Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
5 September 2006
Islesford Neighborhood House

I. Call to order: 9:00 A.M. by Chairman Phil Whitney

II. Review / Approval 08/01/06 Minutes
Section VI, J: Grants
Add: The purpose of the Small Harbor Improvement Grant (S.H.I.P.) in the amount of $18000.00 is for three new finger floats for GCI, LCI, and Sutton and a gangway for GCI.

Section IV, C: Old Business
Delete: (paragraph one)
Add: Bill McGuinness received permission from the Board to create bid specs for the construction of three finger floats.

Dan Lief moves to accept the August 01, 2006 minutes with corrections. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.

III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants

Warrant #35:$ 4791.02  
Warrant #36:$ 26716.83  
Warrant #37:$ 5044.51  
Warrant #38:$ 272249.30 (total approved for warrant #38)
Total:$ 308801.66  

*Warrant #38: $ 272409.30 (total of, see below)
Under Warrant # 38, a bill for $ 160.00 from Steve Palmer for hauling floats to Islesford will be researched further by Bill before payment is made.

Dan Lief wishes to thank all those involved in getting the donated floats to Islesford.

IV. Communications

A. Letter: Pauline Bunker
A letter from GCI Resident Pauline Bunker reports a hazardous condition in front of her gift shop. A drop off from the pavement to the entrance to Paulines property has been repaired by Blair Colby.

B. Letter: Dan Wigutow
A letter from Sutton Island Resident Dan Wigutow asks the Selectmen to consider building a new Sutton Island Dock East of the existing Town Dock for deeper water docking and a larger entrance for ferries. Mr. Wigutow is willing to buy the current dock as a private dock from the Town and to release a new right of way from the dock over their land.

Mr. Wigutow also suggests a second float to be placed south of the current dock for dinghy tie up.

Dan Lief will speak with Mr. Wigutow to research the request further. Aaron Gray will speak with ferry companies to hear any docking concerns they may have.

V. Appointments / Resignations
With regret the Board of Selectmen accept a letter of resignation for health issues from Susan Valdina for Islesford Animal Control Officer. Debbie Wedge, GCI Animal Control Officer will be filling in for Islesford. Aaron Gray will search for interested persons who might fill the job. Discussion is tabled until next months meeting.

VI. Old Business
A. Discussion: Proposed ATV Ordinance

Selectmen have received a draft ATV ordinance from the Town Attorney. This draft is pretty much a boiler-plate of state guidelines on ATV use laws. The ordinance would designate TCI public ways as ATV access routes. ATVs would be required to travel on the extreme right side of the road. Signs would need to be posted conspicuously at regular intervals on the public ways. A question comes up about the extreme right side of the road- Is this intended to be different than how a car travels on the right? Selectman Whitney reports that Swans Island has successfully passed their own ordinance making ATVs legal on public ways. The board agrees that more research needs to be done before an ordinance is presented. ATV Maine might be able to help. Dan Lief, with offered assistance from Aaron Gray will research further.

B. Discussion: Vehicle Importation Ordinance Letter
At the August 15, 2006 Special Town Meeting, voters decided to keep the original Vehicle Importation Ordinance. A vehicle enforcement letter is to be sent shortly to all taxpayers and residents from G.C.I. and Islesford. The Code Enforcement Officer will be asked to continue work on the vehicle database. Dan Lief will redraft the first paragraph of the letter. Car registration and insurance will be the priority for enforcement by constables. Vehicle importation is enforced by the C.E.O.

C. Report: Isleford Harbor Enforcement Issues
Selectman feels that stronger enforcement for the Harbor is needed for the Islesford Harbor. Selectman Lief has spoken with the Harbormaster about various issues. One problem seems to be that our current docking ordinance does not address tie-up time. The Board feels that a better statement of what the rules are and better signage will be needed. The Harbor Ordinance Committee is currently working on these issues in the development of a proposed harbor ordinance to be presented to the voters at the March 2007 Town Meeting.

Recent issues include a TCI guest mooring is being used by a fisherman who has a float attached to the mooring with traps on it, and larger boats continuing to tie up at the dinghy floats. Questions arose of a mooring policy as well, and are being discussed by the Harbor Ordinance Committee. Selectmen Lief will call Harbormaster Blank and discuss enforcement with him.

D. Report: Donated Finger Floats-Potential Uses
Buyers have been found for all extra floats for sale by the Town. The Board gives Bill McGuinness permission to collect the money and deliver the floats.

E. Bids: GCI Wharf Ramp / Finger Floats (3) Construction
Bids on the finger float construction are postponed at this time until the state gives us the go ahead.

F. Bids: Snow Plowing Contract- GCI
Snow plowing bids are due September 25, 2006, and will be awarded at the October Board Meeting.

G. Report: E-911 Compliance Progress

H. Signatures: MOU-ANP Emergency Response- Baker & Bear Islands
Selectmen sign a memorandum of understanding between Acadia National Park and the Town of Cranberry Isles on the handling of emergency services for Baker (emergency service zone 5) and Bear Island (emergency service zone 4).

Coordination of emergency service responses on Islesford (ESZ 2), including the Islesford Museum property, shall be the responsibility of the Town of Cranberry Isles.

Coordination of emergency services for Bear Island and Bakers Island shall be the responsibility of Acadia National Park.

Coordination includes receipt of calls from the E-911 Public Safety Answering Point for first response and arranging the appropriate response.

I. Report: Manset Surplus Property List
Some items stored at the Manset property have been identified as surplus property by the Facilities Supervisor. Some items will be retained by the Town for future use, and some will be sold as is, where is. Selectmen ask Bill McGuinness to separate the good from the trash.

Dan Lief moves to have facilities supervisor clean up the sight, and to sell or keep things as appropriate. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.

J. Report: Shellfish Warden Patrols
Selectman Gray has spoken with Shellfish Warden about patrolling the Island Flats. Mr. Phillips reports that there has been very little activity due to the closure of flats (Red Tide). He has done a patrol recently with no incidents.

K. Discussion: Pandemic Influenza Committee
In November 2005, GCI Resident Richard Beal advised the Town that a committee for Pandemic Influenza Preparedness should be formed. To date there has been no progress on the issue. Selectmen will work with the Emergency Preparedness Liaison, Margaret Blank on this.

VII. New Business

A. Discussion: MMA TABOR Workshop Attendance 9/27
A TABOR Workshop is planned for September 27, hopefully to shed some light on how TABOR will affect our community if passed in the November referendum. Denise McCormick will attend if possible, as she has other training scheduled for the next month. At this time there is no commitment for anyone from the Town to attend the meeting.

B. Discussion: Establish High Speed Internet Research Committee
This has been established at the last MFC Meeting to not be an MFC issue. Selectman Whitney would like to see a committee formed to research the possibility for high speed internet for Island residents. Bill McGuinness has been working on this possibility and a representative of Mainly Wired will come out at the end of the month to look our situation over. At this time no committee is established.

C. Report: Constables-Briefings/Proposed Training/Bond Requirements
Selectman Whitney recently met with Constable Wimer and Constable Howland to discuss enforcement. Discussed was a low key, but methodical approach to unlicensed drivers, insurance and registration violations. Constables were briefed on enforcement limitations, such as no firearms, and no arrests, unless Criminal Justice Training is completed. Constables can, however, write summons. Constable Wimer is willing to attend a two week course at the Police Academy in October. Costs for the course are $300.00 plus expenses. This would be for training purposes only. Richard Howland may be willing to take the course in the spring.

Dan Lief moves to send Rodney Wimer to Basic Police training in October. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.

Bonding for our constables is only required for civil process duties, and The Hancock County Sheriffs Department will do civil process duties for the Town.

VIII. MFC Report

A. Town Offices
Permission has been received from the Valdina Family to do the necessary reinforcement for a fire proof safe for Town Records to be installed at the Town Office. The vault has been ordered, and fabrication/delivery is expected to take 5-6 weeks.

B. Roads Maintenance

C. Manset Maintenance

D. Manset Business Development
Frank Reese, Phil Whitney, and representatives from the Island Institute are looking into available grants for funding an enhanced dock at Manset.

E. Parking Administration
Plans for next years parking letter may include guidelines for the Joy Street Parking Lot.

F. Town Property Inventory / Usage

G. GCI Store / Restrooms
No communication at this time.

H. Trash Disposal

I. Wharves/Floats/Ramps/Harbors

J. Grants
Previously discussed.

K. Leases & Real Estate
Rental space for cars or small boats will again be available as of October 16, 2006 through May 14, 2007 at the Manset Property. Spaces cost $400.00 for the season, and may be reserved by calling Bill McGuinness at 244-4475.

L. Budget & Warrants
No communications at this time.

IX. Other Business

X. Audience Communications

XI. Adjournment- 1:00PM
Aaron Gray moves to adjourn the meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Meeting Adjourns.

The next regularly scheduled Board of Selectmens Meeting is Tuesday, October 3, 2006, at Great Cranberry Island.

Please note: Members of the public are encouraged to attend.

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