Town of Cranberry Isles
Board of Selectmen's Meeting
4 March 2008
Great Cranberry Island Community Center


Dan Lief, Chairman BOS Nanette Hadlock, Deputy Clerk Phil Whitney
Aaron Gray, BOS Eric Dyer, Facilities Supervisor Karin Whitney
Richard Beal, BOS Alyson Mayo, Island Institute Bruce Komusin
Denise McCormick, Town Clerk Amanda Ravenhill, Island Institute  

I. Call to Order: 8:36 A.M. by Chairman Dan Lief. Mr. Lief explains to the audience that meetings will be recorded with the use of a newly purchased MP3 Recorder. Recordings may be uploaded and saved to office computers, and cds may be burned for those who wish to listen to them. Selectman Lief announces the need for Town Officials from Islesford to leave on the 11:15 A.M. boat today. Any unfinished business will be taken up at the Board Meeting which will follow the annual town meeting on Monday, March 10, 2008.

A special thanks to Annie Alley of Great Cranberry Island who made a delicious coffee cake for todays meeting!

II. Review / Approval February 5th 2008 Minutes
Richard Beal moves to accept the minutes for the February 05, 2008 Board of Selectmen's Meeting as written. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.

III. Review / Signing Financial Warrants

Warrant # 8:$ 4215.38
Warrant # 9:$ 4494.76
Warrant #10:$ 34527.03
Warrant #11:$ 24120.70
Total:$ 67357.87

All warrants were signed by the Selectmen.

IV. Appointments
A. Planning Board Vacancy - Erin Gray

An additional vacancy has occurred on the Planning Board due to change of residency by Erin Fernald Gray. Currently there are no nominations for a replacement. If anyone is interested in the position please contact Selectman Dan Lief. There are three remaining members on the Planning Board, which continues to represent a quorum.

V. Communications
A. Jim Wadman - Management Representation Letter

The Board of Selectmen sign the annual management representation letter from Town Auditor James Wadman. This letter will be on file with the meeting minutes at the Town Office.

VI. Old Business
A. Property Reappraisal

Harriet Whittington of the Knowles Company has agreed to do a property appraisal to include all uses for the Marsh USA Building at Manset. Eric Dyer is to schedule a meeting with her in the next couple of weeks to discuss the results. The results of Ms. Whittington's work will be on the agenda for the May Board of Selectmens Meeting.

B. Road Maintenance
As a result of the last Municipal Advisory Commission Meeting, it has been decided to seek professional engineering advice for culvert and ditching work to be done at Cranberry Isles. Civil Engineering Services (C.E.S.) have copies of the TCI five year plan and the S.W. Cole Reports for review. Pete Coughlin of the Maine Department of Transportation will be out in April or May to inspect Town Roads for needed repairs. It is recommended by Selectman Beal to verify who the contact engineer will be for the process. Selectman Lief suggests that it would be advisable for Eric, C.E.S. and the D.O.T. to do the roads inspection together.

Selectman Beal requests copies from the Town Office of materials sent from Sunrise Materials for an upcoming meeting with the company.

In reference to recent damage occurring on the Harding Point Road due to heavy loads traveling for construction projects on Great Cranberry, the following motion was made.

Richard Beal moves to post the roads for the Town of Cranberry Isles, a weight limit of 22,000 pounds until late April or when directed by the Selectmen to remove the posting. Aaron Gray seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Dan Lief. Motion passes.

Eric Dyer is asked to call Ben Moore and John Goodwin to let them know about the road posting, and to suggest using half loads of gravel until the ban is lifted. Signs will be posted on both Islesford and Great Cranberry.

C. GCI Dock Repairs
Engineering work for Great Cranberry Dock Repairs has been approved and funded. Kleinschmidt Associates is working on the engineering for the project. Eric Dyer has received no reply from Kleinschmidt on progress. Richard Beal will contact Steve Ruell of Kleinschmidt for an update. Repair work on the dock is expected to begin in the Fall of 2008.

D. Town Ramps: Repairs - new construction
In reference to the Federal Transportation Authority Grant, Barbara Donovan has been in frequent contact with Eric Dyer. The package for work to be done is in, and we are waiting to hear for approval. It appears that the Town may have to increase the match amount for the grant to insure the inclusion of A.D.A. compliance requirements. Budgeting and the actual project are hoped to occur for 2009. Work expected to be done with grant monies includes:

E. Parking
Facilities Supervisor Eric Dyer has suggested that the Parking Committee would like to see some changes with this year's parking rules and letter. The parking letters are expected to go out this month, (last years letter was dated March 21). On May 15, the Mount Desert Police begin to enforce the parking ban in the Northeast Harbor Lot. Eric is to have a copy of the existing parking letter and any suggested changes to the Selectmen by Friday, March 07, for review. The parking letter will be discussed at the Board of Selectmen's Meeting on Monday, March 10, which will follow the annual Town Meeting.

F. Municipal Garage Building
The Municipal Advisory Commission has recommended that a certified engineer work on the bid package for the new Islesford Municipal Garage Project. C.E.S. has sent Chris Snowdeal to work with Eric and help finalize plans on the foundation, site plan, drainage plan, etc. C.E.S. is committed to being done with their part of the work in three weeks time. If needed, C.E.S. has also offered to help review proposals received, on an hourly basis. Cost of the engineering services is estimated at between five and seven thousand dollars.

Selectman Beal suggests that arrangements for inside storage space of the new fire truck, until it can be transported to Islesford, be made soon. The truck is expected to be delivered to Northeast Harbor in November or December. Eric Dyer will arrange space for storage

G. Quarterly Reporting
It has been requested that the months for quarterly reporting be changed from January, April, July and October Board of Selectmens Meetings, to February, May, August, and November meetings. Quarters for reporting are Jan-March, April-June, July-Sept, and Oct-December. The change in reporting months will make it possible for the reporting officials to report on the entire quarter. The Selectmen agree to this change. The Deputy Clerk will make necessary changes to the reporting request letter. Officials who are asked to submit a report for the annual town report are not asked to submit a fourth quarter report.

H. Enforcement: Vehicle Import Fee (postcard notice)
Postcards are to be sent from the Town Office to violators of the Vehicle Waste Disposal Fee Ordinance. Owners of vehicles brought to the islands after June 15, 2004 must pay a $250.00 importation fee to the Town Treasurer. The postcards are meant to be a warning to violators. Violators are subject to a summons for violation of the ordinance which is a civil violation with a fine not to exceed $750.00. Enforcement of the Vehicle Waste Disposal Fee Ordinance is handled by the Code Enforcement Officer. Richard Beal will call Kim Keene, C.E.O., to ask her to meet with he and Dan Lief this Saturday, March 08, to discuss the ordinance.

I. TCI Website
Two proposals have been received for the creation of an official town business website. Meetings will be held this Friday and next Thursday with Denise, Eric and Richard Beal to discuss the proposals. A recommendation will be presented to the Selectmen at the April Board Meeting. The website is intended to be informative and will be kept up to date by the three town employees and the Selectmen.

J. Shoreland Zoning Ordinance
The Town must update the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance to include new state requirements by July 01, 2009 (due to a recent extension with deadline). Richard Beal had started gathering the materials. Lise Pratt of the M.A.C. has also gathered materials for the new requirements and is talking with Tom Martin of the Hancock County Planning Commission who has offered to help TCI with the process. The update is under the purview of the Planning Board. It is suggested by the Town Clerk that the updates should be made by the Planning Board, the C.E.O. and the H.C. Planning Commission working together. New maps will have to be produced, public hearings will have to take place, and the new ordinance would have to be approved by voters at an annual town meeting. With the July 01, 2009 deadline, the new ordinance will have to be included on the March 2009 warrant for Town Meeting. Richard Beal will send a letter to Lise Pratt showing appreciation for what she is doing, and to please keep the Selectmen posted on progress.

VII. New Business
A. Town Visitor's Brochure

It has been suggested by Selectman Beal that the Town should develop a visitor's brochure for promoting our islands and businesses. Islesford Library sells a walking map of Islesford for a fundraising effort at a cost of $1.00 each. Sea Princess Cruises also provides maps to their customers. Steve Pagels of the Cranberry Cove Boat has been providing maps of both islands on his ferry for visitors. This year the Cranberry Island Hstorical Society may make it possible for these maps to be available on both Beal and Bunker and Cranberry Cove Ferries. Selectman Lief and Selectman Gray both feel that the brochure is already being made available and the Town should not spend money on this endeavor. A member of the audience suggests that the historical societies should be considered for donation money from the Town as other organizations are.

B. Mike Westphal - GCI School Maintenance Report
Mike Westphal was asked by the Selectmen to take a look at the condition of the Longfellow School Building. Cost for his services were approximately $250.00, and Mr. Westphal has provided the Town with a two page letter and attached inspection chart with recommendations on work to be done. This report and all work will be communicated and coordinated with the School Board. Selectman Lief suggests that short, a medium, and a long-term plans need to be developed for the building repairs. Approximate estimation for all repairs mentioned is $106,000.00. It is also Mr. Lief's and the Facilities Supervisor's belief that it would be advantageous for all town owned or leased buildings to have capitol improvement plans created for them. The roof project is considered an immediate need for repair as it is leaking. Other repairs included in the report are: painting, windows, storm windows, exterior doors, entry steps, insulation, cellar sashes, chimney, electrical, housekeeping, and the foundation under the back room. The inspection chart rates the condition of the above as poor, fair, or good. The Facilities Supervisor is asked to walk through the building with Mr. Westphal and rate the projects as needed immediately, needed within 1-3 years, or needed within 3-5 years. Mr. Westphal will be compensated for his time during the walkthrough. The Facilities Supervisor recommends this type of inspection and planning be performed for all municipal buildings and infrastructure, as part of a Capitol Improvement Plan for the town.

C. Independent Evaluation: Town Office Repairs
It is suggested that an independent evaluation be done on the town office building at Islesford to see what is working, what's not working, and what needs to be fixed.

Selectman Beal presents a petition from twenty Great Cranberry Island Residents. The petition reads as follows:

"WE, the undersigned petitioners being registered voters of the Town of Cranberry Isles, do hereby ask the Board of Selectmen for the Town of Cranberry Isles, Maine to accept this petition concerning use of the Longfellow School, located on Great Cranberry Island, as location for the Cranberry Isles Town Office. It is the belief, opinion and recommendation of each petitioner that transfer of the Town Office from a rented first floor of a home on Little Cranberry island to the first floor facility of the Longfellow School while it is in suspension of operation pending future students is in the best interest of the Town. Use of a rented building was to have been temporary pending construction of a new Town Office, yet pursuit of such an office has not been undertaken; accordingly use of town owned facility first would in our judgment be best. Cost of travel for town employees between islands, paid for by the Town, would enhance revenue of our local ferry services, and promote sustainability and communication between island peoples."

There are many things to consider regarding relocation of the Town Office to Great Cranberry Island.

Possibly public hearings and additional discussion on this subject would be helpful.

Karin Whitney recalls that when the Town Office was first moved to the current location, it was discussed that employees would be available on Great Cranberry regularly.

It may be a possibility to rearrange office hours to accommodate Residents who work during the weekday.

It is apparent that some sort of outreach between the two year-round islands may be needed.

D. Great Cranberry Town Outhouse
Selectman Beal suggests that the Town reconsider funding to improve the public restroom at the dock on Great Cranberry. He would like to see a more modern facility than the current outhouse that is available for visitors to the island. Funding is not currently budgeted for a new facility, but it is possible that public hearings could take place on this issue in the future.

The Board of Selectmen sign contracts with Karin Whitney for custodial services at the Manset Transit Facility Restroom and also for the GCI Restroom and Town Dock Shed.

All items not discussed on todays agenda will be continued at the Board Meeting on Monday, March 10, 2008, directly following the Annual Town Meeting.

VIII. Other Business
The Board of Selectmen sign the warrant for the March 20, 2008 School Budget Validation Referendum Meeting. Polls will be open between 8:30 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. It is possible to vote by absentee ballot.

IX. Audience Communications
Some Residents from Islesford have sent a request for help from the Sea Coast Mission with healthcare for the island elderly. Stefanie Alley wrote the letter, and many others signed it.

X. Adjournment: 11:07 A.M.
Aaron Gray moves to adjourn the meeting. Dan Lief seconds the motion, with a unanimous vote by Richard Beal. Motion passes.

The next scheduled Board of Selectmens Meeting will be held on Monday,
March 10, 2008, directly after the Annual Town Meeting. This meeting will be held at Islesford.
Please note: The public is encouraged to attend.

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