Site Plan Review/Application Completeness Checklist

Applicant /Owner ______________________________________
Date ____________

This form is merely a summary of the Land Use Ordinance.  It is not intended to replace the ordinance, and does not relieve the applicant of the obligation to read the ordinance and comply with its terms.  If the applicant does not feel any item is applicable to their circumstance they should indicate a request for a waiver.

Each item has the ordinance page and paragraph number for reference.

Item Exhibit Waiver
Name and address of Owner and/or authorized agent (5-a)

Name of proposed development (5-a)

Land within 500 feet that the applicant owns (5-a)

Existing soil conditions (5-b)

Tax Map Page and Lot number (5-c)

Names of abutting land owners (5-c)

Perimeter survey of the parcel:
  a. Registered land surveyor (5-d)

Existing and proposed locations of:
  a. Utilities (5-e)

  b. Sewer (5-e)

  c. Water (5-e)

  d. Drainage ways (5-e)

  e. Public/Private rights-of-way (5-e)

Subsurface Disposal System Information (5-g)

Location and dimensions of:
  a. Pedestrian and vehicular access ways (5-g)

  b. Parking areas (5-g)

  c. Loading and Unloading facilities (5-g)

  d. Streets, curb, sidewalks (5-g)

Landscape Plan:
  a. Location size & type of plantings (5-i)

  b. Dimensions of fencing and screening (5-i)

Topography indicating contours (6-j)


Evidence of title-book & page numbers (6-2-a)

Description of proposed uses on the site (6-2-b)

  a. Total floor area (6-2-c)

  b. Height (6-2-c)

  c. Percentage of Lot covered (6-2-c)

  d. Colors and Materials (6-2-c)

Easements, restrictions, covenants (6-2-d)

Solid Waste Disposal (6-2-e)

Erosion & Sedimentation control (6-2-f)

Letters to abutting landowners & selectmen (6-2-g)

Financial Capacity (6-2-h)

Applicable Local, State & Federal regulations (6-2-i)

Evaluation of adequate off-site public facilities (7-2-j)

Statement Fire Chief (7-2-k)

Utility Availability (7-2-l)

Statement any roads will meet Town specifications (7-2-m)

Estimate of start date & completion (7-2-n)

I have reviewed this application and found it to be:
Complete ___

Requires additional information, as listed ___

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