cranberry 911 Ordinance
Carl Brooks will continue to work on the GCI 911 Ordinance. Mr. Brooks will try to come up with an ordinance more acceptable to voters for the annual town meeting.

F. Nominations: 11/08/05 Voting-Ballot Clerks & Wardens- Ward 1 & Ward 2
Selectmen nominate the following individuals to act as ballot clerks and wardens for the November 08 Referendum Elections.

Ward 1 (GCI):
Charlene Allen (D) for Ballot Clerk
Barbara Stainton (R) for Ballot Clerk
Beverly Sanborn (D) for Warden

Ward 2 (Islesford):
Anna Fernald (R) for Ballot Clerk
Susan Krasnow (D) for Ballot Clerk
Nanette Hadlock (G) for Warden

Denise McCormick will appoint the above ballot clerks and wardens for the upcoming Referendum Elections.

VIII. MFC Report
A. Town Offices
The Town Office is still working on setting up wireless internet access for all office computers. Also ongoing are some maintenance issues with the building, one of which is the furnace.

B. Roads Maintenance
Cold Patch has been delivered to GCI and Islesford. Courtney Chaplin has done the patching on Islesford, and Blair Colby has done the patching on GCI. This week Bill McGuinness will be ordering the Salt and Sand needed for both Islands.

Eve Harrison raises the question of allowing metal tracked vehicles on our public roads. Last week a letter was sent to two local contractors, voicing concern about metal tracked vehicles traveling on Town Roads. A suggestion was made for the vehicles to be transported on a trailer when traveling to and from job sites. Mr. McGuinness recommends that the BOS write a traffic ordinance for Cranberry Isles. Selectmen Lief agrees that Bill do some background work, possibly checking with other local towns to see what ordinances are used for traffic issues. Dan Lief moves that Bill McGuinness prepare a traffic ordinance for the Selectmen's Review. The Selectmen's intent is that the ordinance be adopted by March 07, 2006. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion Passes. Dan Lief moves that between now and March 07, 2006, the Town will not institute enforcement proceedings with regard to metal treaded, flat padded vehicles on our roads, which do not puncture the pavement. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion Passes

Hal Newell raises the question of whether the Town of Cranberry Isles has any liability regarding the barge accident in Northeast Harbor last week. He asks if the barge was being used for Town Business at the time of the accident or not. Phil Whitney asks Bill McGuinness to inquire about this and report back to the Selectmen.

Bill McGuinness asks Selectman Whitney to confer with Islesford School Principal Diane Waters in regards to the sewer project.

C. Manset Business Development
It is reported that the boiler in the front garage is very old. Ian Krasnow has been hired to do the Manset Roof Repair Job, with an estimated cost to be under $5000.00. Phil Whitney asks Bill to please request of Danny Chalmers to pull up the Manset Town Mooring Balls for the winter season.

D. Manset Business Development
Much discussion took place about whether to rent some empty warehouse space to residents. There have been requests for the possibility of renting some space. The general opinion of the audience and BOS was that this offer should be posted on the Islands, and that a disclaimer notice be written by the attorney, holding the Town harmless for any damages. Phil Whitney moves that Bill McGuinness, Malcolm Donald, and Phil himself, come up with a fee schedule providing for competitive pricing, and to post the notice. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion Passes.

E. Parking Administration
No communication at this time.

F. Town Property Inventory/Use Guidelines
The Islesford Service Society, a group of Islesford Youth along with their teacher, Lindsey Eyesnogle, have requested a space to build a community garden.

The GASB 34 Inventory will be ready by the end of the year.

G. GCI Store/Public Restrooms
No communication at this time.

H. Trash Disposal
GCI Transfer Station Permit has reached Augusta waiting to be signed. Selectman Lief has had no response to his calls to Augusta in regards to the status of the permit. Last week Karen Knutti, from the Department of Environmental Protection visited Islesford to visit our present recycling station. She feels that it would be very unlikely that our present site would be approved for a transfer station without abutter's signatures.

Lance Voisine is done working at the Islesford Recycling Center. Bill McGuinness recommends Sheila Krasnow for the position. Phil Whitney moves that Sheila Krasnow be hired as recycling attendant. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion Passes.

I. Wharves/Floats/Harbors
November 20, 2006 is the deadline for the dock repair job at Sutton Island.

In regards to the light at Sutton Island Dock, a quoted estimate from Mike Musetti to bring the wiring up to code is $10,514.00. Heartwood Builders agrees to responsibility for $2000.00 of the cost. Both Mr. McGuinness, Selectman Whitney, and Selectman Lief agree that it is the Town's responsibility to bring the light up to code. Mr. Whitney and Mr. Lief suggest that the repair job should go out to bid, as the estimated cost is above $5000.00. Phil Whitney moves that we put the Sutton Dock Light Repair Job out to bid. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion Passes. Bill McGuinness will speak with Mike Musetti in regards to compensation for his research time.

J. DOT Grant
We are still waiting for a response from the Department of Transportation for the Wharves and Harbors Grant.

K. Leases & Tenants
Previously discussed, (see Manset Business Development above).

L. Budget & Warrants
No communication at this time.

IX. Town Officer Reports (Quarterly)
Selectmen receive quarterly reports from the following:
Animal Control Officer Deb Wedge (received at Sept. BOS Meeting)
Animal Control Officer Susan Krasnow
Shellfish Warden Robert Phillips (received at Sept. BOS Meeting)
Health Officer Ruth Westphal (received at Sept. BOS Meeting)
GCI Town Constable Richard Beal (received at Sept. BOS Meeting)
GCI Town Constable Phil Whitney
Island Institute Fellow Cyrus Moulton
Island Coalition Rep. Malcolm Donald
Board of Appeals Chair Eve Harrison

Eve Harrison requests a note taker for Board of Appeals and Planning Board Minutes. Selectmen delegate Deputy Town Clerk Nanette Hadlock to take official minutes at Planning Board and Appeals Board Meetings. Both Boards' minutes are required to be on file with the Town Clerk. Nanette Hadlock agrees to attend the meetings and take these minutes. Eve Harrison raises the question of whether the Town needs, or is required to have a deputy code enforcement officer. Denise McCormick will research this question in the Ordinance and the BOA Manual. Bill McGuinness will contact Beverly Sanborn and offer to attend the Acadia Disposal District Meetings when she is unable to go. Dan Lief will speak with Islesford Fire Chief, and Phil Whitney will speak with GCI Fire Chief in regards to quarterly reporting. Thank you to all officers who have submitted their first report.

X. Other Business
In regards to the $12,000.00 MBNA Sand and Salt Shed Grant received in 2002, following repeated attempts to find out by MBNA if the money had been spent on building the sand and salt sheds yet, MBNA has requested that we forfeit the grant monies. Phil Whitney has contacted Kim Sweeting who has asked us to draft a letter, defining time lines for 2006 and 2007 plans. The letter will be presented to the MBNA Grant Board, requesting extra time for the project.

Thank you letters were received by the Town of Cranberry Isles for the following donations:
Northeast Harbor Library
Islesford Library
GCI Library
Emmaus Homeless Shelter
Northeast Harbor Ambulance

A funding request has been received from Yesterday's Children in Ellsworth. Selectmen agree to have Denise McCormick post the request on both Islands, giving individuals the opportunity to donate to the cause if they desire.

Selectmen have received notice from the National Incident Management System, that the Federal Government requires that our Town become NIMS compliant. Funding depends on this, and the deadline is October 27, 2006.

Selectmen received a finalized report from The Maine Department of Audit. Two areas of concern by the auditor were the lack of any kind of routine internal audit taking place, and the use of cash drawers, (which we don't normally utilize). Internal Audits by the Selectmen are being organized at this time.

Phil Whitney and a few others will be attending the Governor's Annual Maine State Housing Authority Affordable Housing Meet on November 03, 2006.

In reference to the two recall ordinances passed by voters at the recent special town meeting, the Town has received a letter from the Maine Municipal Association Legal Department that the ordinance approved closest to adjournment of the special town meeting will prevail. Therefore the second ordinance passed, indicating a two-thirds majority to pass a recall, will be the ordinance accepted by the Town. Dan Lief suggests the actual posting of this decision, on the Islands as well as the websites, and for the letter to be included with these minutes.

Submerged Lands Permit Extensions for the Fernald Dock on Sutton Island, and from Shorewood Dock Co. for GCI, have been received by the Town. Selectmen acknowledge the permit extension requests, which are coming up for renewal after thirty years. The requests will be posted for fourteen days.

A review of available community block grants has been received from HCPC.

A bulletin from Senator Dennis Damon has been received briefly mentioning issues being presented on the November 08. 2005 Referendum Election and information on the Circuit Breaker Program Guidelines. These guidelines will be posted.

Homestead Exemption Forms are available at the Town Office.

XI. Audience Communications
No further communications at this time.

Phil Whitney moves that the Board of Selectmen go into Executive Session, on the advice of the Town Attorney, pursuant to 1 MRSA & 405 (6) (F), for the purpose of discussing confidential records relative to a complaint filed with the Maine Human Rights Commission against the Town of Cranberry Isles, and the signing of an Agreement of Non-Disclosure Statement for Forwarding to the Maine Rights Commission through the Town Attorney. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion Passes.

Phil Whitney calls the meeting back to order, stating that Selectmen have Signed an Agreement of Non-Disclosure Statement.

Dan Lief moves that the meeting adjourn. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Meeting adjourns: 1:31 PM

The next regularly scheduled Board of Selectmen's Meeting will be held on December 06, 2005 at Great Cranberry Island.

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