Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes
6 January 2006
Neighborhood House, Islesford

In Attendance:
Phil Whitney, B.O.S. Chair Malcolm Donald, M.F.C.
Daniel Lief, B.O.S. Eve Harrison, M.F.C.
Orville Edgar Blank, B.O.S. Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Karin Whitney
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk Cynthia Lief

I. Call To Order: 8:34 AM
Phil Whitney, Chairman, Board of Selectmen

II. Review/Approval of 12/06/05 Minutes
-Under Communications, Section IV, D:
In regards to a motion made by Phil Whitney, and seconded by Dan Lief, moving ... "that any request for humanitarian assistance under $250.00 will be approved at the discretion of the Board of Selectmen, and handled under an omnibus line item dealing with the same. Any request in writing for over $250.00 will be included as a warrant item at the Annual Town Meeting."

01/10/2006: Phil Whitney makes a move to rescind the above motion made at the 12/06/2005 Board of Selectmen's Meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion Passes.

In regards to a motion made by Dan Lief, and seconded by Phil Whitney, moving ... "To establish a $300.00 donation to Hancock County Hospice as a warrant item at March 2006 Town Meeting."

01/10/2006: Phil Whitney moves to rescind the above motion made at the 12/06/2005 Board of Selectmen's Meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion. Motion Passes.

Selectmen discuss the desire to donate to charities that somehow directly benefit the Islands. A list of requested donations is on file at the Town Office, and input from residents on municipal donations to various organizations would certainly be helpful.

-Under New Business, Section VI, C:
Add: Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

-Under New Business, Section VI, E:
Change: Recently, Representative Ted Koffman visited both GCI and Islesford to discuss issues facing survival of year-round communities on the Islands.

-Under MFC Report, Section VII, C:
Change: Bill McGuinness will check with Danny Chalmers to inquire about the hauling out of mooring balls at Manset.

-Under MFC Report, Section VII, E:
Delete: Previously discussed under Old Business, Section V, B.
Add: No communication at this time.

-Under MFC Report, Section VII, F:
Change: (Re: Golf cart insurance), Phil Whitney and Malcolm Donald will research this topic with the State.

-Under MFC Report, Section VII, I:
Add: (Re: Harbor Grant), Phil Whitney is the point person for the project.

-Under Other Business, Section IX:
(Re: tax abatements, poverty and regular); Selectmen ask for Town Clerk to further research for them the authority of the Board of Assessment Review, and any information that would be helpful when it comes to tax abatements.

Dan Lief moves to accept the 12/06/05 minutes with the above corrections. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, and a unanimous vote by Edgar Blank. Motion passes.

III. Review/Signing of Financial Warrants
All warrants were signed by the Board of Selectmen.
-Warrant #01: $ 4386.50
-Warrant #02: $ 18360.48
-Warrant #03: $ 46347.17
Total: $ 69094.15

At this point of the meeting, Nan Hadlock brings up a correction that needs to be made to May 03, 2005 minutes.

-Under MFC Officer's Report, Section VIII, J:
In the Municipal Solid Waste subheading, it was incorrectly stated that "Last July, the town bought the truck and so now the town owns everything."

The Town of Cranberry Isles does not own the truck or the containers, which are owned by Gray Enterprises.

Edgar Blank moves that let Dan Lief and Nan Hadlock clarify the May 03, 2005 minutes in regards to solid waste disposal. Dan Lief seconds the motion, and a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.

IV. Appointments/Resignations
A. Appointment-Harbor Ordinance Committee
Nominations to the Harbor Ordinance Committee are as follows:

Phil Whitney- (coordinator between MFC and Committee)
Edgar Blank-(Harbormaster, Islesford)
Richard Beal-(Harbormaster, GCI)
David Thomas
Richard Howland
Roy Hadlock

Dan Lief suggests that Richard Hill be asked to serve on the committee as well, in light of his interest in the last proposed harbor ordinance which was voted down at an August 09, 2004 Special Town Meeting.

Dan Lief moves to accept these nominations as the Harbor Committee with the privilege to add other interested parties. Edgar Blank seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Phil Whitney. Motion passes.

Thank you to all those who volunteered for this committee.

Phil Whitney has contacted the Hancock County Planning Office who is willing to work as facilitator/coordinator for the project. Part of the grant money may be used to hire a consultant for the project. Selectmen Whitney wishes to hire a consultant, as he stresses that he has much work on his agenda, and cannot do all the work for this project by himself.

The grant is valid until the end of 2006.

Selectmen Lief and Selectman Blank both wish to hold back on the hiring of a consultant, giving time to research all possibilities.

Phil Whitney moves to look into hiring Tom Martin of Hancock County Planning as facilitator for the harbor ordinance project. Dan Lief and Edgar Blank oppose the motion. Motion does not pass.

Phil Whitney agrees to wait at least another month for any decision on the matter.

V. Communications
No communications at this time.

VI. Old Business
A. Report: Harding Point Town Property Research
Attorney Guinta expects that within the next month he will know the status of ownership of the Harding Point Road Property in question. One of the two lots appears to have no known ownership, and the other lot is still in question.

B. Report: Cranberry Isles Boat Registrations Implementation
Denise McCormick spoke with Donna Hall at the Department of Inland and Fisheries & Wildlife last Friday, in regards to boat registrations through our Town Office. Ms. Hall reports that the Department is behind in granting registration abilities, and the Town of Cranberry Isles should hear something as early as next week.

C. Report: New England Fish Management Council Proposal
N.E.F.M.C. requested a letter of support from our municipality, in regard to proposed herring fishing regulations. Dan Leif reports that he has had a chance to discuss this issue with a few of our local fisherman. He senses that we may be essentially in favor of the regulations, but he is not sure we should, as a municipality, be in the business to officially support proposed legislation.

Edgar Blank has also had a chance to discuss the matter with his fellow fisherman, and agrees that regulations are probably in order, mainly for ecological reasons.

Dan Lief moves that we let the request from New England Fish Management go unsigned. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Edgar Blank. Motion passes.

D. Signatures: National Incident Management System (NIMS) Implementation
A proclamation designating The National Incident Management System, as the basis for all incident management by the Town of Cranberry Isles was signed by The Board of Selectmen at this meeting. A copy of this proclamation is available for inspection at the Town Office. There are some requirements to follow for the system, for example some training is involved. Phil Whitney has been volunteering as our Town Representative, but has recently learned that there is a conflict of interest between this position, and the position of Selectman held by Mr. Whitney. Anyone interested in the position should contact the Town Office.

This position would act as coordinator for natural disaster-type situations. Without the proclamation, our municipality may not be eligible in the future for homeland security grant monies. The requirements must be met by October 2006.

E. Report: School Septic System Construction
Dianne Waters and Bill McGuinness both report that the septic system work is complete at the Islesford School. Total cost for the construction work was $18877.74.

Selectmen acknowledge the nice job done by Courtney Chaplin and Will Palmer.

F. Report: Islesford Service Society Community Garden Research
The Islesford Service Society has decided that the location of their proposed community garden is desired to be in the Islesford Town Field. At this time they are looking for an appropriate location in the field for a 20 x 30 ft. garden spot. There has been no official recommendation to date.

G. Report: RJD Assessing Service Proposal Research
Two proposals have been received by the Town for assessing services after March 2006.
1) RJD Appraisal (current assessing service with Matt Caldwell as appointed assessor; contract expires March 2006)

2) Roger Peppard (former assessor through RJD Appraisal, who left RJD Appraisal in September 2005 to work for his own appraisal company)

H. Report: Funding Research Requests
Nan Hadlock has condensed the donation requests made to the Town for fiscal year 2006. Selectmen discuss the process of deciding which requests will be honored by inclusion on the Town Meeting Warrant. A decision made at the 12/06/05 BOS Meeting was rescinded. (See Review/Approval of 12/06/05 Minutes, Section II of today's minutes)

VII. New Business
A. Briefing: Tax Assessment Review Policy
Town Clerk Denise McCormick explains that for valuation purposes, the land value stays the same until the whole town is reassessed. The building value may increase due to other factors such as improvements. The last Town reassessment was done three years ago. Hancock County reported Cranberry Isles Land Valuation at $172,000,000.00. The Town's Land Valuation figure is $161,103,200.00. The Town has been basing the last three years' taxes on the Valuation figure $161,103,200.00.

B. Signatures: Harbor Ordinance Grant Money Release
The Board of Selectmen sign a release for $11000.00 Shore and Harbor planning grant award for the development of a Four-Harbor Ordinance.

C. Signatures: Rodney Wimer Manset Property Lease
Rodney Wimer has rented the large space in the rear of the Manset Warehouse Facility. This a year-round lease, rent being $365.00 per month. Mr. Wimer has an allowance in his lease to work out of the space for up to five days per month. The rental lease was signed by the Board of Selectmen.

There is still one large space for rent at the facility, and possibly space for one automobile.

VIII. MFC Report
A. Town Offices
Eve Harrison reports that she is still gathering information on a modular building that could be used for a new Town Office at Islesford. She would like to see the gravel pit property surveyed, as the marker at the back of the piece of property cannot be located. She also believes that there may be other spots at the gravel pit that could serve as a building sites.

B. Roads Maintenance
Dan Lief reports that we still have one pothole on Sandbeach Road in front of the Dudman Residence that still needs to be filled.

C. Manset Maintenance
The roof repair job is finished at the Manset Facility. Bill McGuinness checked the job last week, and everything looks fine. Iann Krasnow of Krasnow Homeworks did the work at a price of $2350.00, which was included in a signed warrant by Selectmen at today's meeting.

D. Manset Business Development
Cynthia Lief suggests that the Town advertise the space left for rent on the Island Websites., (see section VII, C).

E. Parking Administration
Denise McCormick suggests that the Town put a posting on the Island Websites, asking residents to let the Town Office know if there is an address change or adjustment for parking letters, and other Town Correspondences. This will be discussed at the next M.F.C. Meeting.

F. Town Property Inventory/Usage
It has been reported that people have been driving across the Town Field at Islesford. Dan Lief offers to write a letter to residents from the Board of Selectmen, encouraging people to not drive on the field.

The GASB-34 Report is finished, and we received approval from Jim Wadman, town auditor.

G. GCI Store/Public Restrooms
No communications at this time.

H. Trash Disposal
The fence is up and the building has been moved at the G.C.I. Transfer Station Site.

An amendment has been made to the Gray Trash Contract. Some changes have been made, and this will be discussed further at the January 21, 2006 M.F.C. Meeting. Selectmen hope to sign the contract at the February Board of Selectmen's Meeting.

I. Wharves/Floats/Harbors
A bulletin board has been ordered for placing at Great Cranberry Dock. Town Bulletins will be posted on the new board.

Edgar Blank will discuss painting/scraping of Sutton Float for launching.

J. Grant Applications
No communications at this time.

K. Leases & Tenants
Previously discussed, (see section VII, C & D).

L. Budget & Warrants
A small workshop session will be held near the end of this meeting to preview the proposed 2006 budget and warrant articles.

Eve Harrison submits her 2005 annual report to the Board of Selectmen for the Annual Town Report.

IX. Town Officer Reports
A representative from Central Voter Registration is expected to be at the Town Office on Friday to scan voter registration cards into the new voter registration computer, and to provide training to office staff.

The next regularly scheduled visit from Tax Assessor Matt Caldwell is for Tuesday, January 31, 2006.

X. Other Business
Chairman Phil Whitney signs the 2006 certifications and assurances documentation which includes federal guidelines for grant money spending, in reference to the harbor grant.

Our Selectmen signed the Cooperative Agreement between The Town of Cranberry Isles and the Island Institute for 2006 services of Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute Fellow.

XI. Audience Communications
Eve Harrison asks where the Town is in regards to a complaint against the Town, previously discussed at an executive session at the December 06, 2005 Board of Selectmen's Meeting. Phil Whitney provides "No Comment, as the issue is still pending."

XI. Workshop
11:00 A.M.- Selectmen and Town Clerk break into workshop to review the first drafts of Proposed Town Budget and proposed warrant articles.

11:30 A.M.- Phil Whitney calls the meeting back to regular session.

Phil Whitney moves that a Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting be Scheduled for Monday, January 30, 2006 at the Islesford Neighborhood House at 8:30 A.M., to review work on proposed budget and warrant articles. Edgar Blank seconds the motion, and a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion Passes.

11:38 A.M.-Dan Lief moves that the meeting adjourn. Edgar Blank seconds the motion. Meeting adjourns.

The next Board of Selectmen's Meeting is a Special Workshop/ Board Meeting, and will be held at Islesford Neighborhood House on Monday, January 30, 2006 at 8:30 A.M. (Note: Members of the public are encouraged to attend).

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