Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
6 December 2005
Ladies' Aid Building, GCI

In Attendance:
Phil Whitney, BOS Chair Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute
Daniel Lief, BOS Rob Snyder, Island Institute
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Richard Beal
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Town Clerk Bruce Komusin
William McGuinness, FM Supervisor Karin Whitney
Malcolm Donald, MFC Robin Richmond
Chris White, MFC Clay Taylor

Eugenio Bertin, A4 Builder

I. Call To Order: 8:49 AM
Phil Whitney, Chairman, Board of Selectmen

II. Review/Approval of 11/01/05 Minutes
Section VII, F- Ballot Clerks for Ward I, GCI Correction: Charlene Allen, (Republican) for Ballot Clerk
Barbara Stainton, (Democrat) for Ballot Clerk

Section IV, B- New England Fish Management Council Proposal
Delete: ...and Phil Whitney will discuss the issue with GCI Fishermen.

Phil Whitney moves to accept the minutes, with above clarifications, for 11/01/05. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

III. Review/Signing of Financial Warrants
Selectman Lief and Selectman Whitney request a briefing on General Assistance Guidelines for the February BOS Meeting.

-Warrant #73: $ 5653.30
-Warrant #74: $ 22757.50
-Warrant #75: $ 106366.58
-Warrant #76: $ 30651.61
-Warrant #77: $ 6119.03
-Warrant #78: $ 560.00
Total: $ 172108.02

All Warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

IV. Communications
A. Annual Dues Request-Hancock County Planning Commission
Phil moves the paying of 2006 annual dues to the Hancock County Planning Commission, (total dues $480.00). Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Dan Lief moves that $5000.00 support for Island Institute Fellow be included on the warrant for March 2006 Town Meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

B. Annual Funding Request-Washington Hancock Community Agency
Phil moves that a $45.00 funding request from WHCA for 2006 be placed on the warrant for March 2006 Town Meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

C. Thank You Letter-Hospice of Hancock County
A thank you letter has been received by the Town from Hospice of Hancock County for 2005 contribution of $300.00.

D. Annual Funding Request-Hospice of Hancock County
Hospice of Hancock County is requesting a $300.00 donation for 2006. Phil Whitney moves that any request for humanitarian assistance under $250.00 will be approved at the discretion of the Board of Selectman, and handled under an omnibus line item dealing with the same. Any request in writing for over $250.00 will be included as a warrant item at the Annual Town Meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Dan Lief moves to establish a $300.00 donation to Hancock County Hospice as a warrant item at March 2006 Town Meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

E. Thank You Letter-Islesford Neighborhood House Association
A Thank You letter has been received by the Town for the 2005 donation to the Islesford Neighborhood House Association in the amount of $7500.00.

F. Policy Letter-RJD Appraisal-Tax Assessor Visit Schedule & Appointments
Town Selectmen have received a letter from Matt Caldwell of RJD Appraisal suggesting a revised visitation schedule for 2006. Under consideration is shifting some of the work days from the winter months to the summer months to better resolve the tax bill rush. This would result in the assessor being present at the office every six weeks instead of once a month for December through March, and two days a month in July and August. The Town Clerk can set up appointments for the assessor and inform the caller of the next assessor date at Islesford. Currently, the next assessor visit will be December 20, 2005.

G. Quarterly Valuation Report-RJD Appraisal
Selectmen have received a quarterly review for 2005 from RJD Appraisal on properties that were reviewed and the valuation changes for them. A copy of this report is available at the Town Office.

H. Assessing Service Proposal-RJD Appraisal
Town Selectmen have received an Assessing Service Proposal From RJD Appraisal for fiscal year March 1, 2006 through February 28, 2007. The service proposal reflects an increase from $21,900.00 in 2005, to 23,000.00 for 2006.

I. Letter-Richard Beal-Pandemic Influenza
Town Selectmen have received a letter from Richard Beal of GCI regarding the possibility of an Avian Flu Pandemic. Mr. Beal outlines State and Local Responsibilities that would need to be followed in the event of a pandemic. Mr. Beal suggests that we as a town should educate ourselves. Mr. Beal also suggests "that this topic be laid before the Island Coalition for a potential coordinated response plan by all outer islands." For more information please check out the website

Richard Beal is willing to chair a committee and be willing to speak with officials in Augusta. Phil Whitney recommends that Mr. Beal ask for committee help from Lorraine Bracy, EMT, and Ruth Westphal, Health Officer. Dan Lief recommends that a First Responder from Islesford be asked to help as well. Richard Beal will let the Selectmen know when he is ready to make a presentation to the Board.

J. Letter-Islesford Service Society-Establish Community Garden
The Islesford Service Society, a group of Islesford Youth committed to community service has requested the use of some Town Property to establish a community garden. Both Selectman Lief and Selectman Whitney were favorable toward the request, however they both caution that we are not completely sure what uses we have in store for what little Town Property we own. Concerns were of having to ask the children to move their garden if a plan for the spot were to be developed. Richard Beal suggests that a good spot for the garden would be at the Islesford Town Field. Bill McGuinness will follow up with the Service Society. Phil Whitney suggests that the Society work closely with Lise Pratt, of the MFC who is the point woman for Town Property Usage.

K. Thank You Letters-Town of Buxton/Red Cross
The Town has received Thank You Letters from The Town of Buxton and The American Red Cross of Southern Maine in response to the recent $100.00 donation to the Katrina Relief Fund. There were 29 Maine Communities responding to the request, with a total of $6,609.39 donated.

L. Annual Funding Request-Hancock County Homecare & Hospice
A donation request has been received by the Town from Hancock County Homecare & Hospice. Dan Lief moves that the Assistant Town Clerk, at the Town Clerk's discretion, review all funding requests as they come in, in order to report to the Board of Selectmen. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

V. Old Business
A. Briefing: GCI Store Construction Proposal
Clay Taylor and Eugenio Bertin present revised plans for the Cranberry General Store Construction Project. Plans include a full basement with Timber Frame Construction. The first floor is to be built on the same footprint as the original store. There would be a second floor loft space of legal height. There appear to be no variance or setback issues involved. At this time plans do not intend to utilize the 30% expansion allowance. Clay is awaiting a flood plain certificate, and the survey required for it. A new gray water system is desired by Clay, and following a metering of water usage at the store, it has been determined that usage is approximately 30 gallons/day for the store. An energy efficient dishwasher is also planned as an addition. Plans for the code enforcement officer should be ready by early February. Construction would not begin until September of 2006, after the summer season. Phil Whitney recommends that the planning process for the store work closely with Chris White, MFC point man for the project.

B. Report: Town Credit Card Usage Guidelines
The Town of Cranberry Isles has recently received a credit card with Bar Harbor Banking with a $1000.00 credit limit. The card is to be used with the following guidelines:

Town of Cranberry Isles Credit Card is only to be used:
1. By Town of Cranberry Isles Deputy Town Clerk or Facilities Maintenance Supervisor.
2. For Town of Cranberry Isles Business.
3. For purchases under $1000.00.
4. In the Town Office. (Card should only leave the confines of the office when needed items cannot be paid for by telephone or online).

Phil Whitney moves that the credit card usage guidelines be accepted. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

C. Report: Harding Point Town Property-Disposition
Selectman Whitney has met with Town Attorney Anthony Guinta in regards to the Harding Point Property at GCI. Attorney has one more place to research for ownership of the property, however he anticipates no problems. The Town should hear from the attorney within the next thirty days. At that time we would begin the advertising process. The property is two continuous pieces for a total of approximately one acre. Abutters to this property are Malcolm Donald and the Heliker/Lahotan Foundation.

D. Report: Code Enforcement Officer-Contract Discussions
Kimberly Keene appears agreeable to a yearly written contract. Town Attorney Guinta has drafted a contract for Selectmen review. There are taxes taken out of her CEO pay. Taxes are not taken out of plumbing inspector permits, of which 75% is kept by Kim Keene. This has been tabled until the April Meeting, after the appointment has been made.

E. Report: Code Enforcement Officer-Visits/Enforcement Issues
The Code Enforcement Officer has finished vehicle surveys for both GCI and Islesford. We now have an established data base of vehicles. At this time she is waiting for guidance from the Board of Selectmen on what step to take next. Dan Lief personally does not want to enforce the ordinance yet because:
1) The Town is not happy with this ordinance
2) We need something that works

Phil Whitney feels a legal obligation to do the job, and if nothing happens by March Town Meeting, he will vote to enforce the ordinance. If there were to be a warrant article dealing with a revised ordinance, then the Board would need to hear ideas and suggestions by no later than January 15, 2005, in order to be included on the Annual Town Meeting Warrant. Residents are reminded that if there are suggestions on a revised ordinance, then MFC Member Malcolm Donald is the person to discuss this with.

F. Report: Cranberry Isles Boat Registrations Implementation
At this time there has been no response from the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife on The Town becoming a boat registration agent. Denise McCormick will call the Department to follow up on this issue.

G. Report: New England Fish Management Council Proposal
Dan Lief suggests we table this until the next Board of Selectmen's Meeting, until he has had a chance to review this with the local fishermen. Item tabled.

H. Signatures: Memo of Understanding-Gray Enterprises & Town
Dan Lief and Phil Whitney sign a memo of understanding with Gray Enterprises, agreeing to pay $12,000.00 in back interest, and $463.35 per month for interest on truck purchased by Gray for the purpose of fulfilling our Town Solid Waste Contract. Mr. Gray has had the truck ready to go since July 01, 2004, as requested.

Dan Lief reports that a special town meeting is tentatively scheduled for December 14, requesting voters to approve the transfer up to $30,000.00 from the undesignated fund balance, for the completion of the Great Cranberry Island Transfer Station. We now have a permit for the transfer station from the Department of Environmental Protection. The slab has been laid, and the building has been moved to allow for legal setback limitations. MCM Electric is prepared to finish hooking up electrical from the pole to the compactor building, and Brewer Fence is prepared to install the required fence, pending voter approval at the special town meeting. Both Selectmen sign warrant for Special Town Meeting to be held at the Great Cranberry Island Fire House, on Wednesday, December 14, 2005, at 9:00 AM.

I. Discussion: BOS Press/Public Statements Policy
Phil Whitney returns the question to the Board of whether the Town should institute a policy stating which Town Officials may talk with the press and public about town affairs. Discussion took place in regards to the Right To Know Law and Freedom of Speech. No policy was set at this meeting. People were reminded that we should be responsible in speaking to the press, and to direct questions to the appropriate officials.

J. Report: National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) Reporting Guidelines
The deadline for NIMS Guidelines is October of 2006. Phil Whitney wishes to further research this before reporting to the Board. This item was tabled until the January BOS Meeting.

K. Report: School Septic System Construction-Status
The leach field at the Islesford School is finished. At the time of this meeting, we are waiting for a barge to bring out Haslam Septic to pump the old tank. Courtney Chaplin will install the new tank as soon as the old has been pumped.

L. Report: Manset Building Rental Space Cost Proposal
Cost proposals for renting storage space at the Manset Building are as follows;

Seasonal: Under 25 ft boat/vehicle: $450.00/season

Long term:
Large Bay $365.00/month
Medium Bay: $265.00/month
Smallest Bay: $165.00/month

Dan Lief moves to accept the rental space proposal numbers. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

11:55 AM-Phil Whitney moves that we adjourn for a half hour lunch break. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Meeting adjourns.

12:25 PM-Phil Whitney calls the meeting back to order.

VI. New Business
A. Report: Islesford 911 Addressing Committee
Deputy Town Clerk Nan Hadlock received a report from Evelyn Boxley, 911 Addressing Committee Member, on the status of addressing for Islesford. Private Road names have been mailed in, and we are now waiting to hear from the GPS mapping firm to map our roads.

B. Discussion: Acadia Disposal District Bill
Bill paid by Board of Selectmen.

C. Discussion: Acadia Disposal District Resolve Proposal
Dan Lief moves to accept Acadia Disposal District's offer to negotiate fee changes for household hazardous waste on behalf of the Town of Cranberry Isles.

D. Signatures: GCI Restroom/Town Dock Custodial Services Contract-2006
Phil Whitney recuses himself from signing the contract, as the Contract involves his wife. Dan Lief signs the contract. Town Clerk Denise McCormick will ask Selectmen Blank to sign the contract.

E. Report: State Representative Ted Koffman Visit-Cranberry Isles
Recently, Representative Ted Koffman visited both GCI and Islesford to discuss issues facing survival of the Islands.

M. Report: Islands in Crisis Conference
Cyrus Moulton reports on a conference he attended which dealt with affordable housing for Island Communities. Each participant came back with a list of action steps they would like to see take place. This spring there is an affordable housing symposium planned, which will be a follow-up forum. Alyson Mayo, Island Institute Fellow from Islesboro, along with The Island Coalition, is preparing a resource book, dealing with the disparity between property values and income.

VII. MFC Report
A. Town Offices
Extending the current Townhouse Lease and new construction are both still being explored for the Town Office.

B. Roads Maintenance
Gotts Construction is scheduled to bring sand and salt to GCI sometime this week. Bill McGuinness will follow up with the barging schedule. Rodney Wimer will tarp the old salt shed roof at GCI.

Bill McGuinness reports that Islesford has a sufficient supply of sand and salt for the season.

Stop signs are still a work in progress for both Islands.

C. Manset Maintenance
A metal roofing job on the Manset Warehouse Proper, where it connects to the apartment, will begin today.

Bill McGuinness will check with Danny Chalmers to inquire about mooring balls at Manset.

D. Manset Business Development
Most of the Manset rear warehouse spaces have been rented. There is still one big space left.

E. Parking Administration
Previously discussed under Old Business, Section V,B.

F. Town Property Inventory/Use Guidelines
Phil Whitney requests that a "NO SHOOTING" sign be posted at the GCI Town Gravel Pit.

Last week Denise McCormick, Phil Whitney, and Malcolm Donald went to L.S. Robinson Insurance Agency to go over Town Insurance Policies. One thing discussed was the importance of the Town receiving certificates of liability insurance from its independent contractors. One other issue discussed was the difficulty in obtaining golf cart insurance. Golf carts must be legally registered on the Island, but it is next to impossible to get insurance in order to register them. Phil Whitney will research this topic with State.

Bruce Bicknell from L.S. Robinson will check into our Town's Insurance Rating in regards to any changes that may have occurred that might help reduce property insurance premiums.

We have also learned that the Town is required to carry public officials liability insurance for coverage of decisions that the BOS might make that could be subject to lawsuits.

G. GCI Store/Public Restrooms
Previously discussed under Old Business, Section V, A.

H. Trash Disposal
A special town meeting will be held on Wednesday, December 14, 2005, at GCI. One warrant article will request funds to be transferred from the undesignated funds balance, in order to complete work needed for the GCI Transfer Station.

I. Wharves/Floats/Harbors
The Town has been approved for an $11,000.00 Harbor Grant. No monies have been received at this time. GCI Harbormaster, Richard Beal will form a harbor committee to develop plans for a harbor ordinance for the Town. Richard Howland and David Thomas of Islesford have volunteered to help with this project. Plans include hiring a consultant to steer us through the process.

Asphalt shingles have been installed on the steps at GCI by Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Bill McGuinness.

Sutton Dock work has been completed ahead of schedule.

The Town Office has received a call from a Sutton Island resident, requesting that the Sutton Town Float be put back in for the winter season. This request was made in light of the fact that some Sutton Residents would like to have construction work done this winter, and landings could be made much more safely and easily by the contractors doing the work, if the float were in place.

Island Float Contractor, Roy Hadlock has agreed to hook the float back up as part of his contract in place at this time.

Dan Lief moves that we put the float back in at Sutton Island to meet the needs of the residents, so long as the cost to the Town is not significant. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

Bill McGuinness will look into putting non-skid surface on the metal plates that connect the ramps to the docks.

J. Grant Applications
Previously discussed under MFC Report, Section VII,I.

K. Leases & Tenants
Previously discussed under Old Business, Section V, L.

L. Budget & Warrants
The Town has seven departments in the accounting system. One to Two budget committee members per department are looking at each department separately for recommendations. The budget is expected to be with the warrant committee in approximately one and one half weeks from this meeting.

VIII. Town Officer Reports
Selectmen have received a quarterly report from Zone 1, Great Cranberry Island Fire Department. Dan Lief will check with Zone 2, Islesford Fire Department Chief Courtney Chaplin, to see if he could submit a report as well.

A reminder to all those officials and committees that quarterly reports are requested again for the January 10, 2006 Board Meeting.

IX. Other Business
Treasurer/Tax Collector Denise McCormick attended a municipal law class on November 17, 2005 in Augusta. Some of the topics covered were liabilities of the treasurer, confidentiality/public record, bond insurance, and tax collecting procedures.

The recent barge accident in Northeast Harbor was a private operation and had nothing to do with Town Business.

Last week a potentially dangerous situation took place on GCI, where the Sheriff's Department was involved. Phil Whitney has requested support from the BOS in asking for notification to the Board when potentially dangerous activity takes place in our municipality.

A tax abatement request has been received by the Town Office from Chris White of GCI. This has been referred to the Tax Assessor who is working on the abatement. Selectmen determine poverty abatements, and regular abatements are determined by the Assessor.

EMT Lorraine Bracy has notified the Town that as of December 01, 2005, she will no longer be supervising the rescue vehicle at GCI. The ambulance service will not be licensed by the state. Lorraine will still respond to emergencies at GCI, but will not be supervising the rescue vehicle. Cyrus Moulton is also a Certified First Responder at GCI.

There will be an EMT/First Responder class held this winter at Islesford. Six volunteers from Islesford have signed up for the class, and four more are needed to fill the class. The town pays the tuition of $600.00 per student. If anyone on any of our Islands is interested in participating in the class, please call Margaret Blank at 244-7859.

Beal and Bunker has made a scheduling change. The 11:30 departure from Islesford will make a return trip to GCI. This will make it easier for town officials to do business between the Islands.

Paperwork which needs Selectmen's signatures for the Harbor Grant has not been received at this time.

Road Commissioner Bill McGuinness has requested the BOS to transfer at year end, all remaining unspent funds from the 2005 Expense Budget Dep. 54, Division 10/Town Roads, to the Town Roads Reserve Account. Selectman Lief and Selectman Whitney both signed the request.

Selectman Lief signs a letter of support to the Hancock County Planning Commission to add to the Commission's application for USDA Funding for solid waste technical assistance. Mr. Lief relates that HCPC has been very helpful with solid waste issues in our town.

Dan Lief moves that the January BOS meeting be changed to January 10, (second Tuesday of the month), in order to accommodate New Year's-Type scheduling. The meeting would begin at 8:30 AM and be held at Islesford Neighborhood House. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

The Cranberry Isles Town Office will be closed on December 23-26, and January 2, in observance of the holidays.

X. Audience Communications
None at this time.

XI. Executive Session-2:02 PM
Phil Whitney moves the Board of Selectmen go into Executive Session, on the advice of the Town Attorney, pursuant to 1 MRSA & 405 (6) (F), for the purposes of discussing confidential records relative to a complaint filed with the Maine Human Rights Commission against the Town of Cranberry Isles, and approving a response prepared by the Town Attorney to allegations in the complaint. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion passes.

2:10 PM- Phil Whitney calls the meeting back into public session, stating that documents from the attorney have been reviewed.

Phil Whitney moves that the meeting adjourn. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Meeting adjourns-2:12 PM.

The next scheduled Board of Selectmen's Meeting is scheduled on January 10, 2006 At The Islesford Neighborhood House.

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