Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
8 January 2008
Great Cranberry Island Community Center


Dan Lief, BOS Chair Eve Harrison, MAC
Aaron Gray, BOS Malcolm Donald, MAC
Richard Beal, BOS Karin Whitney
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Phil Whitney
Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor Barbara Stainton
Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk Jeff Berzinis
Amanda Ravenhill, Island Institute Margaret Blank
Matthew Caldwell, RJD Appraisal, and TCI Tax Assessor: by Teleconference

I. Call to Order: 8:39 A.M. by Chairman Dan Lief.

II. Review / Approval 12-04-07 Minutes
Aaron Gray moves to accept the Board of Selectmen's Meeting Minutes as written for December 04, 2007. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.

III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants

Warrant # 55:$ 10493.14
Warrant # 56:$ 23509.95
Warrant #01:$ 4925.73
Warrant #02:$ 25578.83
Total:$ 64507.65

Warrant #55 & Warrant #56 are the final two warrants for 2007.

All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

IV. Communications
A. Letter from Cranberry Isles Rescue

Cranberry Isles Rescue Director Margaret Blank submitted a December 12, 2007 letter to the Board of Selectmen. The letter requests that the Cranberry Isles Rescue (CIR) budget become separate from the Islesford Volunteer Fire Department budget. The letter also requests that the separate account be set up in the amount of $5000.00 for the combined islands (Islesford and Great Cranberry). Chairman Lief states that he is not prepared to separate the budgets at this time. Mr. Lief reports that a Zone 2 Fire Department meeting was held on January 07, 2008 and budget and bookkeeping were discussed. He suggests that Margaret work with the Selectmen and the MAC over the next month to get budget issues straightened out. Mrs. Blank asks to be notified of any future meetings of the Islesford Fire Department.

V. Appointments
A. Animal Control Officer

Tiffany Tate of Islesford has volunteered to fill the position of TCI Animal Control Officer. She is also willing to take the necessary training to be offered this spring. Richard Beal moves to appoint Tiffany Tate as animal control officer, with the condition that the Town provides the necessary equipment for the position. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.

B. Harbor Committee Alternate
The Harbor Committee has previously recommended Barbara Stainton as Harbor Committee Alternate. Richard Beal moves to appoint Barbara Stainton as Harbor Committee Alternate. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.

VI. Old Business
A. GCI Dock Repairs & SHIP

The Selectmen discuss the current condition of Town Ramps on GCI and Islesford. It is reported by Jeff Berzinis that both ramps work pretty well at half tide and above. Conditions at the Islesford ramp are soft on a low draining tide. At Great Cranberry conditions are getting loose down low and the concrete has settled. It is also difficult to access the ramp with a barge when a boat is tied up on the east side of the pier, due to some protruding rocks underwater near the ramp. Mr. Berzinis offers to remove the problem rocks at cost. Proper permitting was discussed for the job. Richard Beal moves to authorize Jeff Berzinis to work within all applicable laws, up to two days of work, utilizing monies from the contingency fund. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.

Suggestions for the Islesford ramp, which is considered a lower priority than the GCI ramp at this time are as follows:

Selectman Lief reports that there are approximately six concrete planks owned by the Town which may be usable. The Selectmen ask Eric Dyer to further discuss ramps with the engineers, Jeff Berzinis and David Bunker.

In regard to an engineering proposal from Kleinschmidt Associates for GCI Dock Repairs, the Facilities Supervisor has sent a 12/17/07 letter of response requesting a revised proposal for engineering services for GCI Dock Repairs. Services requested are:

Richard Beal moves to increase the ramps usage fees from the current $2.50 to $4.50. Selectman Lief would like to discuss this motion at the February BOS meeting after having some time to think. This item will be on the February BOS meeting agenda.

B. DOT Grant
Grant monies from the Department of Transportation have been approved since 2004. A December 17, 2007 letter from Paul Pottle, Project Manager, states concern with unequal access to town docks. The letter asks for the Town to prioritize the work efforts from most important to least important, and also any cost data available. It also suggests that the Town will probably need to provide a position on what it will or can do from a policy point of view to try and address equal access for all. The equal access calls for A.D.A. compliant 80 feet gangways which may not be feasible due to space constrictions. A November 13, 2007 memo from D.O.T. provides for four options that may allow for a gangway of this size at Islesford. Selectman Lief suggests that the Facilities Supervisor work with the M.A.C. for the information needed, but to please not spend too much more time on the grant as there are many other projects that need attention. Selectman Beal suggests that the Town of Cranberry Isles take care of their own business in order to get repairs done in a timely manner and not pursue this grant. The Board agrees that the projects always need to be fully understood first, and then apply for grant monies. The Facilities Supervisor is asked to meet with Eve Harrison for further discussion and to continue to pursue help from Kleinschmidt Associates. The Board of Selectmen are calling for a proposal no later than the end of January and are committed to move forward with the project.

C. LCI Transfer Station
There still has been no response from the D.E.P. in reference to a permit approval for the Islesford Transfer Station. It appears that the concrete pad for the compactor is now expected to be done this spring. Ed Gray has contacted Cory Goodwin for construction of the pad and no response from Mr. Goodwin is available. Electrical work also needs to be done at the site. In the Fall of 2007, Mr. Gray agreed to take care of the concrete pad and electrical needs, but preferred to wait until the permit was final. All information is complete and with the D.E.P. at this time, and an answer is expected soon. Attorney Ed Bearor is the Town's Special Counsel on this project. Signing of the agreement is currently on hold until the permit is issued by D.E.P. This item will appear on the agenda for the February Board of Selectmens Meeting.

D. Municipal Garage Building
The Facilities Supervisor has submitted a proposed timeline for the Islesford Town Garage Project. Mr. Dyer is currently working on bid specs and work is expected to begin in Spring 2008. It is hoped to have the bids returned and approved by the March Town Meeting. Jeff Berzinis has some suggestions that the Board of Selectmen wish the Facilities Supervisor to further discuss with Mr. Berzinis.

Taken out of Order:
VII. New Business
A. Property Reappraisal
At this point, the Selectmen interrupt the agenda process for a conference call with Matt Caldwell of RJD Appraisal.

The main question that the Selectmen have for the Tax Assessor is: When should the Town of Cranberry Isles be doing a tax reassessment?

The last reassessment was completed four years ago. RJD Appraisal recommends that the reassessment take place in 2010. According to Linda Lukas of the State Revenue Service, there should be no problems for the Town if the valuation stays within 70% to 110% band of the state's valuation. There are penalties for tree growth properties (ten or more forested acres), of which the Town of Cranberry Isles has none. The Tax Assessor does quarterly reviews of properties and also reviews properties with current building permits. The quarterly review is done as a maintenance use for the Town. A full reevaluation would include the full sales analysis and re-pricing of all properties. Mr. Caldwell recommends that the Town purchase the TRIO Assessment Software for the project. There is a $5500.00 one time fee for the software and an annual maintenance fee of $1200.00. Mr. Caldwell also offers assistance in exporting information from the TRIO Program to EXCEL and also emailing information from the TRIO Program. With the new assessment software, it would be possible to have all the tax property cards to be loaded into a database, as well as the capability of building sketches, etc. It is estimated that the reevaluation could cost approximately $73000.00. The Town Clerk will speak again with Mr. Caldwell this afternoon about the items included in this cost. It is recommended by the Selectmen that the Clerk also speak with other towns that have undergone reevaluation recently.

Taken out of Order:
VIII. New Business
C. Island Institute

Amanda Ravenhill is introduced as the Island Institute Fellow for Islesford. Ms. Ravenhill officially began her new position on January 07, 2008. She will be continuing to work on the comprehensive plan and also sustainability initiatives for Islesford, among other projects that were in progress by former Fellows. The Selectmen have been requested to consider signing an agreement called The U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement. The Agreement urges federal and state government to enact policies and programs to meet or beat the target of reducing global warming pollution levels, to pass bipartisan greenhouse gas reduction legislation, and strive to meet or exceed Kyoto Protocol targets for reducing global warming pollution by taking actions in our own operations and communities. There would be no financial commitment by the Town for this agreement.

Selectman Lief suggests that there be public hearings and a warrant article asking the Town to participate in the agreement. Eve Harrison suggests that an informative campaign take place to help acquaint residents with the process. It is also suggested from the audience that the new municipal garage could be used as a shining example of green practices.

Richard Beal moves to put $10,000.00 in the proposed budget, as a separate line item with carryover capabilities, for Town participation in green policy in programs. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with Aaron Gray abstaining as he is not comfortable agreeing to something with no program or study in place. Mr. Gray wishes for more time to consider this. Motion passes.

VI. Old Business (continued)
E. Snow Removal

The Facilities Supervisor has submitted to the Selectmen a Snow Removal and Sanding Analysis and Recommendations Report. The report is the result of an inquiry made into the costs of the services of both the municipal employee and the private contractor means of snow removal. Available alternatives are included in the report for reducing costs. The report states that the age and relative condition of existing equipment is the major contributing factor to high and increasing costs for both contract and municipal service delivery. Information in this report will be used in thinking about snow removal and sanding options for 2009. Copies of this report may be obtained from the Town Office.

The new sander on Islesford is now up and operational. Recently a new fuel tank was found to be an immediate need for the Town Truck. Additional GCI sand and salt was delivered today. The Facilities Supervisor suggests that the amount of sand and salt used by our Town could possibly be cut back, taking into consideration the Town's constrained water supplies and the amount of sand and salt already used to date for this season.

F. Town Office Accessibility
No response has been received from a December 11, 2007 letter to Eric Valdina in regard to accessibility improvements to the Town Office Building. The Facilities Supervisor will contact Mr. Valdina by telephone to follow up on the request to initially place a handrail on the front steps of the Town House, and to develop bid specs and plans for a new ramp and landing to replace the existing steps on the front of the building.

G. Budget Process
To be discussed later in the meeting.

H. Town Report
The Deputy Clerk reports that further work at this time on preparation of the Town Report depends on the receipt of officer's reports that have a deadline of January 15, 2008.

I. Town Meeting Warrant

J. Road Commissioner
There is still a question as to whether the S.W. Cole Roads Report needs to be updated. The last report was completed for Town Roads in 2005. $70,000.00 plus $30,000.00 rollover is included in the proposed budget for roads in 2008. The Selectmen will act as Road Commissioners for the Town. It is suggested that Selectman Beal and the Facilities Supervisor meet very soon with Peter Coughlin of the Local Roads Center for recommendations on priority of repairs.

K. School Consolidation
Selectmen Beal will contact Kate Chaplin of the School Board to ask her to attend the February Board of Selectmen's Meeting to report on school consolidation, budget, and the Longfellow School repairs. Water is coming in through the roof of the Longfellow School Building and also rotting wood at the sills on the rear of the building. Longfellow School is owned by the Town of Cranberry Isles and the jurisdiction of the Cranberry Isles School Board.

VII. New Business (continued)
B. MAC Update

Selectmen opted not to discuss this item.

C. Island Institute
Previously discussed.

D. Town Website
Selectman Beal has obtained a quote from PHD Consulting for a municipal website for town business only. Costs for this project are estimated between $3,000.00 and $5,000.00. Town Employees would be able to make changes to postings and to add postings from the office. The site could include links to the community websites for added information on our communities.

Dan Lief moves to have Richard Beal pursue the website project, staying in touch with the other two selectmen, and to bring a proposal to the February Board of Selectmens Meeting. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.

E. Ramp Fees
Previously discussed.

VI. Old Business (re-visited)
F. Budget Process

The Selectmen go over the budget committee recommendations and requests for the 2008 budget.

Under general government: Richard Beal moves to add $6,000.00 for the TRIO assessment upgrade, and 73,000.00 for a reassessment contract as carryover funds. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Aaron Gray. Motion passes.

Under public safety, sub department 1520, GCI, the funds appropriated this year toward a new ambulance will go under a separate line. Total proposed budget for Zone 1 Fire Department and EMS is $41,100.00. Zone 2 is proposed at $27,400.00 and zero proposed for Zone 3 who has asked for no funds this year and currently has a reserve account of $5,000.00.

Under Public Transportation: total proposed is $100,000.00, which includes extra funds having been proposed for snowplowing. Richard Beal suggests that snowplowing decisions and plans be made no later than May 2008 in order to be prepared for the winter season. The School budget appears to be up this year, and a representative from the School Board will be requested at the February Board of Selectmens Meeting to comment on the increase. Under Donations, the current proposed total is $32,100.00 which includes a proposed $2000.00 for renovations at the Baker's Island Cemetery. The final recommended warrant and budget are to be signed at the February Selectmen's Meeting.

Nan Hadlock asks if the $400.00 for boat rental during the harbor mapping project has been added as requested by the Harbor Committee at their November 30, 2007 meeting. The Selectmen have already added this amount to the proposed budget expenses.

Dan Lief moves to accept the budget committee requests regarding the expense side, adding $90,000.00 for previously discussed assessment expenses, as the expense budget for 2008. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.

VIII. Other Business

IX. Audience Communications
None at this time.

X. Adjournment: 1:15 P.M.
Aaron Gray moves to adjourn the meeting, Richard Beal seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.

The next scheduled Board of Selectmens Meeting will be on
Tuesday, January 08, 2008 at Great Cranberry Island.
Please note: The public is encouraged to attend.

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