Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
3 October 2006
GCI Community Center


Phil Whitney, Chairman, B.O.S Eve Harrison, M.F.C.
Dan Lief, B.O.S. Chris White, M.F.C.
Aaron Gray, B.O.S. Hal Newell
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Karin Whitney
Bill McGuinness, Facilities Supervisor Ed Gray
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk Debbie Wedge
Cyrus Moulton, Island Institute Robin Richman

I. Call to Order: 9:00 A.M. by Chairman Phil Whitney

II. Review / Approval 09/05/06 Minutes
Phil Whitney moves to accept the 09/05/06 Board of Selectmen’s Meeting Minutes as written. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.

III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants

Warrant #39: $ 4420.39
Warrant #40: $ 41968.74
Warrant #41: $ 6773.78
Warrant #42: $ 198533.27
Total: $ 251696.18

All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

IV. Communications
A. Letter: Robin Richman
The Board has received a letter from Robin Richman voicing concern over target practice on private property at Great Cranberry Island. Ms. Richman states at the meeting that the letter is not meant to be confrontational, but she and other citizens are concerned with safety. She asks for information about the legality of people shooting on other residents' property.

It is customary for island hunters to target practice at times in the fall to get ready for the hunting season. According to Selectmen Whitney it is legal to shoot on other people's property unless the property is marked no trespassing / hunting or the property owner has verbally or otherwise asked individuals not to do so. There are no established shooting ranges in the Town of Cranberry Isles. At the June 07, 2005 Board of Selectmen's Meeting, it was voted to ban target practice on any town property. Ms. Richman suggests an ad hoc committee to research the issue and make suggestions for safe use. Selectman Lief recommends that the committee speak with individuals who shoot about what they think, and offers his assistance if needed. This will be discussed again at the November Board Meeting.

B. Letter: Ed Gray
Great Cranberry Resident Ed Gray has sent a letter to the Board in regard to two separate issues that he would like to see placed on the warrant for the next annual town meeting in March, and also how to go about doing so.

1) To see if the voters will vote to sell the Marsh Building in Manset and use the proceeds to retire debt from the purchase of the Manset property.

2) To call for a moratorium on any future town ordinances until the town can show the ability to enforce them. This would be determined by the voters at a future town meeting.

It has been recommended by the MFC to wait for the current Marsh lease to
expire before making any decisions on what to do with the building. There is also
a wait time for paying off bonds on the Manset Property.

Mr. Gray states at the meeting that he fully believes in simplifying town Government, and if the Marsh property were to sell, the proceed could be used to relieve some other town debt. As for the moratorium on ordinances, he states that there is no credibility to the ordinance when they are not enforced after being passed. Selectman Lief does not want uniformed police officers with guns; a friendly place, with some rules, but not too many.

Town Clerk Denise McCormick informs the meeting that a formal legal petition with signatures equaling ten percent of the voters in the last gubernatorial election, or 21 voters at this time, would be needed. Each of the two issues would require a separate petition. Bill McGuinness also adds that the wording of the petition article is important for legal reasons.

Selectman Lief recommends that leases should be reviewed every two to three months, checking their status. He suggests that he and Denise could do this on a regular basis.

V. Appointments / Resignations
The Board of Selectmen accepts with regret the resignation letter from MFC Chairman Hugh Smallwood.

Selectman Lief wishes to formally thank Mr. Smallwood for helping to develop the Municipal Facilities Commission and also for his help with setting up the new Trio computerized treasury system.

Selectman Whitney states that he has been pleased to work with Hugh Smallwood, and much has been accomplished in the last eighteen months.

Dan Lief questions the future of the MFC. If changes were to be made, how could this be done?

Phil Whitney explains that the voters would decide at town meeting. Mr. Lief personally feels a need for change, and would like to see volunteerism encouraged in a different way. Voters decided to amend the MFC Charter at the last town meeting. Bill McGuinness suggests amending the charter again. One problem with the charter is that no vacancy on the commission can be filled except by voters at a town meeting. A teleconference MFC Meeting was held on September 28, 2006 to appoint a new chairman. None of the current members were interested in being the chairperson.

Dan Lief moves that Bill McGuinness henceforth report directly to the Board of Selectmen, as opposed to the MFC Chairman, and to continue under the guidance of the Board of Selectmen in working with the MFC. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with Phil Whitney opposed. Motion passes.

VI. Old Business
A. Discussion: Proposed ATV Ordinance
This discussion was continued from the August Board Meeting. Dan Lief was asked to research this issue further, but has no further information at this time. One of the issues is that ATV operators cannot be forced to provide insurance, as they are registered through the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, who does not require insurance for registration. The Town Clerk has recently spoken with William Swan from the Department of I. F. & W. and he suggests we go to the legislature and ask them to make ATVs Island Use Vehicles.

Selectman Lief suggests contacting the Island Institute and the Island Coalition for assistance with this.

Selectman Whitney informs the meeting that a visit is expected next week from Representative Ted Koffman, and this might be a chance to discuss this issue with him.

B. Report: Harbormaster Enforcement
Dan Lief has spoken with Islesford Harbormaster Edgar Blank about enforcement duties of the harbormaster position. Mr. Blank wishes to continue with the position, but selectmen are not sure if enforcement can be expected. Phil Whitney reports that no quarterly reports have been filed by Islesford Harbormaster, and he has attended only one harbor ordinance committee meeting this far.

Selectman Lief suggests that if Mr. Blank does not attend the next harbor ordinance committee meeting, that the Board consider holding the harbormaster pay until the end of the year for chance of improvement. Selectman Whitney is willing to wait until reappointments are made.

C. Bids: Snow Plowing Contract
One bid has been received for the snow plowing contract at GCI. Blair Colby submitted a bid for $37,398.00, approximately a forty percent increase over last year's contract with Mr. Colby. Bill McGuinness has questions of the bid in regard to the reason for such an increase this year, and also individual totals on the contract do not add up correctly to the contract price. Bill McGuinness will speak with Mr. Colby who has done a good job for the town over the past three years. Discussion will be continued until the November Board Meeting, however, time is of the essence and the board would like to move forward. A special board meeting will be scheduled if necessary.

D. Report: E-911 Compliance Progress
Bill McGuinness has spoken with the Director of the Maine E-911 Bureau and Pete Coughlin from the Department of Transportation who have given the go ahead to measure the roads at Islesford for numbering. This is the only step left for Islesford to be E-911 compliant. Bill has ordered the measuring wheel and will commence work on measuring and numbering soon.

Nan Hadlock and Phil Whitney will meet again to go over the private road naming at GCI and to finalize the letter for sending to private road residents.

E. Report: League of Towns TABOR Workshop 9/27
Phil Whitney attended the TABOR workshop on September 27, 2006. The League of Towns suggests voting against TABOR at the November referendum.

F. Status: Beal & Bunker Subsidy Research
Hal Newell and Dan Lief are representatives of the Town who will work on this issue. A meeting with David Bunker, Wilfred Bunker, or a representative of Beal and Bunker has not taken place as of yet. Some detailed information has been received by the board from Beal and Bunker. Hopefully there will be a report at the next Selectmen's Meeting.

G. Discussion: Town Employee Salaries / Benefit Package

VII. New Business
A. Report: Town Clerk's Conference Attendance 09/19
Denise McCormick and Nanette Hadlock attended the Maine Town and City Clerks Association Clerk's Networking Day in Waterville on September 19, 2006.

The day's agenda included state representatives from the Office of Elections, Vital Statistics, and the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Much of the program dealt with the new election laws which will be in effect for the November election. It was a great chance to meet other state clerks, discuss issues of the position, and share solutions. (The lunch was awesome, too)!

VIII. MFC Report
A. Town Offices

B. Roads Maintenance
The Department of Transportation, (DOT) has recommended an experimental pothole filler from Chemical Resource Company. Bill McGuinness will order some and try it for some of the pothole filling.

C. Manset Maintenance

D. Manset Business Development
No communication at this time.

E. Parking Administration
Residents are reminded that the last day for off island assigned parking is Sunday, October 15, 2006. Residents are also reminded that the Cranberry Cove Boat will cease service for the season on Saturday, October 14, 2006. A public notice will be posted.

F. Town Property Inventory /Usage

G. GCI Store / Public Restrooms
Karen Whitney reports that someone keeps turning the heat up and the chimney flue had been opened with ashes spilling onto the floor at the Manset restroom.

H. Trash Disposal
Abutting resident Ellen Gellerstedt is interested in seeing the drawing of the Islesford Town Garage property and its proposed uses before making her decision about signing off for a transfer station at the site.

I. Wharves / Floats / Ramps / Harbors

J. Grants

K. Leases & Real Estate
No communication at this time.

L. Budget & Warrants
The budget and warrant committee will start work soon on the proposed budget / warrants for the 2007 annual town meeting. Committee members include Dan Lief, Frank Reece, Denise McCormick, Chris White, and Malcolm Donald. Due to the resignation of Hugh Smallwood, someone must be appointed to work on the Department 58 (MFC) budget. Denise McCormick suggests asking Hal Newell work on this department. The Board of Selectmen agrees.

IX. Town Officer / Committee Reports
July through September quarterly reports are due to the Selectmen for this month’s meeting. Thank you to the following individuals who submitted reports:

Phil Whitney: Constable
Deborah Wedge: Animal Control Officer
Rodney Wimer: Constable
Robert Phillips: Shellfish Warden
Ruth Westphal: Health Officer
Nan Hadlock: Planning Board
Eve Harrison: Board of Appeals
Beverly Sanborn: Board of Assessment Review / League of Towns
Malcolm Donald: Island Coalition
Island Institute: Cyrus Moulton
Jason Pickering: Road Commissioner
Richard Howland: Constable
Cynthia Lief: Acadia Disposal District
Nan Hadlock: School Board
Margaret Blank: Emergency Preparedness Liaison

Quarterly reports have yet to be received from Islesford Harbormaster, GCI Harbormaster, Zone 1 GCI Fire Department, and Zone 2 Islesford Fire Department.

X. Other Business

XI. Audience Communications
No communications at this time.

XII. Executive Session
None requested.

XIII. Adjournment- 1:55 P.M.
Aaron Gray moves to adjourn the meeting. Phil Whitney seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.

The next Board of Selectmen’s Meeting will be on Thursday, November 02, 2006 at Islesford.
Note: Members of the public are encouraged to attend.

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