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There are, quite literally, a million different quotes you could read about life on an island.

None of them can capture the whole story.

Or, as is often said, “If I have to explain to you, you wouldn’t understand”. Yet, when you come to Great Cranberry—to visit—or to live—you will understand. Deeply.

The experience is a collage of moments. The waves lapping up against the shore, or the sound of the harbor bell. The cold wind as it whips across the water and taps you on the face…or searching for sea glass, or riding a bike on a sunlit day. There’s something to be said for all of these moments. You earn them. An island is many things—beautiful—remote—pristine—and unforgiving. It is also a community, a diverse mix of people who call great Cranberry home for a week, or month, or all year long. Regardless of how long you stay, we all join together to form a unique bond that only island people can understand. Young or old, regardless of faith or status–there is always a friendly nod…or a wave. Or a helping hand stretched out in times of need.

We all sit at the same table here.

No one stands alone. We all stand together.

Unforgiving. Beautiful. Dark & mysterious. Blue and breezy. Cold, windswept & inspiring.

There are a many moments like these that you can experience. Whether you live, work or play on Great Cranberry, they are all here for you to explore.