Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
2 November 2006
Islesford Neighborhood House


Phil Whitney, Chairman, B.O.S Eric Dyer, Island Institute
Aaron Gray, B.O.S. Hal Newell
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Karin Whitney
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk Robin Richman
Bill McGuinness, Facilities Supervisor Barbara Meyers

I. Call to Order: 8:30 A.M. by Chairman Phil Whitney

II. Review / Approval 10/03/06 Minutes

Add: Section IV, Communications: It is illegal to hunt within 300 feet of any residence.

III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants

Warrant #43:  $ 5111.00
Warrant #44:$ 1200.00
Warrant #45:$ 35917.61
Warrant #46:$ 1035.00
Warrant #47:$ 9649.19
Warrant #48:$ 40447.71
Total:$ 93360.51

All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

IV. Communications

A. Letter: NEH Ambulance Service Thank You
A thank you letter has been received from the Northeast Harbor Ambulance Service. The letter was written by Albert Hamor, Service Chief, thanking the Town of Cranberry Isles for the $1000.00 donation for 2006.

V. Old Business

A. Discussion: GCI Snow Plowing Contract
An offer letter is signed by the Board of Selectmen to Blair Colby, independent contractor, for the G.C.I. snowplowing contract. The offer is to extend his previous contract for last year, with a change included for payment. The terms of the offer are for $10,000.00 for the winter season, with $5000.00 to be paid in November 2006, and five installments of $1000.00 to be paid monthly, starting in December 2006. Last year Mr. Colby was paid $9200.00 for the contract.

Selectmen Whitney reiterates the fact that independent contractors are required to show proof of worker's compensation insurance, and that all vehicles used must be registered and insured.

In the period for July 2005 through July 2006, $ 5934.00 was paid by the Town of Cranberry Isles for worker's comp. coverage for independent contractors hired by the town. All independent contractors are required to sign an "Application for Predetermination of Independent Contractor Status To Establish Rebuttable Presumption" for the Town. Letters and the applications have been previously sent to the Town's independent contractors, as well as two separate letters of request for the paperwork to be completed and filed at the town office. To date, no independent contractors have filed the necessary paperwork with the town. This came up last year during an audit done by Maine Employer's Mutual Insurance Company (M.E.M.I.C.). The town office is required to have these applications from all independent contractors to determine the relationship with the Town. The school board is also required to make sure all independent contractors hired by them also comply with this application process. The principal and superintendent have been advised of this requirement. Both understand the importance of this paperwork. If no worker's compensation insurance is carried by a town independent contractor, the application / rebuttable presumption will hold the Town harmless from any worker's comp. liability.

B. Status: E-911 Compliance Progress
A draft letter has been prepared for sending to the G.C.I. private road abutting property owners. The Deputy Clerk will send copies of property owner lists / tax maps to Carl Brooks for review. This item will be further discussed at the December Board of Selectmen's Meeting.

Nan Hadlock and Bill McGuinness will be working on numbering for Islesford residents this month.

C. Status: Beal & Bunker Subsidy Negotiations
Negotiations continue with Beal & Bunker. A few more financial numbers have been received. Due to the nature of fairly sensitive financial information, more discussion will take place between Dan Lief, Hal Newell, and Beal & Bunker. If a proposed warrant article should be needed, the information would need to be presented to the B.O.S. by the January 2007 Board meeting.

D. Discussion: Town Employees Salaries / Benefits
Discussion is tabled on this agenda item until the December Board Meeting when Selectman Lief is here to discuss the matter.

E. Report: High Speed Internet Research
The Town has received information from the engineering company, Mainely Wired in regard to projected costs of high speed internet set-up. Dan Lief and Hal Newell will be working on their respective islands to possibly get interest in a private endeavor. This will not be funded by the municipality at this time.

G.C.I. resident Barbara Meyers wishes to make public her concern for the health dangers that may be involved with radio transmission. There is no scientific data available that supports this for this country, however there are reports from other countries. Bill McGuinness suggests that Ms. Meyers speak of her concerns with the engineer at Mainely Wired. Mr. McGuinness has researched the potential dangers of a 900 MHz transmission, and has found nothing scary. Phil Whitney suggests that those concerned continue to work with Hal Newell, Dan Lief, or Bill McGuinness and to stay on top of reports of danger.

F. Status: Public Interest Payphones (PIPs) Island Docks
The Town of Cranberry Isles has been approved for public interest payphones to be installed at our town docks on G.C.I. and Islesford. Verizon is now in the process of bidding out the installation of these phones.

G. Status: Target Practice / Range Research
The Futures Group of G.C.I. is researching the possibility of a controlled shooting range for residents. G.C.I. resident Robin Richman is still concerned for public safety with random target practicing on private property. She states that she is not concerned with hunting per say, but target practice. Ms. Richman requests that the Board of Selectmen further research the laws with an attorney. Selectmen Whitney is willing to further research the laws on target practice with either the Town Attorney or Maine Municipal Association (M.M.A.).

Island Institute Fellow Eric Dyer suggests that zoning may be the answer to the problem.

Both Selectmen stress the need to call the constable right away when proposed violations occur.

H. Status: A.N.P. MOU Island Emergency Response Services
A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed by the Board of Selectmen and Acadia National Park (A.N.P.) Superintendent for the handling of emergency responses on Baker and Bear Island. Coordination of emergency responses for Baker and Bear Islands shall be the responsibility of Acadia National Park.

Copies of this memorandum will be forwarded to The Regional Communications Center in Augusta, The State Police, A.N.P. Chief Ranger, Town Fire Chiefs, State Fire Wardens, the Emergency Preparedness Agent, and Baker and Bear Island property owners.

VI. New Business

A. Hearing: Annual General Assistance Ordinance
It is time to sign the annual general assistance ordinance which includes guidelines for different types of assistance for the General Assistance Administrator to follow. This ordinance is filed with the State of Maine declaring that the Town of Cranberry Isles offers general assistance to those individuals who qualify. Selectman Gray and Selectman Whitney sign the G.A. Ordinance.

B. Discussion: Annual Non-Local Donor Requests
Recommendations for non-local donor requests are presented to the Board from Chris White, M.F.C. Member who handles the donation requests from the annual 2006 budget.

   Recommended   Approved
Hospice of Hancock County$350.00 $ 500.00
Emmaus Homeless Shelter$100.00 $ 100.00
MDI YMCA$100.00 $ 100.00
Washington Hancock Community Agency (W.H.C.A.)$ 50.00 $ 100.00
Bread of Life Food Pantry (Swan's Island)$ 150.00 $ 150.00
Salvation Army$ 50.00 $ 50.00
Total:$ 800.00 $ 1000.00

*A total of $1000.00 was budgeted by voters for 2006.

Aaron Gray moves to spend the budgeted $1000.00 as approved above, for human service organizations. Phil Whitney seconds the motion. Motion passes.

C. Report: Comprehensive Planning Committee Work
Selectman Whitney introduces Eric Dyer, Island Institute Fellow who will be working on the comprehensive plan completion with the committee. Eric will be residing on Islesford. Discussion on Comprehensive Plan progress is tabled until the December B.O.S. Meeting in order for Comp. Plan Member Dan Lief to be present.

D. Report: Town Clerk Attendance Election Workshops 10/12-13
The state has provided a computer for voter registration. Town Clerk Denise McCormick attended Central Voter Registration Classes on October 12 and 13. Instruction was provided for computer use, and also a review of new laws and equipment for voting. In complying with the American Disabilities Act, an AVS machine has been provided for each municipality for use of voters with disability. This machine basically allows an individual to vote over the phone. Also provided were handicap accessible voting booths. This equipment is mandatory.

The doors of the Islesford Neighborhood House and the Lady's Aid Building at G.C.I. are still not wide enough for handicap accessibility, but the Town of Cranberry Isles has no control over the buildings.

VII. MFC Report

A. Town Offices
The fireproof safe for the town office is being stored for free by Norumbega Storage. The safe will be moved to Islesford as soon as the lolly columns are in place, and the back porch is reinforced. One concern is that the town house septic tank is very near the back porch.

B. Roads Maintenance
Pot hole filling on both Islesford and G.C.I. expects to be done in the month of November. A new compound will be used that is less expensive and can be used in colder weather.

C. Manset Maintenance
The broken door at Manset Warehouse Building is stuck in the open position. PDQ Doors does not have the new door from the manufacturer yet. Bill McGuinness has contacted the manufacturer.

D. Manset Business Development
No communications at this time.

E. Parking Administration
The Manset Parking Lot is now officially closed for the season.

F. Town Property Inventory / Usage
A meeting is planned at the G.C.I. Gravel Pit on Friday, November 10, 2006 at 10:00 A.M. to review proposed usage plans of the town-owned gravel pit property. Hal Newell and Chris White will be there to answer questions to those interested. G.C.I. resident Robin Richman inquires if there may be any setback requirements for sand and salt sheds due to the nearby location of the heath. It is advised to speak with the Department of Environmental Protection in regard to this question.

The first drawing by A-4 Architects for Islesford property usage will be of the town garage site as it is considered a priority.

An estimate for the drilling of a well at the G.C.I. transfer station has been received from Gary Gould in the amount of $8425.00. The Board asks Bill McGuinness to do more estimate research before any decisions are made.

G. GCI Store / Public Restrooms
The public restroom floor at the GCI restroom has been painted by Karin Whitney at no cost to the town.

H. Trash Disposal
No communications at this time.

I. Wharves / Floats / Ramps / Harbors
G.C.I. and Islesford floats will be taken up for the season by November 15; a two week window for weather is provided for in the contract.

Sutton Island floats will be further discussed at the November 18 M.F.C. Meeting. Discussion by the Board of Selectmen is tabled until after the M.F.C. Meeting.

J. Grants
Barbara Donovan from the Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) visited last week to evaluate our town owned docks for consideration of a D.O.T. grant. A marine engineer for D.O.T. and also consultant for handicap accessibility accompanied Ms. Donovan. There are no laws yet for handicap accessibility at maritime facilities, however passenger services appear to be the thrust of the grant. Boat ramps are currently used to transport many disabled visitors to Islesford and G.C.I. It would be more expensive to change our boats and docks, than to build new ramps, however the real point is to integrate visitors, instead of providing a separate pathway.

K. Leases & Real Estate
Town leases are now in the process of being gathered and reviewed.

L. Budget & Warrants
No communications at this time.

VIII. Town Officer / Committee Reports
Additional quarterly reports for July through September have been received by the Board from the Animal Control Officer and G.C.I. Harbormaster. An updated constable's report has also been received by Selectman Whitney. Reports have not been received from fire departments zones 1 & 2, nor the Islesford Harbormaster. All quarterly reports are on file at the town office and may be viewed by the public.

IX. Other Business

XI. Audience Communications
No communications at this time.

XII. Executive Session
None requested.

XIII. Adjournment- 11:21 A.M.
Phil Whitney moves to adjourn the meeting. Aaron Gray seconds the motion. Motion passes.

The next regularly scheduled Board of Selectmen's Meeting will be on Tuesday, December 05, 2006 at Great Cranberry Island.

Please note: Members of the public are encouraged to attend.

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